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114 in attendance. Everyone seemed like they had fun and that is all that I can ask for.

Tyson, Lou, Mike and Jason - I cannot express how grateful I am. The crawfish were outstanding.

No results tonight , it is FESTIVAL time.
David, I truly enjoyed playing with you and Marvin today. Thank you guys for being patient with me, I know I slowed you guys down a little but you guys supported me, for that I must say thank you. Could not have asked for a better group to have played with.
But ya coulda asked to play in the same division group. You would have slowed us down? Doubt it, we were waiting on a few. How do you lead the advanced division on a broken leg, cast, znd crutches, but yet manage, somehow, to not play on lead card the second round????? Strange?? Just saying we all wanted to see that good shooting;-$
I asked Jacques to play with the senior grand masters both rounds as to not upset you younger guys by slowing you down. He agreed and that is how that happened. I'm sorry if this choice has upset some of you, After being sidelined with my broken leg for the past 2 months, I thought this was the best option. I'm sorry you didn't get to watch me play this time guys. You will get your chance soon enough to see it.

As for the Nyce miracles strikes again comment, all I can say to that is. I finished the day -9, and to me that score should not have won the advanced division. I played the best I could out there yesterday and believe me, I'm feeling it today. I know losing to a guy in a cast on crutches is a hard pill to swallow. For that I'm sorry as well, I set out yesterday to prove to myself that I could finish 2 rounds of tournament disc golf with my leg still in it's condition and did it. I really wasn't expecting to come away with the win. This is not me bragging, this is me doing my best to be humble.

Again I had a great time playing in this tournament, and really enjoyed seeing so many of my friends that I haven't seen in months. It truly was a beautiful day of disc golf. Thanks again to everyone involved in putting on such a well run event.
Marvin and I felt privileged and in awe to see how those courses should be played. The lines Johnathan hit were unbelievable, and for us unattainable. I can tell you he followed every PDGA rule there is to follow. There was no slack cut and none asked. He marked every lie. He followed every time rule. He never compromised his foot position within 12 inches behind his lie, even in rough stuff. Johnathan sweated out the courses walking with a cast and crutches. That was a big handicap for him, or he would have shot at least 13 under.

We did have to help him find his discs!!! Usually we found his drives within 20 feet of the hole, after our second shots. lol

There is no on-course trash talking ever in our Sr GM crew of Marvin, Joe, Louis, and me. Just support for each other and appreciation of good shots. If that atmosphere helped Johnathan, so be it.
Great job Jacques and everyone who helped you. You guys have a great thing going over there in Lafayette these days!

Casey Cox
"If you aint first, you're last." -- Ricky Bobby's daddy

2007-2008 SN Amateur Player of the Year
SN advanced single season points record holder - 466 (2007-2008)
SN advanced single season wins record holder - 16 (2007-2008)
SN advanced single season score record holder - 53.40 (2007-2008)
give jacques some time, been a long weekend for him
@Akeem - patience is a virtue young man.

I want to thank everybody who made this tournament a pleasure to TD...


Nick Simon @ Simon Energy
RST Services, LLC
Gregula Guidry
Innova Champion Discs
Southwest Louisiana Disc Golf
La Cote, Ragley DGC
The Aardvarks
Aboriginal Discs
Holiday Inn Holidome
JMA Painters
Prejean's Restaurant
Sterling Sugars, LLC
Reliable Power Systems
Jory Bernard, LLC
Whitliejo Specialties
Louisiana Valve Source
M & S Grocery
False River Fencing
Haas Automation
Lafayette Granite
MA Patout and Sons

Everybody who helped get Acadiana Park - out home away from home - into the best shape that it has been in a LONG time. There was a lot of hard labor put in to the course leading up to the tournament and it really showed!

Scott Comeaux for helping promote the tournament, signing everybody up Saturday and posting scores.

Aaron Sims for coming to town, helping us mark the course on Friday and helping check score cards between rounds - greatly appreciated.

Brady Reaux and Dylan Page for taking care of the ice and water coolers.

Pat Daniels for helping set up everything Saturday morning.

Randy Quebodeaux for signing everybody up, checking cards, posting scores and helping pick everything up Saturday.

John "hop-a-long" Nyce for giving me some much needed assistance assembling the trophies.

James Kainer for running the boards.

Tyson Richard, Mighty Lou Roger, Mike Kilchrist and Jason Cabrol - your fellow disc golfers who boiled over 450lbs of crawfish and 50lbs of corn, potatoes, onions and mushrooms for everybody to enjoy at lunch. I cannot even begin to thank y'all enough for doing this and I cannot express how proud I am of everybody for making almost no mess whatsoever. 114 people ate at the park and you could barely tell anyone had been there at all.

Dylan Schultz for helping us start the tournament off right by leading us in a finely worded invocation.

Everybody that travelled to town to join us for out tournament - thanks for coming! We enjoyed having you and we hope you had fun and had a safe journey home. We will be making trips ourselves to come see y'all real soon.

Hopefully I did not forget anybody.



Everybody - pros, ams, novices and juniors - got a player's pack consisting of a tee-shirt, boiled crawfish for lunch and a Pro plastic disc from Innova. I valued the players packs at $30. If you did not pick up a shirt or disc, let me know and I will make arrangements to get it to you.

CTPs - am division's contained a disc, a mini-driver and a dri-weave towel - I valued these at $20, pro division's contained $10 cash, a mini-driver and a dri-weave towel - I valued these at $20 also.

Ring-of-fire - most contained a disc, a mini-driver and a dri-weave towel - I valued these at $20. One contained a free night's stay at the Holiday Inn, a mini-driver and a dri-weave towel, and another contained free dinner for two, a mini-driver and a dri-weave towel - I valued these at $40.

I valued the trophies at $20.

Ace pots - Duzee pot was split three ways between Cam, Kyle and Clinton. I think Matt O won the throw-off for the Ace Run. I have no idea how much was in them.

Also up for grabs was the Louisiana Rep spot for the USDGC. Top eligible pool "A" players...

John Fowler - 96
Stephen Harrison - 97
James Leblanc - 99
Kevin Weiss - 99
John Nyce - 99
Ricky Blaylock - 100
James Troyanowski - 100
Ronnie Adams - 100

I'm sure Brian will be in touch to see who accepts the spot.

Please check that your name is spelled correctly. I will submit an excel file to John K once everybody has a chance to check their info.

Pro Men

Pro Women

Pro Masters Men

Pro Masters Women


Sr Grandmasters


Advanced Masters

Am Men

Am Women



Tournament Totals

Payout 139% WOW!!!!!!! Total Value 258% AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The work to pull it all off PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah john I have no problem losing to someone on crutches, just have a problem that he didn't have to play with any other adv players. And the fact that the guy on crutches tells a fib or two, lol............. Being humble?? Do you even know what humble means?? I have never heard or seen you being humble. Good try tho. And if -9 shouldn't have won advanced, then maybe you are in the wrong division, protastic.
Gentlemen, of respect for all of the hard work that MANY people put into this event, I ask that any unresolved grievances be settled in private or in person.

John played on the card which he was assigned. That decision rests with me, the tournament director, and I will gladly attempt to assuage any anguish that my decision caused.
Thanks Lafayette people! Had a blast at the tournament and just love that course. And I really enjoyed the laid back attitude of the people there - Sometimes I enjoy having some beers during play, and it was nice to not be hassled with like with some events in N. Louisiana.

Can`t wait for another tournament there :)
Thank you guys for running the event it was well ran and it was a GREAT time. Looking forward to my next trip to Lafayette.
Oh and I won ace pot for ace run!!

Terry Zeringue
Congrats, Terry. I know you thought Matt had got it. It looked close when I saw it but a lot of people had not thrown yet. How much was it?
$195,,,,,, about how many shots i felt I threw. It was a GREAT tournament. Glad to be back in Laffy. Next time I'll bring my game.....hopefully.

Terry Zeringue
Jacque, can you change my name to DJ Normand, most of my SN points are under that name. Thanks buddy!
great tourney and many thanks to Lafayette volunteers that made this event outstanding! thanks Jacques!

i really wanted that usdgc spot!!!

I had a blast, you guys put on a great tourney. Can't wait for the next one! I "Cody Johnson" won a round in the "Ring of Fire" I think it was put under the wrong Cody.
@ Darren Normand - DJ it is.

@ Johnson - you are correct, wrong "Cody" in the ROF.

@ roadracerx - I'm sure Brian will contact John F'N first. If he passes on it, then I'm sure it would be offered to you.

Thanks for the kinds words everybody, we look forward to next time as well. It was nice seeing old friends and meeting some new ones.
Man really hate I missed this one but glad to hear everybody had a good time. Keep doin what ur doin lafayette. Lol sorry for bein so eager to see scores just knew there was good comp there and wanted to see how everyone played. Stay blessed and kudos again on yet another successful event! Lake bistineau open 5/19(wounded warrior charity event) hope to see u there....
This tourney was great. northern Mississippi cannot wait to come back next year. Awesome job JACQUES.
Mike, thanks for driving a LONG way to come to our tournament. I am glad y'all enjoyed it. We will make it up to your end of the world for a tournament as soon as we can.

I assume everybody else has had a chance to review the results and only the changes mentioned above will be made. I will send this to John this weekend.
I'm out of town for the next 2 weeks so it will be around the 21st when I get back and post them to the site....

JOhn k
John K Wrote:
> I'm out of town for the next 2 weeks so it will be
> around the 21st when I get back and post them to
> the site....
> JOhn k

Just a friendly reminder John.. *smile*

They are on the site Joe :)
Sorry John, I thought this was the Summer Fest thread and now, they too are on the site.
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