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2012 SN CUP Official Thread - 14, 15 April 2012

Posted by sand2bass2 
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 16, 2012 10:07PM
sand2bass2 Wrote:
> Please post here and let me know if your club is
> planned on being here and already have club shirts
> that are a certain color. Or if you prefer a
> certain color for your team shirts (that you will
> receive for this event) to be.
> Teams that register first will have priority on
> the colors they pick.


Next time try reading between the lines.
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 18, 2012 08:50PM
I am not an "official BR type" either, but the winners of the vote that took place for Baton Rouge SN Cup team are as follows:

Pro "A" - John Fowler
Pro "B" - Logan Weiss
Masters - Kevin Weiss
Woman - Deb.
Advance - Stephen Harrison
Am - Brooks Newell

Good Luck Baton Rouge.....

Keith "Sunshine" B.

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Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 19, 2012 02:07PM
The North Mississippi Allstars are playing the Saenger Theater in beautiful downtown Hattiesburg, Friday, April 13 @ 8 pm. Tickets are cheap. []

Jamie "Massive J" Massengale
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 19, 2012 05:40PM
Team Mobile: (2x Defending Champs)

Pro A - Rivers Sherrod
Pro B - Darryl Daugherty
Masters - Pat Barnes
Adv. - Lee Davison
Int. Am. - Johnathon LeGear
Lady - Snap Cartwright

Welcom to the 2012 SN Cup!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 19, 2012 05:52PM
Team Baton Rouge (2x Runner ups)

Pro A - John Fowler
Pro B - Logan Weiss
Masters - Kevin Weiss
Adv. - Stephen Harrison
Int. Am - Brooks Newell
Lady - Deborah Brouillette

Welcome to the 2012 SN Cup!!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 21, 2012 02:10PM
What color shirts will Mobile get?

Looks like some good teams, Cant wait!!!!

Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 21, 2012 03:15PM
Working out the colors as we speak PB. Will post the official team colors soon.

Saturday night at the players party we will indeed play disc golf trivia for a cash prize. It will be random SN disc golf history trivia questions. Some will have multiple parts worth more points. It will be done as a team, just like everything else during this weekend. I have chosen 15 questions, 5 worth 5 points, 5 worth 10 points and 5 worth 15 points. The team with the most points will win a cash prize in the end.

Portables Needed!!

I will need 3 portable baskets of tourney quality for the weekend. Please let me know if you can bring one.
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 21, 2012 03:57PM
i can bring one

Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 21, 2012 04:06PM
Thanks Tony, just curious, no rush!!!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 21, 2012 05:27PM
Awesome Stephen. Thanks!!!

Team Colors:

Oxford - Navy Blue
Pensacola - Yellow
Petal - Black
Hattiesburg - Gold
Lafayette - Kiwi
Baton Rouge - Maroon
Ft. Walton Beach - Royal Blue
Saraland - Red
Mobile - Burnt Orange
Southaven - Dark Chocolate
Desoto County - Forrest Green

All teams will be required to wear their tournament shirt the first day, so that teams are distinguishable during 1st and 2nd round play.

Getting close.....
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 24, 2012 07:39PM
> Baton Rouge - Maroon

Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 24, 2012 08:36PM
BR in Ms. State colors!!!!!!

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 25, 2012 08:41AM
They should be able to ring cowbells while the opponents are putting
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 25, 2012 09:49AM
Well, I think it is actually called "Garnet". More of a brick red.....
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 26, 2012 09:36PM
I would like to take this time to thank all of our sponsors for this years SN Cup. Please patronize their businesses when visiting Columbia, MS.

-Round Table
-The Deck
-Dr. Ken Crawley D.D.S.
-2 Brothers Grill
-Wolfe Lumber Yard
-T & S Package Store
-Mimosa Landing Campground
-Main Street Seafood
-Rogers Oil
-Trustmark Bank
-Tanya Holland Real Estate
-Griffiths Tire


SkySouth disc golf store
Key Chains Bike & Disc Golf
Team Oxford
Team Pensacola
Team Petal
Team Ft. Walton Beach
Team Southaven
Team Desoto County

Thank you all very much for the sponsorships!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 27, 2012 09:17AM
woot woot... looking forward to helping out in any way!!

Teresa Key
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 29, 2012 06:29AM
KIWI !!!!!!!! What, is that like lime green or something? Oh well just happy to be going. Thanks Tony!!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 29, 2012 08:46AM
Yes it is. But it is a pretty cool looking color. You probably don't have another shirt that looks like it....
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 29, 2012 12:58PM

Brought to you by The Deck. "Good Fast Food" 2 locations on HWY 13 N & HWY 98 E in Columbia, MS.

It looks as though you players for this year's Cup will be lucking out a little. Due to the general flatness of the entire park that holds the course we have had issues with fairways being flooded and virtually unplayable. Instead of waiting to see if we get flooded and making everyone donate even more blood to the mosquitos, I have laid out 3 pristine temp holes in an area we don't usually use and will be cutting out the biggest problem area of the course. This unfortunately will be some of the hardest holes on the course, numbers 11 through 14, that will not be played. This also will reduce the course par from 60 to 58. We will be trading a par 4, a par 5 and two par 3's for only one par 4 and three par 3's.

These new holes are really nice with no shule or underbrush whatsoever. Just the right amount of trees forming great fairways in a nice park setting. There will be out-of-bounds all around you though so you won't be able to get TOO comfortable.

The distances for these holes are:

Hole A - 420 (Wide Open)

Hole B - 462 (O.B. down both sides of fairway as well as behind basket) Virtually a long grassy island between 2 roads.

Hole C - 243, 261 (same as hole B, but just shorter)

Hole D - 650 (Beautiful row of oaks lined down the o.b. road all the way down the left, with chained area o.b. on the right near basket. Nice par 4.

I think those that have played the Pearl River Landing DGC before will say thank you for the changes. Lol! Hole 12 & 14 can be a real BEAST!!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 29, 2012 01:08PM
So the course will flow like this.

Holes 1 - 10 will play like always.

Then you go out to #11's pro tee and throw straight to #14's basket which will be Hole A.

Then play #15 & #16 like usual.

Next you will cross the road to play holes B & C, which throw toward the river.

Then cross back over the road throwing back toward hole #17 tee, which is hole D.

Next you jump right over to #17's tee and finish on #18 like always.

It works out really well and will keep our feet much more dry!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 29, 2012 01:58PM
Thanks for those changes Tony. I for one have played this course now a couple of times after rain and will greatly appreciate keeping my feet dry. Any chance of those holes being set up before the tourney? Would love to get over there and check them out.

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Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
March 29, 2012 10:52PM
I don't know about set up but they will be flagged and are very easy to find if you follow my post above. Of course hole A is always there to practice if you'd like.
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 03, 2012 11:14PM
Tournament Update brought to you by the historic Round Table. If you are looking for a one of a kind dining experience then visit the Round Table on Church St. in Columbia. The food is great and the atmosphere is even better.....

Sunday after the 3rd round we will have a gentleman cooking on site at the park, so that we can get the Finals started without much delay. The plan will be to take a short break after the 3rd round, grab a quick bite and begin the Finals shortly there after. We will have plates consisting of a half chicken and 2 sides for sale for $6.50. Proceeds will go to the newly formed Pearl River DG Club.

Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 04, 2012 12:21PM
Tournament Update: Sponsored by Mimosa Landing Campground. Cabins and RV hookups right on the Pearl River. Less than 1 mile from the Disc golf course.

Your small taste of the USDGC arrived in a box at my house yesterday. In this box was 800 foot of yellow rope, going to be used on #17 down the left side opposite the road (which is also out-of-bounds), forming a narrow fairway that you must land in, or take a stroke penalty. The rope will extend around the backside of the basket leaving a small putting green to land in.

This hole will play similar to #10 at the Winthrop Gold course but the fairway will wrap to the left rather than the right. It will take 2 WELL PLACED shots on this hole to record a 3, but it is very managable. There will be a bounty of $25 for a 3 from the Gold Tees on Sunday!!

Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 06, 2012 02:38PM
Awesome Tony!

Can't wait, sounds like you got everything lining up!!!!
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 07, 2012 01:48AM
Great to see all the new Teams this year, havent missed one yet. Am looking forward to this one aswell. See ya'll in a week...
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 07, 2012 07:23AM
Scott, what team are you coming with??? Just wondering b/c I don't recognize your handle....
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 07, 2012 07:40AM
This Tournament roster update is brought to you by Dr. Ken Crawley D.D.S. Your one stop for all general dentistry needs. Located at 440 Broad St. in downtown Columbia. We thank you for your contribution Doc!!

Team Oxford
Mathew Gardner
Robert Oliver
Richard Lowe
Austin Livingston
Clint Livingston
Mandi Gardner

Team Pensacola
Mark McCallister
Jason Laughlin
Kevin Knuckley
Chris Gilmore
Ben McQueary
Sydney Schroth

Team Petal
Craig Fugate
Jamie Massengale
Will Timmons
Chad Roderick
Joel Morgan
Skye Morgan

Team Hattiesburg
RJ Soto
Keith Frost
Dale McVeay
Wade Bouchard
Beau Seifert
Lindsey Sapic

Team Baton Rouge
John Fowler
Logan Weiss
Kevin Weiss
Stephen Harrison
Brooks Newell
Deb Brouilette

Team Ft. Walton Beach
Mike Florey
John Key
Ronda Key

Team Lafayette
Dwight LeGrand
Josh Patin
James Kainer
Brady Reaux
Scott Comeaux
Connie Robichaux

Team Saraland
Shane Taylor
Scott Garner
Bill Tyler
Aaron Sims
Kenny Keasler
Betty Kennedy

Team Mobile
Rivers Sherrod
Darryl Daughtery
Pat Barnes
Lee Davison
Jonathon LeGear
Michelle Cartwright

Team Southaven
Devin McInnins
Josh Riddick
Kevin White
Steven Solomon
Madison White

Team Desoto County

Mike Reaume
Travis Russell
Jeff Hawkins
Miki McCarty
Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 07, 2012 08:20AM
Devin on team Southaven had to drop out because of work, but Tyler who thought he couldn't come is back in.

Team Southaven:
Tyler Wammack
Josh Reddick
Psycho White
Tim Bostick
Steven Solomon
Madison White

Team DeSoto County:
Mike Reaume
Travis Russell
Jeff Hawkins
Jeff Ma
Blake Dyas
Miki McCarty

We are all getting excited about this event. Both teams are going to have a practice session today.

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Re: 2012 SN CUP Official Thread
April 07, 2012 10:15AM
Sorry for the ?'s above.

Was trying to post all this strictly off memory while at work. Couldn't remember all the names and don't have the list in front of me here.

I tried.....
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