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YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA

Posted by jacques 
Trophies look friggin awesome Jacques

Central Louisiana Disc Golf Association President
Ryan Niccolini PDGA#55907
Registration has slowed back down.

I keep hearing folks saying "So-and-so said they are coming, I saw it on facebook"

Time for so-and-so to get signed up for this tournament.

If so-and-so are reading this and haven't registered yet, they need to follow this link to Disc Golf United.

Or they can pay by check

Jacques Giraud
119 Shadyside Ave
Lafayette, LA 70506

payable to "Acadiana Disc Golf Association"

Remember, 100% pre-payment and pre-registration for YOUR SNDC this year - no walk ups.

Registration closes at the end of this month and the tournament is being held earlier than normal this year so please pass the word to players who you know plan on attending this event.
Re: YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA
June 10, 2013 11:10AM
wow, 9 Adv master teams...gonna be a good one folks...
Re: YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA
June 11, 2013 10:48AM
Just paid,

Lloyd Wilkins and James Wood Advance Men, Large and X-Large shirts.

Lloyd Wilkins --J.U.D.G.E.S--


Check out the new Website
Any other Advanced Grandmasters plan on playing?
Where are all the Open Pro Men teams? Only three teams signed-up so for????
Tournament update brought to you by Hub City Ford

Hub City Ford is the #1 VOLUME FORD DEALER IN LOUISIANA and now a proud sponsor of YOUR 2013 SNDC!

Located north of I-10 on Evangeline Thruway, Hub City Ford offers new and used vehicles, fleet services, financing, parts, service and online sales. Just so you know, they carry many makes other than Ford.

Please stop in and see what they have to offer at 2909 NW Evangeline Thruway, Lafayette, LA 70507, or give them a call at (337) 233-4500.

Or, you can check them out online and view their entire inventory, shop their low-low prices or see what other services they provide that you might need!

Also, I want to extend a personal thanks to Clyde Hawk for helping us get Hub City Ford on board as a sponsor.





There are 47 teams registered with room for 61 more.

I can name 10 teams off the top of my head who have told me in person that they are coming that aren't signed up yet and I know there are a lot more out there.


Go to Disc Golf United to register and pay online


Send a check, payable to "Acadiana Disc Golf Association" to

Jacques Giraud
119 Shadyside Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70506

along with all your registration info.

Players Packs

I am drop-dead stunned that the merchandise packs are going faster than the hotel rooms.

There are limited quantities of each - 130 merchandise packs and 45 lodging - whichever fills first will be gone and everybody else that signs up after that will receive the other one.

So far, 38 teams have opted for merchandise and 9 have opted for lodging. That means 27 more teams can choose merchandise before it sells out and 36 more teams can choose lodging before it sells out.

Speaking of selling out, 2XL shirts are all gone so you can now choose between MED, LG & XL.

The moral of the story in both instances is - SIGN UP SOONER RATHER THAN LATER AND GET WHAT YOU WANT.


Let's review the format since it seems to be a contentious issue almost every year...

Acadiana and Heymann will both be played in the Best Shot format by all divisions. Best shot is of course the "normal" doubles format that most players are used to. Please feel free to ask questions about playing Best Shot if you have any.

Pa Davis will be played in a format new to the SNDC (to my knowledge anyway) - a combination of Best Score and Alternate Shot.

We decided to call it Best Scorelternate .

"Say what?".

It is simple and best explained with an example using a three shot sequence.

You and your partner both drive.
You throw your upshot from his drive's lie and he throws from yours.
You then putt from his upshot's lie and he putts from yours.
He misses the putt and you make it.
Your team cards a 3 for the shot sequence of your drive - his upshot - your putt.

In this example, both partners do not have to hole out once it becomes impossible for a better score to be carded.

Another way to think of it is "Best Score played from your partner's lie"

Also, if you park it under the basket and your partner hits a tree 20 ft off the tee and goes OB, you may abandon the shot sequence starting with his drive and play the hole out as a "normal" alternate shot starting with your drive - basically your drive and his tap in putt for a score of 2 (assuming he sinks the putt).

We'll go over it again at the players meeting and it will be explained in writing - either on the back of the score card or in the tournament booklet that each player will receive.

Again, feel free to ask any questions that you may have about this format.

Minor Change of Venue

Early bird check in will be held Friday afternoon at the picnic area at the host hotel, the Holiday Inn Holidome on Evangeline Thruway.

We will be over there setting up tournament central for Saturday morning and welcoming our guests to town. Originally this had been announced to take place at Acadiana Park.

The awards ceremony will also definitely be held there following the conclusion of play on Sunday.

That means tournament central for the entire weekend (both days) will be the Holiday Inn.

Besides being a really nice place and offering really great rates, the convenience and comfort of having an air conditioned hotel room, your own restroom and all your luggage right next to tournament central is a luxury that should sell itself so please favor the Holiday Inn with your business.
As far as out of towers go, like me and jay-Vo. I think that the idea of tourney central being at the hotel is friggen awesome. Sounds like a tourney to remember. I will definitely have my go pro to film all the side games , sounds like a good time with some good people. July 6th HURRY UP!

Hey Keith , Did you find my disc ?
Tournament update brought to you by Reliable Power Systems

Reliable Power Systems is your locally owned and operated full line Generac generator dealer and the only one in Acadiana with factory trained technicians on staff.

They just opened their new storefront & showroom in New Iberia at 818 Meadow Lane. Stop by and check out their inventory of Generac generators, parts & equipment.

Or give them a call at (337) 560-0101 and see how they can help meet your emergency power needs.

Besides sales and service, they also offer turnkey installation as well as scheduled preventative maintenance packages.

They are also a full line residential, commercial and industrial electrical contractor so be sure to keep them in mind for your next project.




48 teams have signed up with room for 60 more.

Find yourself a partner and join the fun by signing up online at Disc Golf United

or send your payment and registration info by mail to

Jacques Giraud
119 Shadyside Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70506

checks payable to "Acadiana Disc Golf Association"

Even if you aren't ready to sign up yet and just want to see who your competition is going to be, follow that same link to DGU and you can browse the entire field by division.

Rewards Program Winners

Still waiting to hear from

PRO MEN - Clayton Nash & Daniel Philey
GRANDMASTERS - John Linton & Dickey Maxwell
AM WOMEN - Angela Irby & Robin Horne

to see if they are going to attend the SNDC and redeem the free entry they won in the 2012/13 season.

If you are one of these players or you know how to get in touch with them, please send an email to the club's account - acadianadiscgolfassociation [at] or send me a PM on this forum.


Every level of sponsorship for this tournament is still available for businesses or individuals who wish to support Disc Golf and get their name, logo and message in front of a captive audience.

$500 - One title sponsorship has already been provided by Hobby Town USA and four more are available. This level of support will be recognized as a "presented by" sponsor in all tournament literature, on all tournament shirts and of course online and in person at all tournament gatherings.

$100 - Shirt logo sponsorship gets your business' logo or your name prominently displayed the back of all tournament shirts as well as recognition of your sponsorship in all digital and printed media for the tournament as well as verbal promotion at all tournament gatherings.

$50 - Shirt list sponsorship gets your business' name or your name included in the written list of sponsors on the back of all tournament shirts along with recognition of your sponsorship in all digital and printed media for the tournament as well as verbal promotion at all tournament gatherings.

Merchandise sponsorships are also welcome for businesses or individuals who want to contribute to the event in a non-monetary fashion. Individual items suitable for use as prizes or bulk items for player's packs are preferred. Merchandise sponsorships will be recognized at a level consistent with their retail value.

Hole sponsorships were sold throughout the course of last season as part of the CFR disc package and I am pleased to say that these are 100% sold out. A special thanks to everyone who bought their CFR discs!

Please contact me at the club's email acadianadiscgolfassociation [at] if your are interested in learning more about the sponsorship opportunities for this tournament.

The last day to get on the shirts is Tuesday, June 25th. That is exactly two weeks from today!


I am going to continue pounding my chest about getting players to register until the tournament is full.

I am also going to start including information about what the different divisions are going to be playing for in the upcoming tournament updates to keep the folks who are already signed up excited about this event.

As part of their payout, the first place winners in Advanced Masters will each receive one of these...

really nice three-wheel carts from Do-All Outdoors.
Ok... where can I purchase one of these carts?
my doubles partner played in the Dogwood a couple months ago. Does that qualify for points to play this event?
I found the cart on amazon: []
@rhyno - search "do all gun buggy". That is actually a sporting clays gun cart. The brackets on the handle are supposed to hold the gun's stock and the padded pockets at the bottom are for the muzzle. The compartments in the center are for holding boxes of clay targets and the other pockets are for shells. My neighbor's grandson is a competition shooter and I saw him unloading one from his vehicle and thought it would make a helluva disc golf cart. Not to mention, they are MUCH less expensive than jogging strollers.

@Delta Tomahawker - this year's Dogwood definitely satisfies his required points. Y'all get signed up!
Hey guys, I'm looking for a partner to play either AM's or Advanced at the champs. Let me know if you're looking for someone.

My brother won a spot in the tourney and I really would like to at least play it. Hit me up!
If you miss this tournament you are missing a big thing!

Food for the players party is going to be OFF THE HOOK!!!

I am hearing roomers of 2 smoke hogs, an ice chest of different kinds of fish going to the grill, pastalaya, and 2 kegs of beer just for the players party.

Saturday breakfast I am working on getting my company to buy boudin.

Saturday lunch I hear is going to be grill stuff....chicken, burgers, hotdogs.......ect..

This is all part of your entry fee.

The food alone is worth the price of admission!!!

Please stay at the Holidaydome! Everythig is taking place there and they have done so much for YOUR 2013 SNDC

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Tournament update brought to you by Hooters

With locations all throughout SN land, Hooters restaurants is a proud sponsor of YOUR 2013 SNDC. They will be sending over 600 wings for you to enjoy at the player's party on Saturday night!

Many thanks to Pat Fisher in NOLA and the staff of the Hooters in Lafayette for hooking us up with this delicious sponsorship and for being perpetual supporters of Disc Golf tournaments far and wide.




Don't be a loligagger - get yourself signed up to play today!

49 teams are signed up with room for 59 more.

Go to Disc Golf United to see who your competition is going to be AND hey, while you're there you might as well sign your team up too.

Player's Party

Keith started things off this evening by mentioning the food.

So look out teeth, look out gums, look out stomach, here it comes!

The festivities on Saturday night will kick off after the second round wraps up.

The soft drinks will be icy cold and thanks to Johnathan, the beer will too, and I know that will hit the spot after a hot day out on the courses.

Hooters is sending over 600 wings. We're going to have fish on the grill, and a few big black iron pots full of jambalaya. Plus two pigs will be going on the grill on Friday for some pulled pork awesomeness.

For desert, I'm thinking a hot July night calls for some ice cream.

David Roberts, one of your fellow disc golfers, will be putting aside his bag for this weekend and will be busy preparing the food and I feel he and his cooking crew will deserve a big round of applause.

Besides eating and drinking your fill, you will have a chance to win some cash in the skills competition. They will be run by division and will consist of accuracy and putting stations laid out on the hotel's picnic area which is actually more like a small park.

Thanks to Keith's hard work and generosity and the generosity of players who participated in one of the travelling 50/50 raffles that we held at tournaments last season, $1,000 in cash will be on the line Saturday night.

The skills contest will be a team event (you and your doubles partner) and winners in each division will win the amount of their entry fee in cash, so pro division winners get $100, advanced winners get $80 and am & junior winners get $60. It is part of the players party so of course it doesn't cost a thing and you could win your entry fee back with a few upshots and a few putts. That's the best deal out there ladies and gentlemen.

Also, I've got two mini baskets from Innova for a mini basket throw off and a mini ring of fire on Saturday night. The winners of each of these will win the mini baskets so besides your putter and midranges, make sure to bring your best mini with you to the players party!


We started it off last night with the carts for the Advanced Masters so now let's talk baskets...

As part of their payout, each member of the first place teams in ADVANCED MEN AND AM MEN will win Discatcher Sport practice baskets.

Re: YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA
June 14, 2013 07:25AM
Terry and I plan on winning those baskets
Am's is sewed up, that basket is mine

Central Louisiana Disc Golf Association President
Ryan Niccolini PDGA#55907
But I thought you said you hated Discatchers Ryan! Why would you even want one of those? LOL
Can sell that bad boy

Central Louisiana Disc Golf Association President
Ryan Niccolini PDGA#55907
Are any other SrGM teams thinking about entering? Just one isn't much fun. Marvin has a handicap this tournament --- me.
what is the registration code??????

trying to register on discgolfunited and they ask for the code. does anyone know the bleeping code>>????




Re: YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA
June 15, 2013 05:49AM
@#$%& Stephen
With code breaking skills like that, you should work for the CIA. HAHAHA!

Just kidding, glad y'all registered and look forward to seeing everyone next month.
I have heard roadracerx speak after throwing a disc ob, and I believe he must be a Navajo Codetalker.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/15/2013 09:09AM by dcclayton.
Re: YOUR 2013 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship - July 6th & 7th - Lafayette, LA
June 15, 2013 09:14AM
jacques Wrote:
> With code breaking skills like that, you should
> work for the CIA. HAHAHA!
> Just kidding, glad y'all registered and look
> forward to seeing everyone next month.

Funny part is, Stephen used to be a private detective.

Regular gumshoe over here.
dcclayton Wrote:
> Are any other SrGM teams thinking about entering?
> Just one isn't much fun. Marvin has a handicap
> this tournament --- me.

No one would want me as a partner but I am going to try to come out at least on Sunday and help out with tournament and maybe take some photos. Unfortunately there is no help for Marvin's predicament! LOL
It would not take the code from me but I still got registered.
Ryan you and your partner have to beat me and thunder first to get that basket lol good luck with that haha
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