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Announcing the 13th Annual Tishomingo Ice Bowl & Survivor Doubles January 12th & 13th 2013

Posted by DG Guy 
The time really has come for you to try your hand at being a TD, Dustin. The fall Tishomingo Tournament will be a good one for you to get your feet wet. It has become a well established tournament over the last 15 years by a couple of guys who know nothing about TDing. This will give you 9 months to plan YOUR event. Oh yeah, hope you have better weather than the Ice Bowl.

Also, who is Younggundisker? Usually helps to put a name with your posts.
If Bill Brekeen says yes....I will host it.
This thread has become a disgrace to the charity, SN, and the TD!!!!!

Keith "Sunshine" B.
I told you "some people" person(s) were getting shady with a tournament.. TaterChiP...IF you give me 16 dollars I'll come to bigbee and we wont even have to play, I'll just say you won, and you lost money "again" 16 dollar loss by winning a tournament..funny.
DUDE< MYSELF AND TONY PALMER were standing RIGHT IN FRONT of you when McKenly said,,, Adv is not a am divison, theirfore their were no player pack... APPOLOGIZE?? WTF.. I guess AFTER the two minute warning YOU DIDN"T walk in front of ME and Trey Cox on hole 15, while you walked after Vicki's disc she had left laying on the ground.... RIGHT BILL... pocket something somewhere else....
NOW i see you you treated the pros in the dubs, I don't figure you'll have another high attendance payout unless YOU CATER TO EVERY PLAYER that walks up... your funny when your mad... I'd change the way I ran @#$%& and very carefully choose your words when you speak to me on here,

There were THREE divisions offered at Pickwick, of
> which the AMATEUR DIVISION was one and offered an
> event disc! How clearer does it have to be? ..... YOU TYPED THIS RIGHT??? OR IS THIS A LIE???? YOU TYPED IT...
...IF THIS WERE TRUE, how come, ADVANCE AMATURE were cut out of a disc... glad I didn't buy both shirts NOW that I asked you to make. I'd left the other one sitting on the table had Shuana not wanted it anyways. pissed off I was.. BET THAT you can't tell me WHY you decided to take that out of the advance...Bet I can tho.... if YOU STILL got them disc, i bet they have a price tag on it..HIGHER than what INNOVA charges to stamp ONE... I know for a fact I can by 20 ch wraiths for shipping.. YOU probably get themm cheaper cause your "was" a good td.. ..untill now i see differently esp. after Tish.....
AND wall doxey, did YOU do the payout up there?

> Flick McWraith Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > As far as if intermediate is getting players
> pack
> > Yes it would help with advanced getting
> confused
> > or complaining when they don't receive
> > one...jmo..................................
> > Does the tournament at Tish. have different
> > division rules that were applied to PICKWICK...
> I
> > mean does tennessee have a different set of
> rules.
> > stating that ADV is NOT an am.. BUT at TISH i
> see
> > that it is.
> It seemed to be clear enough for everyone except
> you! No one esle is puting a hissy fit like you
> are.
> Another thing, since YOU make the accusation!
> Prove when I have EVER said that the Advanced and
> Amateurs are not both Amateur divisions? Put up or
> Shut up! Proof, not lies!
> There were THREE divisions offered at Pickwick, of
> which the AMATEUR DIVISION was one and offered an
> event disc! How clearer does it have to be?
> Perhaps you need to lay off that "shine" you are
> so fond of so you can understand simple english.
> And while we are on the subject, tell me what the
> Wall Doxey or Lee Naquin payouts have to do with
> ME!
> Here, again, show me the PROOF that it has
> ANYTHING to do with either the Pickwick event or
> this one! You blast me for them, Prove it or shut
> the f*** up!
> Proof or appologize, if you are man enough!
> Again, since we started the Tishomingo Ice bowl 13
> years ago, there has NEVER been a players pack for
> ANYONE! That is also true for this years event!

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Keith Bodin Wrote:
> This thread has become a disgrace to the
> SN

Are you sure that's even possible? LoL
I almost have a seizure trying to read McWraith's posts.
Had a great time:) Why must I have money taken from me for PARK ENTRY when I buy and have right now in my back pocket an ANNUAL pass. One of the very reason I bought it .... wait for it.. is so I WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY A PARK ENTRY FEE!!!! Thanks yall have fun with the rest of this. I think they are reasonably good questions with people basically avoiding real solutions being talked about. ANNUAL PASS MEANS ANYONE WHO ROAD IN WITH ME GETS IN FREE ALSO!!! IT IS NOT A SINGLE PERSON ADMITTANCE PASS. Once TDs are in it to make sure they are compensated is when it all goes down hill PERIOD. If you TD you already know your not gonna make anything and your there for your fellow DGer's. And if the TD is making a cut the whole club in which runs the courses should get part of that cut and anyone who helped the TD. if its a BUSINESS now. Also seems like there must be a paper trail due to the GOVERNMENT LAWS. TD's is this not a VOLUNTEER EFFORT by them? IF so is VOLUNTEER NOT FREE TIME AND EFFORT? Thanks yall. WE WON !! 22down!! been nice to be paid more than the ams who shot well had fun compared to score. SHOULD BE YOU GET PAID ON HOW WELL YOU PLAYED. I am gonna lose every event. in PRO AND ADVANCE till i am an AM again so i can build up on bunch of disc an maybe make money sellling them:) lol!!! PAYS WAY BETTER. i kid i kid:) I heard of Pros choosing which events to play based on money. NOW I UNDERSTAND. Some events are just ran better than others. IVE NEVER BEEN IN IT FOR THE MONEY!!! NEVER!!! MAYBE CHARITY SHOULD BE JUST ON SAT? since you are selling mulligans? leave sunday alone. What your gonna do is kill your event and there will be no charity money raised in the future. Pay players the rest will come out in the wash. I ALREADY GIVE TO TWO DIF CHARITIES! It should not be mandatory. thats not giving thats taking!!
You know what you bunch of F&&%$# crybabies need???? To be lined up and @#$%& slapped. Waaa waaa waaa spoiled rotted babies. Good thing Bill is such a compassionate guy cause if it was me your asses would be BS. Oh and yes I am big enough to do it!!!!!!!!

BIGFOOT lives !
You would have just had to been to the past events to understand man.

linksplitter Wrote:
> You know what you bunch of F&&%$# crybabies
> need???? To be lined up and @#$%& slapped. Waaa
> waaa waaa spoiled rotted babies. Good thing Bill
> is such a compassionate guy cause if it was me
> your @#$%& would be BS. Oh and yes I am big enough
> to do it!!!!!!!!
i have played in a lot of bill's events sometimes the payouts were not great but as far as him taking money from yalls pockets i dont think so.if you figured the time he spent verses the pay dont think anyone would be @#$%&.i do agree that he shouldnt have taken from the doubles and just let saturday be for the chairity.i have never ran an event so i dont like to complain about how it was run and dont think you should either.on another note flick you need to get a life you are screwing this forum up and making everybody in sn sound like a bunch of inbread cry babies.just my opinion.see yall in the spring bill
I wasn't there but u can slap me BC I would have felt the same way about it. Please not too hard though. I'm sensitive
Sean, The entry fee has nothing to do with your Annual Pass. It is a Tournament Entry Fee that must be collected from all players. Just wanted to clear that up so everyone wouldn't start "Whining" about that. Go to and you can view all of the Public Notice Rules and Regulations. You guys are unreal!
Wow this has really got out of hand. Can the bod or some one put a stop to this thread and lets get back to disc golf
That is a good question. A lot of times (not just this one) they tell u that $3 per player is taken out for park entry. Well if u have an annual pass then u and whoever rode with u should not have the $3 taken out. I would think the ANNUAL pass would be good EVERY day.
Thanks Bub:) I will call Jackson. Find out more about that tmrw:) thanks. Rest of issues I stated as questions or ideas. Never complained about 12 bucks we won:) thanks again for patience in explaining some of these questions. I'm not sure hy people get so mad about answering someone's questions:) y'all are out of control:) or have no control one or the other. I like Sunday doubles but do not play ice bowl single events. Due to mulligans. I'd rather give u ten or twenty bucks and play normal rules:) and my payout not be effected:) thanks guys for helping me understand once again.
Agree with you innovaputter for once lol this thread has got bad was for charity .me and my partner went to have fun and we did ..get over it and move on ...cause they could just take the courses out of there completely then there would be no tourney there at all...
Seems to me the easiest way to avoid these scenarios is to post a payout sheet at ALL events.

Many of the events I've been to around the country have them and we do it at Circle 3 events in Memphis.

List all of the per player fees, show added cash in a different color and break down what divisions it went to and how much, and then show the per player cashout. It can be posted before the second round is over and then there are NO QUESTIONS. Players get an education on how many fees and expenses come with running an event, and the TD can field questions as to how much added cash was allocated to which division, but that would be the ONLY concern at that point.

Plus, the TD can still make money off of the difference between AM retail and wholesale on merch. Ideally, a club is making that money and it is funneled back into local courses or future events. But, if it is an individual who is making the profit, at least the payout is square and people will want to come back in the future.

Question marks lead to dissatisfied people and then bashing people for asking questions is almost as bad as cursing and stamping your feet on here. If we can't be critical and self-reflective about how events are handled, how will things ever improve?
LOL innova putter says this needs to stop and its getting out of hand, he recieved used discs last year and complained about the event and said he wasnt gonna play in bill's events. Wolf, You won Pickwick and won 2 discs in a field of 34. Although, wolf, I know you didn't complain but you couldn't have been satisfied with that payout. I would just like to see Tishomingo events at its full potential. We have 3 courses in 1 park and we could easily have HUGE events.
Yes I got a used disc but you know every disc I have now is used. I played pickwick and had a good time yeah I got my money back out of the disc I won.
Grammar is a good thing.

I need for the group that stayed in Grouphut 33 to contact me ASAP!


Dg Guy - Disc GOlf Plaques & Awards
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Know what you throw. . .
. . . throw what you know!
Re: Announcing the 13th Annual Tishomingo Ice Bowl & Survivor Doubles January 12th & 13th 2013
January 15, 2013 05:19PM
Change of subject....results?
@Dustin yes I could have complained and cried and throwed a big sissy fit over pickwick payout..but what would it have proved??? Nothing...I believe the more people complain and gripe the more people are going to not be interested in NO tourneys around our area....this sport is fun to me for right now and I THOUGHT that's what its suppose to be....maybe some forgot this SMH..this tourney was suppose to be for charity and yes I came and played and me and my partner had fun ..we didn't
come to win ,just have fun and we did and still placed 3rd and tickled us to death

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/15/2013 06:21PM by michael-lonewolf.
@Michael lonewolf. I will always be interested in the tournaments there because of the amazing courses ,its just maybe a better TD could host these tournaments. on to a better subject ...Even in the rain I had fun on the different courses that we played. They offer great variety and ill for sure be comin bck to play casual rounds
Bill has his faults don't get me wrong..alot of the players do as well..bill will do a better payout at spring tourney. Its always been one of the top payout that he does..I told my partner not to expect nothing at this doubles because of it being a charity event unless we got 1st..of course we wouldn't get paid out to many didn't show because of rain chance...
And younggun I agree I love them courses. They might whoop me at times but I still love them lol
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