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Frequently Asked Questions

What is disc golf?

Disc Golf is a sport played much like traditional golf. The two major differences are the equipment and the cost. Rather than clubs and balls, disc golfers use flying discs (commonly refered to as Frisbees™). The discs are thrown through the air from a tee toward a target. Which instead of a hole in the ground, is a standing object fo some kind. Anything can be used. The target of choice however is a "Pole Hole". A Pole Hole is a standing, usually metal object that has an entrapment section. Also, the distances for a disc golf course are much shorter than that of a ball golf course.

What is the Southern Nationals?

The Southern Nationals is a series of tournaments throughout the South that concludes with the finals in a different city each year. You don't have to join anything and anybody can hold a qualifier.

Do I have to join?

No, there is no membership neccessary to participate in a Southern Nationals event.

When are the finals held?

The Pro finals are traditionally held on Labor Day Weekend. The Am finals are normally two weeks before the Pro finals. The season runs from June 1 - May 31.

How would I host a Southern Nationals Qualifier?

You would need to download and fill out the Southern Nationals Tournament Application.