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Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013

Posted by kch 
Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
November 21, 2013 07:05PM
Please come and enjoy Tournament Play at this exceptional 54 hole Disc Golf Complex.
Blue Angel Park is hosting the Christmas Classic 7 December 2013.
This is a Southern Nationals Qualifier with two rounds and a tee off at 10 a.m.

Pre-registration on Friday evening 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Blue Angel Park Disc Golf Complex, Hwy 98, 2100 Bronson Road, Pensacola.
Saturday morning registration: 7:45-9 a.m. on site. (***Late fee after 9:00=$10.00***)
Players meeting: 9:30 a.m.
1st round tee off: 10:00 a.m.
2nd Round tee off: 60 minutes after last card turned in from 1st round.
PAYOUTS: 100% payout in all divisions. 33% of every division will be paid.

All Open divisions=$49.00 All Advanced Divisions=$39
All AM Divisions=$34 All Novice & Juniors=$25
Active Duty Military Discount=$10.00

Directions to Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area from Mobile: Go East I-10 to exit 44, take Foley Express until you see Hwy 98 East (Elberta Exit) and take a left at Gas station. Follow Hwy 98 East over Lillian Bridge in to Florida, approximately 1 mile to Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area, Bronson Road on right. Proceed one mile to Park entrance.

Tournament participants may enjoy camping privileges.
Contact BAP Welcome Center 850-453-9435 9:00-4:00 daily for reservations.
RV sites Campground 'B' 50 Amp = $22 daily.
Campground 'A' 30 Amp No sewage = $14.50 daily.
Primitive dry camping sites=$8.00 daily.
Camping Cabins=$45.00 daily.

Tournament Director: KC Heckathorn 251-747-4208
Host site: Jay Yanovich 850-791-1897
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
November 22, 2013 11:59PM
I know this is asked every year but what courses will each division play?
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
November 23, 2013 07:00AM
Pool A - open / adv -
oaks - palms. all pro tees

Pool B - am / am master -
palms - pines. all am tees

Pool C - open women - g. master - nov - junior -
pines - oaks. all am tees
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
November 27, 2013 11:47AM
just some info for all; there will be a jim o appreciation time at the players meeting and all who have helped through the years; and from what im told jim will set up as usual. I think its going to be a very smooth transition into the new and exciting times at bap.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 02, 2013 11:52AM

Teresa Key
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 04, 2013 03:34AM
If you guys havn't been out to Blue Angel in awhile (( like myself )) Your missing out! Crew there has put in some WORK! Courses are looking amazing!!
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 04, 2013 06:57AM
Blue Angel park has went above and beyond for this event,the park NEVER looked so good. The player prizes have arrived and look great. There will be a basket to win for skittles. There is a hundred dollars already added to open payout and counting. We hope to see you out there.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 05, 2013 07:27PM
Thanks to friends of the park for adding $100.00 dollars to pro master division payout.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 07, 2013 05:05AM
What.. you guys had to make the temp drop 20 degrees overnight to make this a feel more like a Christmas Classic?! LOL!
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 07, 2013 02:40PM
Rivers busts a -8 on the Oaks... record??? for that 18... think so! go Esse
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 12:24AM
Lost disc, Glow "Death by Nuke" on hole 10 of the Pines. Will pay shipping and a reward for its' return if anyone finds it.


Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 09:46AM
Random questions about the Christmas Classic -

* Note this is not HATE or trying to start fights... so let's not even go down that road ..... *

What happened? I've only been playing for 3 years and the First Christmas classic I went to was huge..

There was Tourney stamped discs as well as a ton of people that played. This year it felt.. empty? Was it just a fluke? Or just weather kept people away? what happened to the Sky Bucks system? Instead of getting some cheap 5.99-7.99 Avair Drivers for payout? Just so weird to see the park getting so nice ((( I know its prepping for the SNDC ))) but to see the tourney just kinda be " blah "

Just wondering and again this is not hate mail just wondering what happened? I still had fun on my card and of course the people I hung out with. :) Look forward to hearing back and I just hope we can have an adult answer and not flame :)
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 10:19AM
Weather and the SEC championship certainly kept alot of the regular attendees from coming. I know a lot of people that didn't end up going for those reasons. The weather man has said 40-60% chance of rain all week and then it doesn't rain at all. Go figure..

As for the other things mentioned. It was the first event in a transition to new TDs running the events at Blue Angel. I think they did a great job personally. I haven't seen tourney stamped discs in the year and a half I've attended these. Also, I felt as though things ran very smoothly. I think that in future events they may consider custom stamping some discs and making this event bigger and better. I think the payouts were fine in terms of quantity. They stuck with 100% payout which is very good these days. No they weren't the best discs, but that's just part of it. Most events are starting to get away from letting you choose your own stuff these days it seems. Also, if y'all would've played off for that last cash spot then I feel like you would've felt better about the payout lol.

Why was a change made you may ask? Running these events on their own allows them to raise more money for the disc golf park. Really is as simple as that. Also, I'm sure they want a few trial runs before the SNDC comes along. Note: I'm not affiliated with the group that runs these events. Just my opinion being from the area and seeing the changes at BAP. Great job KC. Will be back in the spring for sure.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 10:51AM
I doubt the s.e.c. game had anything to do with attendance.*(auburn fans) I dnt know many.The problem was the forecast.jim.o. has spoiled you all with his turny stamped disc and u pick your prizes.K.C ..I.m SURE did the best with what was given to him .SO.... my question??did rivers win? And Who.s running the SNDC.

Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 11:05AM
@ Ryan - Sounds about right. Oh an the playoff about third lol! That was funny and I wish we would of but one guy did leave so I was torn about how the split would work between the 2 playing off an the one guy not there.

@Brain B - Jim O has spoiled us? Really? Maybe I just thought this tourney was a bigger deal then what it was.. But this was one of the tourneys I looked forward to every year. Tourney stamp discs are my " memories " I hang on my wall every tourney I go to. Maybe i'm just weird that way... But spoiled?

@ K.C. It was ran VERY smooth.. lack of people there though was not your fault that's for sure. There was a mix up on if Advanced played the Gold tee on 8. I havn't played the palms in years as I'm used to playing Oaks / Pines for tourneys in Advanced / Open. Was a change for sure lol (( not a palms fan as it's more of a gimmick shots in my eyes ))

My only beef with the layout would be I would of liked to see us play the longer pins and play on the pines :) But that's just personal preference.

And I did miss the Skybucks pays outs because getting Blizzard plastic again is eh more of a personal thing I guess. Maybe I am to " spoiled " lol.

I just hope next year it gets the numbers it use to have. Be one of the tourneys that got me REALLY hooked into traveling out of town for a tourney. Again that is probably a personal thing as it was one of my first out of town tourneys I played in when I first started playing so maybe I see it differently then some that may take it as " just another tourney "
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 12:53PM
if I may add this; typically the Christmas classic is the least attended tourneys that blue angel holds; the 95 that showed is above average for this tourney; the most we ever had I think was 115. and the reason is because of the time of year/ football/ and weather. ryan ; you hit it pretty much on the head. I think k.c. and all involved did a great job, and speaking with jim he also agreed. so k.c. smoothie you guys were awesome; and my last 2 cents worth; change is always tuff; but I love the direction the park is heading.

p.s. b-hole I can tell you that you didn't win.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 08, 2013 01:14PM
Cool then it must just be me then as far as the " coolness " factor of the tourney. Because I remember way more people then this an it being a bigger deal. It must just be the image I have for myself as it being my first out of town tourney a few years ago if that makes sense.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 09, 2013 04:25AM
First, I would like to say thank you to all of the 99 players for coming out in the frigid weather. Second I would like to thank all of the friends that helped from start to finish: Mr. Jim Orum thank you for your guidance, NO team (Big Brown, Kernan and Shark), Smoothie, Pat Barnes, Ken K, Mike S, Bernie S, Brian S and Josh Brigan thank you all for stepping in when needed, and of course the entire Blue Angel Park staff thank you for everything from maintenance to providing the food and facility.

I also thank you for your valuable input. This was my first time as TD, and I know there were a few mistakes made. These will be corrected next time. As far as the prizes go, I did the best I could with what I had,unfortunately I did not have time to secure enough sponsorship to do all that I would have liked to have done. My intentions definitely are to bring back the stamped discs, T-shirts, and other prizes. Now that I know what to expect, you can bank on better tournaments in the future. Thanks.
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 09, 2013 12:48PM
That's great news and I am sure every tournament will be better and better there! Thankyou for all your hard work!
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 09, 2013 12:55PM
yes...Esse won!!! then won dubs Sunday morning and then aced in the sunday toss.... can you say streak!! Nice job Riv....
Re: Blue Angel Christmas Classic December 7 2013
December 09, 2013 02:08PM

1st Rivers Sherrod 46 49 95
2nd Matt Orum 53 48 101
3rd Caleb Huber 52 52 104
3rd Dustin Lemasters 50 54 104
5th Mike Florey 53 52 105
6th Chris Dowey 57 52 109
6th Josh Brigan 55 54 109
8th Barrett Johnson 57 53 110
9th Jeremy Harvey 55 57 112
10th Barrett Taylor 58 57 115
11th Chris Brownson 60 57 117
12th Danny Calloway 63 58 121
13th Dylan Hunn 60 62 122
14th Cameron Colglazier 56 999 DNF

Pro Women
1st DeeDee Fussner 60 57 117
2nd Madison Walker 61 60 121

Pro Master
1st Smoothie 54 55 109
2nd Pat Barnes 59 52 111
2nd Mike Kernan 59 52 111
2nd Mike Urbaniak 58 53 111
5th Scott Harper 59 55 114

Grand Master
1st Randy Reynolds 52 50 102
2nd Steve Swiler 56 53 109
3rd Steve Hollis 54 58 112

Sr Grand Master
1st Thomas Bernardo 61 57 118
2nd Mike Sidebottom 63 62 125
3rd Don Braxton 66 62 128
Jay Yanovich

1st Ryan Vann 59 58 117
2nd Jeff Melgosa 57 61 118
3rd Rob Hastings 62 57 119
3rd Chris Sigler 62 57 119
3rd Colin Wright 59 60 119
6th Bryant Henderson 59 61 120
7th Brandon Ezell 60 61 121
7th Garret Hayes 61 60 121
9th Gus Tytke 65 63 128
10th Todd Hernandez 66 65 131

AM Women
1st Brittany Comalander 61 64 125
2nd Angela Irby 69 68 137
3rd Krisste Thedford 73 72 145
4th Anna Montgomery 85 85 170

Advanced Master
1st Ken Keller 49 52 101
2nd Joe Jacobson 50 56 106
3rd Mark Laborde 55 53 108
4th Bill Banaszak 55 55 110
4th Sean Maltby 52 58 110
6th Mike Bennett 53 58 111
7th John Capps 60 52 112
7th Joe Fontecchio 54 58 112
9th JC Cannon 54 59 113
10th Leon Irby 59 56 115
11th Steve Coulter 59 59 118
12th James Ryan 62 67 129

AM Men
1st Kenny Keasler 49 49 98
2nd Col McCaffery 50 55 105
3rd Bahen Privett 52 55 107
4th Jeff Heitland 54 54 108
4th Daniel Cantrell 52 56 108
6th Michael Gibney 52 57 109
6th Nathan Jones 52 57 109
8th David Girton 50 60 110
8th Pete Hindman 52 58 110
8th Steven Conway 55 55 110
8th AJ Grogan 56 54 110
8th Nick Rhodes 56 54 110
13th Matthew Poling 53 58 111
13th Mike Dozier 56 55 111
15th Steven Smith 56 56 112
15th Mike Moody 53 59 112
17th Ethan Kennedy 56 58 114
18th Thomas Mulen 55 60 115
18th Trace Barrows 54 61 115
20th Brian Street 56 60 116
20th Mike Paulzak 57 59 116
22nd Shandy Godwin 58 60 118
23rd Jeremy Debose 58 61 119
24th Doug Kersey 57 63 120
25th Cameron Marlow 60 61 121
25th Adam Brill 58 63 121
27th George Hess 58 64 122
27th Donnie McDonniel 57 65 122
29th Thomas Lord 60 65 125
29th Korey Brown 60 65 125
29th David Sever 59 66 125
29th Joey Locicero 59 66 125
33rd Eddy Morgan 62 66 128
33rd Jesse Hamilton 60 68 128
35th Alan LaTourette 63 69 132
36th Bryan Winters 70 78 148
37th Bill Girton 71 78 149

1st David Elliott 56 58 114
2nd John Earli 64 52 116
3rd Starlon Moorman 63 55 118
4th Danny Phillips 57 65 122
5th Austin Hawkin 64 64 128
6th Kyle Shehadi 67 63 130
7th Brodie Wilkinson 69 64 133
8th Thomas Martin 72 66 138
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