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Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th

Posted by Gary Wagoner 
Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
June 26, 2014 08:24PM
The Wall Doxey Fall Tournament is less that 3 months away. I like to get out ahead of the curve. Here are the particulars:


Name of Event: 2014 Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Disc Golf Tournament

Dates of Competition: Saturday September 13th & Sunday September 14th, 2014

Course Locations: Wall Doxey State Park 7 miles south of Holly Springs, MS

Tournament Director: Gary Wagoner, 1558 West Churchill Downs, Germantown, TN 38138 Phone: 901-756-0690 (evenings), 901-488-3121 (cell). Email:

Qualifiers: Southern National Pro, Am & Doubles Championships

Mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers: Wall Doxey State Park is a primitive area and mosquitoes are an aggravation and ticks are particularly bad. Everyone should bring insect repellant and apply it liberally to all exposed areas, belt lines, shoes and socks. You will be glad you did. Watch out for local perils such as copper heads and yellow jackets.

Park Regulations: Wall Doxey is a Mississippi State Park in a wet county. Discrete consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed. Smoking is not permitted in any of the park buildings. Visit the park web site for other rules and regulations.

Park Entry Fee: The $3/player reserves the disc golf course for the exclusive use of the tournament participants. It does not cover the standard park access fee of $3/car load. If you are staying in a cabin or campsite the park entry fee is included in your accommodation cost.

Sunday Doubles: There is a traditional doubles flip-up tournament Sunday afternoon. This event is not sanctioned nor a part of the formal tournament. Tee time and entry fee are dependent upon the whims of the assembled throng. Casual play will be allowed during this event since it is after the formal tournament.

Waiver of Liability: Everyone participating in the event must sign the waiver promising not to sue the TD, Gary Wagoner, or the Park no matter what calamity may befall them. Saturday evening the waiver will be checked against player registration. Anyone playing who had not signed the waiver will be disqualified. Believer it!


Divisions and Entry Fees:
Pro Open: $55
Pro Women: $45
Pro Men Master (age 40* & older): $45
Pro Women Master (age 40* & older): $45
Pro Men Grand Master (age 50* & older): $45
Pro Men Sr. Grand Master (age 60* & older): $45
Men Amateur Advanced: $40
Men Amateur Advanced Master (age 40* & older): $40
Men Amateur Master (age 40* & older): $35
Men Amateur: $35
Women Amateur: $35
Juniors & Novices: $25
*In order to qualify in an age protected division you must reach the threshold age in 2014

Payout Deductions: The following expenses will be deducted from the entry fees:
$3 for Wall Doxey State Park disc golf course reservation fee*
$2 for SNDG sanctioning*
Printing (fliers, scorecards, leader board cards, etc.)
Misc. expenses (pencils, baggies, sharpies, etc.)
CTP's & Ring of Fire merchandise
Players Packs (deducted from am fields only)
*Last year these fees were paid out of sponsorship money. The intent is to do the same this year but that will depend upon the amount of money raised.

Sponsorships: Hole sponsor is $25. Sponsorship money is generally encouraged and gratefully accepted and should be mailed to Gary Wagoner at the address indicated at the beginning of this post payable to Disc Golf Tournament. Sponsorships above $50 will receive a tournament disc.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Send check or money order to Gary Wagoner at the address indicated at the beginning of this post payable to Disc Golf Tournament. Please print legibly and include the following information with your registration:
Your Name (the name that will be sent to the SNDG with the results)
Your Division
The amount of your entry fee

On line registration will not be offered for this tournament.

Note: even if you have pre-registered you must still check in with the TD Friday evening or Saturday morning to fill out your leader board card, sign the Waiver of Liability and, if you wish to do so, enter the ace pot.

On Site Registration: Friday September 12th from 6:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. at camp site 24.

Late Registration: Saturday September 13th from, 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. at the canteen adjacent to the old swimming area. Due to the crush of people on Saturday morning please make an effort to register Friday evening at the latest. Please register with cash Friday and Saturday. Personal checks will not be accepted. If you have not registered with the TD, Gary Wagoner, by 9:00 a.m. you will not play.

Players Packs: Only the first 50 Amateur players registered will receive a players pack which will consist of, at a minimum, a custom artwork Discraft Buzzz or Surge tournament disc, a can coozy and a screen printed T-shirt donated from the Memphis River Arts Fest.


Lodging: The Park has various options for lodging:

Primitive camping (no water or electricity) $13/site
RV Camping (water and electricity) $18/site. Two tents are allowed per site.
There will be no bunkhouses available because a church group has reserved the group camp. The Park Manager will try to set a few bunkhouses aside for the tournament but we won't know if they are available until just before the event.

Cabins - They range from $75 to $85/nite plus tax. Call the park for rates and availability.

Motels - There are a number of Motels in the Holly Springs area. Google them for rates and room availability.


Players Meeting: The players meeting will begin in the canteen at exactly 9:15 a.m. Saturday. Attendance is mandatory. I would like to take a group photograph so please have the courtesy of showing up for it if you are going to play in the tournament.

Tee Times: Saturday tee off time will be exactly 10:00 a.m. Tee time that afternoon will be exactly 2:30 p.m. A horn will sound twice two minutes before tee time and once indicating the start of play.

Tee off Sunday will be exactly 9:00 a.m. There will be on players meeting before hand.

Tentative Order of Play:
All Pro and Am Advanced Divisions
1 Turkey Hollow
2 Spring Creek
Sunday - Turkey Hollow

All other divisions except for Juniors and Novices
1 Spring Creek
2 Turkey Hollow
Sunday - Spring Creek

Juniors and Novices will only play on Saturday
1 Spring Creek
2 Turkey Hollow

Final Six Skins minimum of $25/skin
Laid out around front of park
Lowest score of any pro division is eligible
Score will not count for the tournament order of finish

Ace Pots: There will be one $3 ace pot for each of the 2 pools ($3 total to enter, no Juniors or Novices). Participation is optional. The money will be divided evenly amongst the number of aces in each pool. If there are no aces there will be a throw-off after the awards ceremony.

Cash / Prizes: Pros will receive trophies and cash; Ams* will receive players packs, merchandize and trophies.
* Defined as anyone not playing in a pro division.

Payout Calculations: the payouts will be computed based on a set percentage of any finishing place to its predecessor. Second place will be a lesser percentage of first place, but all other percentages of subsequent places will remain constant per division. The allocation of sponsorship money will be weighted in accordance with the magnitude of the entry fees; that is, the higher the entry fee the greater the amount of sponsorship money.

Payout for all pro divisions will be 34%*
Payout for all am advanced divisions will be 41%*
Payout for all other am divisions will be 50%*
* The stated percentage is a threshold amount which must be satisfied in the payout. For example, if there were 12 players in a pro division then 5 places would be paid because 4 places would only compute to 33%.

Safari Six Skins: Immediately after the last scorecard is turned in the Safari Six Skins event will begin. The field will be the six players who have the six lowest scores in any pro division. If, for example, there is a 7 way tie for 6th place the TD reserves the right to pare down the field to preserve a reasonable duration for this event.

Awards Ceremony: The Awards Ceremony will be held at or about the canteen at the old swimming area immediately after the Safari Six Skins event.

Gary Wagoner
Tournament Director

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Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 07, 2014 05:54PM

Dg Guy - Disc GOlf Plaques & Awards
417-876-2197 House
417-296-6560 Cell

Know what you throw. . .
. . . throw what you know!
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 07, 2014 08:19PM
What you see immediately preceding this post is the design for the tournament disc. Thanks to my pal Bill McCarty for putting the graphic on the Forum because I really don't know how to do this.

The design is the thunder bird logo for the Boy Scout Camp Reservation near Hardy, Arkansas. I'm working on several projects with the Chickasaw Council and I asked them if they had any anniversaries this year and, as luck would have it, this year marks the 50th year that they moved the camp from the original site in Cherokee Village, AR. They were kind enough to let me feature their design on this year's tournament disc and plaques. I was on the camp staff for four of the funnest summers of my life so paying tribute to the camp has a special meaning for me. I think the design is way cool anyway.

The discs will be a full color Discraft Buzz. The first 50 ams to register will get one in their players pack. Each $100 sponsor will get one and the Chickasaw Council will get 10. Of course I will keep one and if there are any left over they will be for sale a some place other than Wall Doxey State Park property.

Gary Wagoner

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Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 28, 2014 05:49PM
I would like to thank Gephart Electric in Robinsonville for their $100 sponsorship. Gephart is the big dog in northern Mississippi as far as electrical contractors go. They worked on the FedEx Airbus Hangar, most of the Tunica Casinos and are wiring up on a sizable hospital addition not too far from my house. They are always an asset to any construction project.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 30, 2014 05:47PM
I want to thank all my friends at Wright Property Management for their $200 sponsorship. The folks at WPM take care of things at over 30 condominium complexes in Memphis and the surrounding area: lawn service, pest control, roof leaks, paving, security...that sort of thing. The condo owners take care of what's inside their 4 walls and WPM handles everything else. Their client list of satisfied condo owner's associations just keeps getting bigger.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 30, 2014 09:34PM
Good job, Gary!
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 31, 2014 06:09PM
Thanks, Thomas,

I began to TD this event in 2011. The club had disbanded, Lile was retiring, his replacement was not what you would call enthusiastic about disc golf and I hated to see the courses die on the vine. I am concerned that despite my best efforts it may be inevitable. I have gone back and pulled the data arranged by year, attendance, tournament value and pro open first place payout:

2007 - 38 - $895 - $183
2008 - 60 - $1,728 - $114
2009 - 54 - $1,988 - $226
2010 - 61 - $1,984 - $130
2011 - 82 - $4,279 - $497
2012 - 74 - $4,243 - $450
2013 - 51 - $5,467 - $438

Although I have nearly tripled the tournament value and payout the attendance has been in steady decline. If I can't reverse the trend this year I think I will give it up as a lost cause.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
July 31, 2014 07:58PM
I see it a little differently Gary. 2011 and 2012 were the best attended in recent history. Last year it rained buckets Friday night and likely hurt attendance. If you catch some decent weather this year, numbers will be back up. I know I'm looking forward to some camping!
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 01, 2014 03:18PM
I would like to thank 5 Star Plumbing for their $100 sponsorship. Every time someone asks me recommend a plumber this is who I tell them to call. Not once has anyone come back and said they were less than satisfied. To the contrary, everyone tells me what a great job they did. If you need a good plumber call Billy Ciarloni, Mr. 5 Star himself, at 901-734-0915.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 04, 2014 05:40PM
I would like the thank the Bank of Holly Springs for their $250 sponsorship. That's the bank right there at the entry to the Walmart. This is the 4th year they have supported the Rumble in the Jungle. They are all about people getting out for some exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. They also make car loans if you don't want to walk everywhere you go.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 06, 2014 06:55PM
I would like to thank A.W. Parker, PC for their $100 sponsorship. Wes Parker does taxes. He is really good at it and quite reasonable in his fees. Wes is also an Enrolled Agent. You have seen these commercials where companies can negotiate and work out a reduced tax liability and payment plan with the IRS if you owe $10,000 or more; it takes an Enrolled Agent to make that happen. So whether you need to file a simple 1040 or Uncle Sam is threatening to seize your bank account Wes might be able to solve your problems. Give him a call at 901-794-3528. My wife will answer the phone.

Gary Wagoner

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Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 08, 2014 05:52PM
I would like to thank Chad Stewart Associates for their $100 sponsorship. Chad and his folks are structural engineers that work on a wide variety of projects. We are working on one together right now which is a new Dining Hall that seats 550 at the Kia Kima Scout Reservation near Hardy, Arkansas. That is how the tournament disc design ties into all of this. Chad has a way of taking a fresh approach to engineering challenges by asking not just how to solve the problem, but how to solve it in a more creative and economical way.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 11, 2014 06:05PM
I would like to thank American Electrical Contractors for their $100 sponsorship. American Electric is one of the big dogs in west Tennessee and among the preferred contractors for a certain package handling company headquartered in Memphis. Some of their best work is never seen and they know it will never be seen: in trenches, above ceilings, behind chase walls and yet their conduit runs are flawless in radii, spacing and organization. Their pride in craftsmanship results in a project where problems with the electrical work simply do not exist.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 13, 2014 05:17PM
I would like to thank A2H for their $100 sponsorship. Formerly known as Askew Hargraves Harcourt this professional design firm has everything under one roof: Architecture; Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Civil Engineering; as well as Land Surveying and Landscape Architecture. They are very highly regarded and do excellent work. One of their recent projects was converting the old Union Avenue Post Office into a medical clinic...a remarkable transformation.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 15, 2014 06:46PM
I would like to thank Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Tunica, MS for their special sponsorship. I had asked them for a buffet for two and a night in the hotel. I got the hotel room all right but they did not come across with the buffet for two. Instead Sam's Town included a $100 gift certificate to their fine dining steakhouse, Twains. I have eaten there on rare occasions and the food is incredible. This bonus will be awarded to the winner of the Pro Open Division in addition to the purse.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 17, 2014 06:59PM
Wait till the geezers here about this one, Gary! Lol

Awesome sponsorship list you got goin!

Only prob I see is that you could very well have an open champ under 21. Throw the old dogs a bone maybe?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/17/2014 07:00PM by ThomasD.
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 18, 2014 03:00PM
Yes, Thomas, there is some small print associated with the gift from Sam's Town. Being over 21 years of age is a requirement. Here is Plan B:

In the event that the Pro Open winner is under 21 years of age as of September 29th, 2014, the certificate from Sam's Town will be awarded to the winner of the Men's Pro Masters Division.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 18, 2014 03:01PM
He included all pro divisions eligible for skins. What else you want? A USDGC spot? LOL.
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 18, 2014 04:01PM
I would not want anyone to claim that they did not have an opportunity to read the waiver that they will be required to sign to play in this tournament. I am posting it so that it may be read and carefully considered but if you do not sign it you do not participate.

Waiver of Liability

In consideration of being given the opportunity to participate the Wall Doxey State Park Rumble in the Jungle Disc Golf Tournament, held on the 13th & 14th days of September, 2014, the undersigned:

1. ACKNOWLEDGE, agree and represent that I understand the nature Disc Golf Competition (Activity), and that I am qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in this Activity.

2. FULLY UNDERSTAND that: (a) DISC GOLF CAN INVOLVE RISKS AND DANGERS of serious bodily injury, including permanent disability, paralysis or death (Risks), (b) these Risks and dangers may be caused by my own actions or inaction's, the actions or inaction's of others participating in or managing the Activity, the environment in which the Activity takes place, or the negligence of the Releases named below, (c) there may be other risks and social and economic losses either not known to me or not readily foreseeable at this time, and I FULLY ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURY, LOSSES, COSTS, AND DAMAGES I may incur as a result of my participation in the Activity including, but not limited to the adverse affects of weather, falling limbs, thorns, briars, uneven surfaces, potholes, precipitous terrain, deteriorating foot bridges or steps, flying discs, people, vehicles, chiggers, wasps, mosquitoes, ticks, venomous serpents, arachnids and animals (whether domesticated or feral).

3. AGREE AND WARRANT: that I will examine and inspect each aspect of the Activity in which I take part as a participant of the Activity and that, if I observe any condition which I consider to be unacceptably hazardous, harmful or dangerous, I will immediately notify the proper authority in charge of the Activity and will refuse to take part in the Activity until the condition has been corrected to my satisfaction.

4. HEREBY RELEASE: discharge, and covenant not to sue Gary R. Wagoner, the tournament director, his assistants, agents, helpers, volunteers and other participating organizers, sponsors or advertisers, Wall Doxey State Park, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, its directors, employees or agents (individually and severally considered one of the Releases herein) from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages on my account caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Releases or otherwise, including negligent rescue operation; and I further agree that if despite this release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement, if anyone on my behalf makes a claim against any of the Releases. I WILL INDEMNIFY, SAVE, AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releases from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost which may incur as a result of such claim.

I have read this agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and have signed it freely and without any inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid, the balance, notwithstanding, shall continue in full force and effect.

1___________________________ _________________________________
Printed Name Signature

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Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 18, 2014 07:40PM
I would like to thank Wright Construction for their $100 sponsorship. The Wright guys are the right guys when it comes to concrete. They are the Fermi of flat work and the Paganini of placement. They can make it washed, brushed, broomed or smooth as a babys behind. On grade or overhead, whether you need a new driveway or a parking garage give them a call at 901-375-9212.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 20, 2014 07:56AM
I would like to thank Magnolia Bluffs Casino for their $100 sponsorship. This gaming facility is located in Natchez, MS down at the bottom of the bluff and actually hangs out over the river when the water is high. It has something unique to casinos: windows. The riverside wall is mostly glass and offers an unparalleled view of Old Man River. The food and beverage director is world class so the buffet and fine dining fare reflect his skills. If you are ever in Natchez check out Magnolia Bluffs Casino.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 22, 2014 05:49PM
I would like to thank my dentist, Mark E. Wiygul, D.D.S., for his $100 sponsorship. I began going to his father, James Wiygul, over forty years ago. Dr. Mark is every bit as good a practitioner as his dad although not as tall. I am not alone in that opinion either; he was recently listed by Memphis Magazine as one of the top ten dentists in Memphis. He has also providing travel toothbrushes for the players packs. Feeling down in the mouth? Give Dr. Mark a call at 901-683-7771, he will have you smiling again.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 25, 2014 07:31PM
I would like to thank Design Specialties, Inc. for their $100 sponsorship. Design Specialties is a small general contractor that can do all manner of projects. They do anything from tenant fit out to ground up construction. They did a lot of work at the Memphis International Airport and helped me build the addition and renovation to the Helena Chemical Field Office and research Facility at the Shelby Farms. If you have a project anywhere from $50K to $5,000K give them a call at 901-382-8380.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 27, 2014 06:53PM
I would like to thank CM Plus, Inc. for their $100 sponsorship. This is my company. We provide a wide variety of Construction Management services including conceptual estimating, scheduling, construction administration, and general problem solving. Our projects have included casinos, hotels restaurants, schools, data centers, material handling facilities and disaster recovery work.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
August 29, 2014 06:49PM
I would like to thank Mario Lara for his $100 sponsorship. Mario owns Wright Property Management that I acknowledged earlier. He and I both worked for Holiday Inns, Inc. in the past. Our paths crossed many times but we never met during those years. I greatly appreciate his support not only in my business but for this tournament as well.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
September 01, 2014 07:39PM
This event is gonna be a blast can't wait Gary is a super TD one of the best
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
September 02, 2014 11:52AM
I would like to have a work day at Wall Doxey Saturday September 6th, 2014. I have removed the tree across the fairway at the fence on the front course and the one at 45 degrees across the fairway on the back course. The only thing that must be done is widening the side growth on the fairways of holes number 1 & 18 on the front. This would require a pole lopper (I will bring that). About 1/4 of the fairways need some weed eating. If 3 or 4 folks show up with weed eaters the work can be knocked out in a few hours.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
September 02, 2014 12:06PM
BUNKHOUSES WILL BE AVAILABLE. Great news: at least 3, possibly 4, bunkhouses will be available. It will cost $7.50 per night per person. There will be another group in the remaining bunkhouses so I am asking everyone that stays there to be considerate of their neighbors. The Park does not usually split up the bunkhouse rental between groups so they are doing this a a favor to the disc golfers. Everyone that stays in the bunkhouses must register with the park office and pay their fee. If you arrive after the office closes then be sure to settle up the next morning for the total number of nights stayed. No smoking is permitted in any Park buildings.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
September 02, 2014 06:32PM
I would like to thank Robert McDonald for his $85 sponsorship. He, Danny Daniels and I comprised the whole of the Pro Men Senior Grand Masters Division in the SNDG Championship. We are all good friends, evenly matched but only one of us would cash. We agreed on the first T-box to divide the payout into 4 shares with first place getting two shares and the other two getting one share each. I called Robert this morning saying that I had a check for him for $87.25 but I needed his mailing address. Robert told me to put it in the Wall Doxey tournament and he would give me $2.75 the next time he saw me. What a classy guy!

Gary Wagoner
Re: Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Sept. 13th & 14th
September 03, 2014 08:24PM
The amateur players pack will have a fair market value of $39.
Discraft ESP Buzzz Tournament Disc - $20
Delta Arts T Shirt - $10
Discraft Full Color Mini - $5
Travel Toothbrush - $1.50
Cadence Bank Coozie - $1
AW Parker Coozie - $1
Discraft Decal - $0.50

Gary Wagoner
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