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Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night

Posted by jcrawfish78 
Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
August 20, 2014 10:34AM
PARKED IN THE DARK II: Flight in the Night

Tournament Director: Johnny Crosby (

Date: Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Location: City Park NO TEAM Disc Golf Club proudly presents the Second Annual Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night. The event will be held at the City Park Disc Golf Course in New Orleans Louisiana under the night sky and majestic oaks. This year's event will be 2 rounds and an SNDG sanctioned event. There will also be a fantastic Auction and Raffle including Saints Tickets, Pelican Tickets, a Discatcher Sport Basket, a WAKA kickball registration, Dry Fit shirts, tons of discs and plenty more! There will be an Ace Pot for those interested. There will be a Ring of Fire between rounds and possibly a Skittles competition. With this being a night tournament (second round), the course will be lit up with plenty of LEDs, glow sticks and black lights. The baskets will be lit up as well. So long as your light stays on your disc, you should have no problems finding anything. Invite your friends even if they are new to the sport. This will be a party in the park like no other!

Entry Fee:

All Amateur Divisions $42 (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Masters, Women)

All Pro Divisions $52 (Open, Masters, Women)

Tournament will be capped at 100 players.


Paypal to (Please add $2 per entry for Paypal fees)

Mail check or money order to:

Johnny Crosby
401 Rue St. Ann
Metairie, LA 70005


1:00pm Registration closes
1:30pm Player's Meeting
2:00pm First Round Tee Off
5:30pm Second Round Tee Off

Player's Pack:

1 Custom Stamped Disc, 2 LED Disc Lights (Amateur Divisions only)

Free beer will also be provided until the keg runs out. Dinner will be provided after the first round free of charge to all competitors and volunteers. There will also be a few "Taping Stations" to adhere the LEDs to the discs at tournament central as well as a few other locations on the course in case they fall off. Volunteers will be there to assist you in this. Additional LED lights will be available for $2 each.

Hole Sponsorship:

$30 Your name or business will be printed on a sign at your hole being sponsored. Includes one custom stamped disc. (20 hole sponsorships available)


Johnny Crosby

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Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
October 01, 2014 04:20PM
First 10 sign ups for Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night will receive one additional disc light. All registrations before 11:59pm on 10/17 will be entered into a free raffle for discs and other prizes! See tournament info for registration details!
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 11, 2014 03:23PM
We tested a hole at the City Park course on Saturday (11/8) for the tournament. I promise you have never seen the course look like this before! The layout called for about 2,000 glow we're using 3,000! This is going to be one to remember! Also, if what City Park is telling us is true (it isn't always), the course is being moved to the new location just days after this event. So this will probably be the last tournament at the current location! Time to register!
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 11, 2014 04:54PM
Mr. Crawfish, would it be "threatening" if I asked you what kind of cool prizes you are awarding to the best players at this groundbreaking event?

I bet since this tournament is in New Orleans it's gonna be splendid. Hope I didn't scare anyone.
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 11, 2014 05:15PM
Why yes you may, Mr. Bluff Magee! I'm sure you read the "tournament details" at the top, but I'll be happy to say it again for those who didn't read it.

First off, 3,000 glow sticks to decorate the beautiful course we have there at City Park - that's enough to give you retina damage if you're not careful out there.

Prizes you asked? There will be plenty! All Ams get a tournament stamped disc and 2 LED lights to adhere to your discs for the night round. More lights will be available to purchase. My very own momma, who is a wonderful cook by the way, is helping out with the grub; so your belly should be nice and full for the night round. Oh, and free beer if you're over 21! We'll be giving away a combination of discs, LED lights, T-shirts, DISCarrier bags and plenty more to all our division winners! But the payouts don't stop there, oh no indeed! Did you know last year's event had a 158% payout? Not a typo! Feel free to ask any of last year's attendants about the payouts too. We like to let our past results speak for themselves! This year we're going to top 150% again! If you think that's because us here in New Orleans are crazy, you may not be wrong! Can we get crazier? Oh yes we can! If we top 72 players for the event, we are giving away a DISCatcher Sport. Just giving it away to one of the players via raffle. Silliness, I know. Otherwise, we'll just raffle it off with the rest of the cool swag. Between rounds we'll have FREE, yes FREE, side games for you to win more free stuff. Discs, LEDs, shirts and maybe even Kernan's car! So come on out to City Park on November 22nd. You don't want to miss this!!!!

You catch that loud and clear there, Bluff?

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Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 11, 2014 05:46PM
Free Beer? That's all you had to say!
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 17, 2014 02:43PM
Hmmmmmmm..... Love this idea...... Mmmmmmmmmm
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 18, 2014 01:49PM
Someone asked, so I'll post for all for clarity.

Pro Divisions will be at least 100% ALL CASH payouts. I'll try to splash the pot the best I can, but I won't know until game day as to what that extra amount will be. I'll will go ahead and say that $100 at the minimum will go to Open from my own pocket.
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 21, 2014 12:05PM
One more day until the tournament! Looks like the threat of rain has been pushed back to early Sunday morning, so I think we should be pretty good during the tournament!
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 21, 2014 01:50PM
What's the forecast temperature on the beer?
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 21, 2014 07:10PM
ICE COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 24, 2014 11:10AM
Thanks to everyone that attended Parked in the Dark II. I had a great time, and I truly hope everyone that attended did as well. I'll post the scores and payouts sometime tomorrow (Tuesday). Had a very busy weekend, and the Who Dats play tonight!!! I'd love to hear feedback on the event (both positive and negative), so we can try to out do ourselves again next year. There are tons of people I'd like to thank for the event (and will); but for now I'd really like to point out my two MVPs, Joe Burback and Andrew Crosby, for really stepping when I needed it. Things wouldn't have worked out as well as they did if those 2 guys weren't out there. A lot of people may not notice the little things getting done, but I can't thank y'all enough for the help. It didn't go unnoticed, and I really appreciate it!

All that said, I told y'all my mom's cooking is the best! How about that food?!?!?!?!?
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 24, 2014 12:57PM
Great tourney, Johnny. It was exceptionally well run and a ton of fun. The food was fantastic, the wind was windy and the rain held off. I am not the biggest fan of golfing in the dark, but the lights put out by you and your able crew and the ambient light from downtown and the stadium lights made getting around the course quite easy.

Congrats to JaVo on his open win and to Mikey for his Masters victory! Congrats to all the winners and participants!
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 25, 2014 09:45AM
On the positive side, the beer was quite refreshing. The raffle and auction provided much value. The food was delicious.

On the other side, perhaps the time of the tournament could be improved, by having the lights set up earlier.
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 25, 2014 12:41PM
Noted. Thanks Mike. By the way, go ahead and add Kernan and Jason Volo to my "Thanks for stepping up and helping out list". Not having to worry about scores coming in was great, and J Vo was the last one out there with me helping me load up the car. Scores and results will be posted by tomorrow.
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
November 30, 2014 04:54PM
jcrawfish78 Wrote:
Scores and results will be posted by
> tomorrow.

More than a week later and no results? That's not up to NO Team standards :(
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
December 02, 2014 10:14AM

Number of Players: 31
Event Value: $1,730
Payout %: 132.1%
Player Pack Value (Am only): $20
Dinner: $5
Side game value: $150
Pro buy in (7): $50 ($350)
Am buy in (24): $40 ($960)
Total buy in: $1310

Pro Open (4):

Jason Volo 47 50 97 $140
Bear Faulkner 52 47 99 $90
Logan Weiss 49 52 101 $5
JP Glisson 62 54 116 $5

Pro Masters (3):

Mike Kernan 44 52 96 $115
Rob Williams 50 51 101 $55
Kevin Weiss 51 56 107 $5

Am Advanced (4):

Ethan Warren 48 50 98 $75
Drew Larsen 48 52 100 $50
Cody Riser 53 53 106 $40
Joey Scales 58 50 108 $25

Am Intermediate (9):

George Jones 48 60 108 $115
Sean Fitzwilliam 53 58 111 $85
Don Mills 57 55 112 $55
Aaron Martin 59 56 115 $45
Tim McKay 51 64 115 $45
Jeremiah Unkel 56 61 117 $25
Josh Hood 56 62 118 $25
Thomas Steiner 58 62 120 $25
Bill Miller 60 61 121 $25

Novice (4):

Austin Ritchey 59 55 114 $75
Matt Hritz 60 55 115 $50
Josh Nuss 83 77 160 $40
Josh Harris 56 126 182 $25

Am Masters (2):

Beau Seifert 53 53 106 $55
Steve Prieto 54 60 114 $40

Am Grand Masters (3):

Paul Vogel 55 55 110 $70
Brent Meredith 55 57 112 $50
Dave Williamson 58 61 119 $25

Am Women (1):

Brittany Hritz 81 81 162 $50


Atreyu Upshaw 74 75 149 $50
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
December 02, 2014 10:26AM
Sorry for the delay on the scores! Birthday/Saints game/Thanksgiving in Pensacola/8 rounds at Gulf Breeze in 53 hours/general procrastination are to blame. I hope everyone had a great time as I surely did. Thanks for all the birthday wishes on my 18 down (36th) birthday! With the way things look with the park, next year's tournament should be held at the new course. The new location is SO MUCH darker at night than the current location which should make for a much better glow effect. I'm looking into permanent, year-round options to make the course baskets lit every single night of the year. I think it's reasonable to think this will be in place for next years tournament as well. I've had a blast running this tournament the last 2 years, and I really think next year's Parked in the Dark is going to be insane! Thanks to all the participants! Oh, and for anyone who ever thinks about not putting in for the ace pot, be warned: Novice winner Austin Ritchey DID NOT put in for the ace pot and hit his first ever ace in the tournament. To add to the coolness of his first ever ace was that it came during the night round (Hole #7 - Old hole #15 for those not familiar with the new lay out yet)! See y'all next year for Parked in the Dark III:?????????????????????????.
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
December 02, 2014 10:30AM
It might be hard to notice this with Parked in the Dark only being held for 2 years now, but the annual tournament will have a new theme name, catch phrase or whatever you want to call it each year. Please post any suggestions you may have for future year's tournaments as the names are proving tough to come up with. Last 2 year's are as follows:

Parked in the Dark I: The Glow Throw in N.O. (2013)
Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night (2014)
Parked in the Dark III: ????????????????? (2015)
Re: Parked in the Dark II: Flight in the Night
December 10, 2014 10:12AM
Results have been posted to the site. Please let me know if any corrections need to be made. Thanks!

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