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YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA

Posted by jacques 
Tonight's update brought to you by False River Fencing

Call Dane at False River Fencing for all your fencing needs throughout South Louisiana - 337-884-6433 or check them out online at

Robert Frost once noted that "good fences make good neighbors" and good fences are their specialty so be sure to give them a shot at your business.

Also, thanks to Dane's father, the legendary David "Hurricane" Clayton and the fine folks over in Lake Charles for all the support we recieve from them.


We gave away free entry to this tournament to the winning teams of many doubles tournament throughout this season. Now it is time to start getting those folks signed up for this event and in order to do that, I need some more information.

6th Annual New Orleans Doubles Championships - ADVANCED - won by Jason Volo & Keith Osborne - got y'all signed up and taken care of 100%.

Support an Angel Doubles Benefit - PRO MASTERS MEN - won by Doug Willams and Joe Hague - I know y'all want the merchandise pack but I need your shirt sizes.

Pickwick Doubles - PRO MASTER WOMEN - won by Deborah McCoy & Vicki Palmer - I got your PM, but I need some more information before I can process your registration.

Everyone else, I need to know your player's pack choice - merchandise or lodging. If you choose merchandise, I also need to know your shirt sizes.

South Mississippi Doubles Championships - ADVANCED MASTERS - won by Dan Workman & Danny Heathco

HPD Presents the 1st Annual Doubles Tournament - OPEN - won by Daniel Philley and Clayton Nash

Arkansas State Doubles Championship - PRO GRANDMASTERS MEN - won by John Linton and Dickey Maxwell

13th Annual Tishomingo Ice Bowl Survivor Doubles - PRO WOMEN - won by Krystin Nowicki & Mitzi Stegall

Buddy Butts Doubles Tournament - AM MEN - won by Wade Bouchard and Cameron Alderman

If you know someone on this list who doesn't post here or check the site regularly, please assist me in contacting these players.


Mr. John Fowler, disc golfer extraordinaire, computer programming wiz and all around peachy guy has created an interactive map for our out-of-town players that provides driving directions to and from any of the three course and the hotel. All you have to do is enter your starting location and it tells you how to get to any of the other three locations.


Check it out and be sure to bookmark it for tournament weekend!
Hi Ryan! Thanks! I heard from Jen Dhir yesterday and she said she would let me know within the week if she could make it or not. Can you text me Jenn Cline's contact info or give her mine?
C. Swain
337-371-6971 Cell
Hey Charlee! It's me, Jenn. I don't know if we could partner because we play in different divisions. I'm amateur and your pro, correct? I talked to Abby while I was down for the Spring Fling, and we both play am women, so I think we are going to partner up. I haven't talked to her since then, so I'll have to double check. I'll send you a PM with my contact info. :)

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Wade Bouchard and Cameron Alderman are in. XL and L tshirts. Merchandise player's pack.

Wade Bouchard
President HDGA
Got y'all registered - Wade & Cameron in AM MEN and Doug & Joe in PRO MASTERS.

Also, Shawn remined me that I forgot to mention that

hotel reservations being made by players must be done by June 21st

which is 14 days before the tournament and 34 days from today.

This does not include the Saturday night rooms being offered as player's packs.

The quantitiy of rooms blocked at the discounted rate is going to be adjusted as players make their reservations. This is part of the way that the hotel's accounting for their room inventory works.

At some point, it is possible that you may try to book your room by using the link that was posted earlier and it will tell you that it is sold out. Please let me know if this happens and I will follow up on it ASAP.

The hotel staff is tracking the "pickup" of rooms and is supposed to be adding to our "block" based on demand. There may be some lag between this happening and your attempt to make reservations.

I knew the hotel deal had a lot of moving parts compared to normal Disc Golf tournament preparations and I know it won't go 100% perfectly but we'll try to make sure everyone gets taken care of.
Skills Competition

Mr. Keith Bodin will be organizing the skills contests to be held at the picnic area at the hotel during the player's party. Thanks to his hard work and generosity there will be over $1,000 of cold hard cash up for grabs in putting and accuracy. The upshot portion will come first and takes place on 1-1/2 acres of a beautifully manicured and landscaped area next to the hotel. The putting will follow on the tennis courts which are lit up in case we run out of daylight. I'm sure Keith will want to provide a few more details.

THANK YOU EVERYONE that took place in the 50/50 raffles through out the year!!!!!

The skill competition will consist of the following:

The contest will take place Saturday night of the player's party. Putting will take place on the tennis courts at the Holiday Inn (host hotel), and accuracy will take place on the lavish grounds of the Holiday Inn (host hotel).

The combined score of putting and accuracy will determine the winner of each division. (example: 2 teams in a division...... team "A" has a combine score of 50 and team "B" has a combine score of 51, the winner is team B.)

You will only compete against players in your division.

Each winning team will receive (2) one of a kind/hand crafted cypress mini.

Cash Rewards per team:

Pro Divisions

Pro Open - $100
Pro Women - $100
Pro Masters - $100
Pro Masters Women - $100
Pro Grandmasters - $100
Pro Senior Grandmasters - $100

Amateur Divisions

Advanced Men- $80
Advanced Women - $80
Advanced Masters - $80
Am Men - $60
Am Women - $60
Junior - $60

That is correct ladies and gentleman...... your eyes are not deceiving you!!!

If you win the skill competition you will get your entry fee back!



Please book your room with the Holiday Inn early!!!!

Let's show them how good of customers we can be!!!

Keith "Sunshine" B.
If you won entry into YOUR 2013 SNDC and win the skill competition you will be PAID to attend the YOUR 2013 SNDC!!!!!


Keith "Sunshine" B.
Outstanding Keith!

Ladies and gentlemen, you aren't going to find a better deal than that anywhere around.

Sign ups are starting to trickle in.

If anybody wishes to register and pay in person, Scott and I are going to be in Pineville tomorrow for their doubles tournament.
Jacques, myself and khris foreman registered on DGU!

Nick Robichaux
Acadiana Disc Golf Assoiciation and Flight Club Disc Golf
PDGA# 54519
Hey Jacques I need an address so I can send my half the entry fee to you for team Thunder/John in am mens looking to keep this championship in the state lol y'all better bring your a game this weekend folks lol
John, send it to

Jacques Giraud
119 Shadyside Ave
Lafayette, LA 70506

Check payable to Acadiana Disc Golf Association
Thanks will try and get it out today or tomorrow shirt sizes for us will be medium and xl see y'all son
Tonight's tournament update brought to you by the Baton Rouge Disc Golf Club

The gang in Baton Rouge brought back the LA Doubles this year and in addition to the SN sanctioning fees, raised $250 for YOUR Championship.

Bravo ladies and gentlemen!!



Registration opened almost a week ago and when it did, I bet a snail that we would have 25 teams registered before he could crawl all the way across the basin.

Well, the snail called from Whiskey Bay today and I must confess, it looks like I'm gonna owe him $100.

Help me out here boys and girls, let's get some teams signed up for this thing!

Player's Packs

I am having to make the shirt order for this tournament earlier than normal. We are getting dri-fits from Dynamic and they are about to go into high gear making their preparations to host this year's Am Worlds. Because of this, they are advising me that they will have fewer resources than normal available to process orders in the near future, so basically hurry up and get what we need ASAP.

Because of this, just like the lodging option, the merchandise option will be a limited quantity and may "sell out" just like the rooms.

That means that players who register after either the merchandise or lodging has all been taken will get whichever player's pack is left.

Speaking of the lodging, almost everyone who has registered so far has opted for the merchandise - much to my surprise.

I wanted to make sure everybody sees what is being offered with the lodging packs...

The Holiday Inn Holidome is a NICE hotel.

It will be the hub of activity for the weekend.

The player's meeting will take place there, along with lunch, dinner, the player's party and the skills competition. We are also discussing the possibility of doing the awards ceremony there on Sunday with them.

Consider how convenient it would be to have your air-conditioned hotel room, your luggage, your own restroom and bed only steps away from all those events. Hard to pass up!

Speaking of dinner, the player's party and the skills competition, those will take place here...

at the hotel's picnic area.

So quit LOLLYGAGGING - get registered and join the fun at YOUR Championship.
Re: YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA
May 21, 2013 11:15PM
Big Hair and I are in!!!

HyZer Nation
Jacques, did you receive mine and Ronnie's registration money? I mailed it last week but I don't see us on the list.

Received it Robin. PM sent.
Great! Got your PM, thanks!
Tournament update brought to you by Innova Champion Discs

Innova needs no introduction here. They are supporters of Disc Golf tournaments and clubs all over the world and they are on board as a major event sponsor of the 2013 SNDC. THANK YOU INNOVA!


Just a reminder that your team's entry will be processed when your entry fee is fully paid (both partners) and all of your information is known.

There is nothing wrong with partners paying separately but I will wait until I receive both payments to register your team.

Lucky number 13.

13 teams out of a possible 108 are signed up. An optimist would say we are 12% full and a pessimist would say we are 88% empty.

I say, get registered and join the party!

I am still waiting to hear from

Daniel Philley and Clayton Nash - won the HPD Presents the 1st Annual Doubles Tournament - OPEN

John Linton and Dickey Maxwell - won the Arkansas State Doubles Championship - PRO GRANDMASTERS MEN

Krystin Nowicki & Mitzi Stegall - won the 13th Annual Tishomingo Ice Bowl Survivor Doubles - PRO WOMEN

to collect their team's information and register them in the tournament.
Who is Kieth Bodin? Never heard of him.
You have a blessed life then.
dcclayton Wrote:
> You have a blessed life then.

Haha thanks sir.....

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Just a hard-headed golfer whom lives in the sticks.

Terry Zeringue
TheZinger Wrote:
> Just a hard-headed golfer whom lives in the
> sticks.

Thanks Bro! HAHAHA I have been described worse.....

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Thought it wads compliment :-)

Terry Zeringue
I took it that way!!

Keith "Sunshine" B.
I need a partner if anyone is looking send me a pm I would like to try to arrange to make it to this tourni seems like a sweet one
Tournament update brought to you by Hobby Town USA

Scott Hill and the fine folks at Hobby Town USA are on board as one of the TITLE SPONSORS of YOUR 2013 SNDC!!!

Visit them over in the Time Plaza Shopping Center at 5429 Johnston Street here in Lafayette.

They are a stocking distributor of Innova discs and of course they are THE place to pick up radio controlled cars, planes, helicopters and accessories as well as games, puzzles, model kits and supplies and much more.

When I went over there and visited with Scott the other day, I was impressed with their selection of discs being offered at reasonable prices including the new Roc3, Shark3 and Tern along with all the old favorites. I was also impressed with Scott's knowledge of Innova's product line and even learned that he is known to get out and throw a disc or two from time to time!

If you can't make it over to Lafayette to visit them at the store, check them out online...




Mr. Tyson Richard and the Flight Club are spearheading the project to get the back nine at Pa Davis outfitted with concrete boxes before the SNDC as well as installing new signs throughout the park. I am looking forward to seeing how nice it is going to look when it is done.

Heymann Park has been a big hit so far and I hope y'all are excited about getting to play over there. There will be a few tweaks made before the SNDC that we hope will make an already good course even better!

Acadiana will be in a never before seen "championship layout" that combines the best elements of the Ace Run and Duzee courses. It will bear some resemblance to the original layout but with fewer Ace Run holes and more Duzee and even some holes being combined. We will make sure it is set up and marked far enough in advance to give players a chance to get in a practice round or two and of course a description of how it plays will be posted right here.


Did I mention registration was open?

Go to Disc Golf United and get your team signed up.

Registration code is 2013SNDC

Remember player's pack choices are available first-come/first-served so get registered and get what you want!

We've got 15 teams in out of a possible 108 which isn't bad but I would love to see some more come rolling in this week so get off your keester and join the fun.
You know old Jarheads and St. Francis luv ya, KB.
Would the players like 6 or 9 accuracy stations? We have room for 9. Let me know what yall want. Each member of the team will have 2 throws at each station.
The putting will have 4 stations worth the following points:
18' basket = 1 point
36' basket = 2 points
54' basket = 3 points
78' basket = 10 points
each team member has 2 putts at each basket.

Remember this is a combine team score of putting and accuracy.

Scoring for the accuracy will be as follows:
outer circle = 1 point
inner circle = 2 points
chains but does not stay in the basket = 5 points
ace = 10 points.

Keith "Sunshine" B.
I would like to think 6 would be enough and help the flow go quicker than 9! I vote for 6!
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