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Posted by 3puttking 
Flyerbud Wrote:
> It has always been paid..... a "sponsor" has
> stepped up to cover the fee in the past... but we
> have always paid.....

Not by the players....When we started this, it wasn't PDGA event. Howard wanted OUR championships to have qualifying spots for USDGC so, in the beginning, he cover the non- members fee. I know JimO told me this one day. The players never paid an extra 10.00 to play in THEIR Championships!

Keith "Sunshine" B.
The $10 non-member fee has always been paid by the SN, not a sponsor and not Innova.

So, a big F U to all of the non-member pros, breaking yet another long held SN tradition. Anything else we should know about? Is there going to be actual payout to the pros or is Mr.Ray going to surprise us all with vouchers to Grass Roots instead of cash?

Another huge failure by the BS BoD. So BoD members, is there anything about this series that you actually do know?
Oh there no host hotel? Anyone know?
Are you planning on attending Mr. Bluff?
If it looks like it will be a decent event I will attend. So far I am unimpressed.

Usually when the TD of a tournament is this unfriendly and out of touch with reality it's a big warning that the event won't be run very well.

As the saying goes in this thread, correct me if I'm wrong. I'd sure like to learn what's in the players packs, if there's a host hotel, how much $ is really going to be added to the pros, or really, I'd just like to hear a friendly voice on this thread actually promoting this event rather than all this negative bulloney. I tried staying out of the USDGC debate but the negative vibe overwhelmed me after two weeks.

So, at the moment I'm on the fence. I missed the last SNPC in Memphis because of my best friend's wedding, and I was looking forward to this one, but there's a lot of red flags up for me.
I appreciate that response Mike, I am not trying to be negative. We could not be more excited about all of the things that have been put in motion and are happening in relation to this championship.

Let me answer some of your questions.
Players Packs
The pro players pack will be a collared dri fit shirt and a bag tag. We made a post on the facebook page months ago and that was the resounding response. We want to leave as much cash as possible for the payouts in all Pro divisions.
Am Players Packs- Dri Fit tournament shirt (no collar), custom tournament stamped disc, disc from Gateway (probably one of their new putters), a $30 voucher from Dynamic Discs that can be redeemed at the DD RV that will be on location all weekend for any merchandise you wish. Grass Roots sticker, Prodigy sticker. As more sponsors come in, this could continue to grow.

There will be a round winners disc each round for the all am fields. If you win your card you win a disc. First round is UB Disc golf, second round Latitude 64, final round is Dynamic discs (this disc will be a previously unreleased disc that will not be sold until November and is being exclusively offered to us for this Championship).

Added Cash
We are still raising money now. That being said we have raised over $7000 in cash and merchandise (round winner discs, player packs etc) thus far that will be added to the payout.

Host Hotel:
We have been in contact with several hotels and have options available. We want the hotel to be centrally located between the courses and players party, which would be in midtown or downtown Memphis. The problem is most of those facilities are not inexpensive. I have one more meeting this afternoon with a hotel that i believe will work. We want to keep it as inexpensive as possible while maintaining a reasonable location for travel and amenities. I will have something definite by early next week and will post it here.

Feel free to ask any questions you wish in regards to the event. I will be happy to answer them. I will continue to post new information in this thread. It has gotten lost among the other posts at times.


So a player that has play let's say 10 events in a pro or advance division can not play in his or her SN Championships without paying the entry fee plus an extra 10.00 for the PDGA?

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Thanks Mr. Ray, I feel much better now. I know it's tough to be in your shoes especially with the BoD screwing us all with the $10 fee.

Sounds like it will be a great event now that I've got some more info. Hopefully Robert Mac will share a room with me! What ya say Mac?
This was a private message between Mike (Bluff) and myself that he urged me to post. Some of this is being repeated but he felt it was something that needed to be posted. Looking forward to seeing you all in August. Registration is moving right along. Ill keep you posted on any new information. J Ray

its just the fact that you want to throw in a jab
> (are we actually getting paid or is Mr. Ray going
> to give us all GrassRoots vouchers). What
> baffles me about this whole process (and you
> should completely understand) is that while i made
> a decision for valid reasons for both the
> tournament and the structure of what he have
> planned that a small few dont agree with it is
> overshadowing the fact that I have busted my @#$%&
> for a year to make this tournament unlike anything
> SN has ever been a part of. From putting in a
> temp course on a ball golf course, a players party
> on Beale street, an actual presence from real disc
> golf entities like Dynamic, Lat 64, Gateway etc,
> round winner discs for each card in ams every
> round that i got donated because of my
> relationships through Grass Roots as well as
> raising thousands of dollars for the payouts.
> It sucks man. Im not trying to intentionally
> piss anyone off or be adversarial for the sake of
> being different. I want this to be the best
> tournament possible and we are going to put on an
> amazing show. All that said, you guys have sucked
> the life and the joy out of this event. This is
> still the SN Championships....thats whats
> important. We both know it is impossible to
> please everyone but the goal is to please and
> serve as many as you can in the best way you know
> how. Thats all we are trying to do. This
> nonsense has taken away from the great things we
> are doing that will make this event awesome. A
> little support would be nice even if you dont
> agree with every detail. There is nothing wrong
> with stating your opinion or constructive
> criticism...but lets keep it civil and
> constructive.
> As far as the host hotel, there are several
> options on the table. I am meeting with the last
> one this afternoon. The problem is i want to keep
> the host hotel as centrally located as possible.
> The downside is that puts it in Midtown/Downtown
> Memphis were the prices are outrageous. I will
> have a solution by early next week at the latest.
> I just want to get the best deal for those that
> are traveling and i understand as a golfer who
> travels alot....every penny counts.
> I appreciate you saying youre sorry. Im a big boy
> and can handle criticism but i would hope that
> guys like you who have been in my shoes would use
> more tact in their responses and questioning.
> All of that said, this tournament is going to be
> awesome and i hope you will help us support it and
> focus on all of the awesome things that we have
> done in preparation as opposed to clinging to
> things that arent going to change for this year.
> Thanks Mike
> Jonathan Ray

You ought to cut & paste that and put it on the forum for all to see. I feel a lot better now.

In all honesty I really was trying to stay off the thread but the days & days of negativity got the best of me. Anyway, please post something like you just told me about how much work you've put in and that will hopefully get that thread focused on the good.

If anyone pipes up from here I will attempt to direct them to the BoD who really screwed it up again.

I'll be signing up soon...thanks!
I'll be there J-ray!! Thanks again for everything you and your team has done for this event!!

My room at the Bud Hill Mansion is is only big enough for my bride and me, otherwise I would gladly share it with you Bluff. Haven't been able to play since way before I hurt my shoulder, so I'm getting pumped about this SNC.
Re: 2014 SOUTHERN NATIONALS PRO AND AM CHAMPIONSHIPS-presented by Grass Roots Disc Golf
July 18, 2014 07:08PM
I would just like everyone who thinks Jonathan (3PuttKing) is at anyway at fault for any of the issues to know that it is not his fault. The fault is on the Board and lack of communication with Jonathan. There has been multiple times now that He was told one thing and several weeks later the Board changed it up on him. He was the one that asked us about the PDGA fee's and who covers them. He asked us several weeks ago and I thought that we decided to use that money for a website. I told him that it was the Board plan to go with this set up, earlier today that decision was once again brought up and Casey informed him that they wished to go back to covering the fee. I'm not yet sure how the problem is going to be fixed, but we should have an answer soon. Again please realize that Jonathan is working his tail off to make this a great event, and has gone way out of his way to make it the best SNC's ever.
The SN's is covering all non-PDGA member fees! Casey will be contacting DGU to see if we can have them refund the fees that have already been collected, and to keep a total of non-PDGA members that have yet to pre-register for us to pay once the cutoff date for pre-registration is reached. We hope everyone that attends has a great time.
I'm not playing a pro division, so it affects me none, but I see where everybody is coming from with their argument. I support the decision made. Fairly new (year and a half) to tournaments, and last year was my first SNAC. Not sure if both championships have ever been done at the same location at the same time, seems like quite the undertaking. Much respect for tackling that. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing time and I can't wait. Made my first trip to Memphis last month for a concert and had a pretty good time. Can't wait to come back
There are several hotels on hwy 51 in Millington, ranging from $40.00 on up. They are convenient to Shelby Forest, Orgill and Bud Hill. About 20 miles from downtown Memphis but an easy drive. Don't speed in Millington.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/19/2014 10:06AM by EdLee.
We all know that no matter how many times
you run an event like this you will always
make someone mad cause they dont there
way. We are a bunch of grown men stop
crying like a bunch of 2nd graders.
Put your big girl panties on and come to
memphis and play golf and have fun
Good info and tip on Millington speeding, Ed. My wife got two tickets within a week before we realized they were doing the camera thing now.
Thanks to the BOD for righting a mistake with the $10 fee for non PDGA members in the Advanced and Pro Open fields. If you have previously paid that fee through registration please contact Casey Cox, Eric Day or Adam Morrow. Those are the only board members i know or have spoken to.
We have reached an agreement with a host hotel for the Championships. It is the Quality Inn in Memphis. We are getting a $30 discount per night on rooms. For a double queen our price is $68.00 + tax.

They are holding all available rooms until August 15 at which point the will open up any unreserved rooms to the general public. This hotel is right off of 240 between Midtown and Downtown Memphis. It is 5 minutes from Overton and 5 minutes from Beale Street. All courses are within a 20 minute drive and there is easy access to the interstate. Complimentary breakfast and a outdoor pool. This is still Memphis, be smart about what you leave in your car. There is a full time security guard on site.

Here is the information: You must call to reserve your room and say you are with the Southern Nationals Championships

Quality Inn
42 S. Camila St
Memphis, TN 38103

Remember to book your room by August 15th
made out reservations this morning but double check that number i think that is a fax number. try this number for the hotel (901) 526-1050
Meeman Shelby Forest cabins (901)876-5215 $100 a nite 3 nite min call for details I think they are nice 3 cabins left.
pheonixsoul25 Wrote:
> made out reservations this morning but double
> check that number i think that is a fax number.
> try this number for the hotel (901) 526-1050

Thank you Chris, this is the correct number. The other is in fact the fax number.
Although the information may be buried in the 6 pages of USDGC posts, when and where is the players meeting?

Gary Wagoner
Gary, on the Disc Golf United website (where you go to sign up), it says check-in from 4-7 pm Friday at Overton Park. Player's Meeting @ 7:30 pm Friday at Overton Park.
Thanks, Thomas,

My sign-up procedure consisted of handing Johathan a check at Bud Hill.

Glad to see that you are signed up also, Gary. That makes at least 3 Senior Grand Masters. Sure would like for some more SGMs to join us!!!!
When will the PDGA web have the registration list up?
Re: 2014 SOUTHERN NATIONALS PRO AND AM CHAMPIONSHIPS-presented by Grass Roots Disc Golf
July 25, 2014 09:33AM
RTG Wrote:
> When will the PDGA web have the registration list
> up?

You can find a current list here on DGU []
Me and "Super" Joe Jacobson are signed up and ready for Memphiis. Which advanced master is next to sign up?
Thanks for yalls donation.

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