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2014 Pot of Gold, Louisiana's largest tournament! Saturday March 15: a PDGA C-tier and Vibram Maple Hill Open Qualifier in Metairie LA

Posted by Bluff Magee 
NO Team would like to thank HOOTERS for its continuing support of disc golf and especially here in New Orleans!

Thank you HOOTERS for your generous sponsorship of the 2014 Pot of Gold.

This dungeon is getting scary...BOO !

Those Hooters girls, they always scare away the SN disc golfers don't they? Do they not compare with farm animals maybe? Just kidding , just kidding, no need to ban me again for a little joke.

Don't be afraid boys, thems Hooters gals won't bite ya. Also, don't be afraid to sign up today for the 2014 Pot of Gold. Just because the SN put us in the dungeon doesn't mean this tournament won't still be the biggest and the best in Louisiana! Don't get left behind when the bus pulls away, this one will be just as good as the years before. All the best players will be there playing for a title while enjoying the food, music, friends and fun from the NO Team gang. See you there on March 15.
Baton Rouge will see you there

Looking forward to seeing all the crazy ass players there

A few notes on the 2014 Pot of Gold:

You do not have to be a PDGA member to play and there is NOT a $10 fee if you are not a PDGA member, since we are running this event as a PDGA Charity Event.

Since the 2014 Pot of Gold is a charity event, your sponsorship or your entry fee is 100% tax-deductible. Send me a PM or email ( if you have any questions about that or if you'd like more information.

Tee-sign sponsorships are still available and they are $45 which gets you on a tee sign and your choice of either a 2014 PoG dri-fit shirt (choice of either green or black), or you can get a 2014 PoG disc. Available models are Star Destroyer, Star Roadrunner, Champion Glow Boss, Champion Glow Tern, Champion Glow Firebird, Metal Flake Aviar, Metal Flake Tern, Pro Yeti, KC Pro Roc, or Atlas.

If you are interested in qualifying for the 2014 Maple Hill Vibram Open at the PoG, you will need to add $10 to your registration, and you don't have to play Open to be eligible. Eligible divisions to qualify are Open, Pro Masters, Pro Grnadmasters, Pro Ladies, and Advanced Am.

For more information check our Facebook page at:

Here's a couple of reminders---

There is no late registration available this play in the 2014 Pot of Gold you must pre-register by Friday night March 14 at 11:59 PM! The field is capped at 180 this year and we have more pre-registered players now than at this time last year when we had 185 players, so this event is probably going to sell out sometime soon. In other words don't dilly dally around.

Anyone in Open, Pro Ladies, Pro Masters, Grandmasters, or Advanced Am that wishes to play for one of three invitations to the 2014 Maple Hill Vibram Open NT Championship, please add $10 to your entry fee! So far only Jamie Massengale and myself are eligible for these spots!

Paypal is available.... please add $2 to cover outrageous Paypal fees.

Still time to mail a check this week to: 558 Apple Street, Norco LA 70079. Make checks out to New Orleans Disc Golf Club or Michael Kernan.

Or sign up with Joe B at City Park most afternoons!

Ladies, there is only one lady signed up. If y'all want me to order a ladies-only Porta-Potty please sign up this week.
You can see who is signed up at the PDGA Pot of Gold page:


It is updated at least once a night.
So here we are again, in the SN forum dungeon. Let's explore this dungeon a little further, shall we?

Getting a little crowded in the SN dungeon with all these players signing up for the Pot of Gold...we're halfway to our 180 player limit.

I'd like to take a minute to thank a few of our tee-sign sponsors:

Friends of Blue Angel Park (KC/Smoothie and the original Kansas Street krewe)
The Outdoor Exchange
Tower Lighting Inc.
Meyer Engineers
Crescent Business Machines
Dr. D.M. Ostrick OD
Dr. Melanie Andrews DDS
J & L Mayer Services
Bowen Jewelers

NO Team can't thank y'all enough for the support! We are truly grateful for everyone who is helping put together or supporting the 2014 Pot of Gold. It's going to be something...yep, something alright. Only a week away.
Matt wins open.Bern wins masters if Daryl doesnt play.and Doug takes the old men to school. Anyone think different? If so. Pony up some cash.

Good luck to all this weekend....and Bernie wins Open...not Masters.
Recap of my First POG experience: started off the morning being chased by a Rooster! Which was hilarious. He was serious though. I played round one with some great players! Matt O. Bernie Akeem John Fowler and I shot a -12 one stroke off Matty O who shot -13. I had a great FREE lunch! Loved that. Played round 2 and shot +1 while getting destroyed by Barrett who shot the winning -8 for his first POG victory. Watch out for that kid! In the end I drove back to Little Rock getting home at 3am feeling satisfied! I want to thank NOTEAM for their hard work and hospitality. Mike Kernan for his hard work organizing such a big event. Mikes wife for her support and cobbler! I was able to put a face to a lot of names this weekend as it was my second event play in LA. Hopefully I can come back next year and do it all over again. Thanks -Doug
whover stole my blizzard wraith off the fairway - i hope you boagie every hole you play from now to eternity!

Good job NOTeam. Pot-O-Gold continues to set the standard.
Coming from you that means a lot Jacques!

Didn't hear any complaints this year and things ran so smooth that even with a 2 hour lunch the awards were wrapped up by 6. Maybe the lack of diehard SN rif-raff did the trick?
Bluff Magee Wrote:
> Maybe the lack of
> diehard SN rif-raff did the trick?

What individuals in which you are referring weren't there?

Casey Cox
"If you aint first, you're last." -- Ricky Bobby's daddy

2007-2008 SN Amateur Player of the Year
SN advanced single season points record holder - 466 (2007-2008)
SN advanced single season wins record holder - 16 (2007-2008)
SN advanced single season score record holder - 53.40 (2007-2008)
So, the die hard SN players are now "rif-raff" ?
The wheels on the bus go round n round! Lol
Thanks for not making an appearance Robert. If you can't understand what I posted I'm glad we didn't have to waste time explaining how a tournament works to you.
Glad I didn.t come! Great food doesn't make up for a WEAK payout.
Congrats to the picks were WRONG but I didn.t lose a dime.

How is that weak payout oh dooshnozzle? 41 pros x $52 entry = $2132. Pro payout = $2960, plus plaques & free lunch, a good lunch at that---not like that can of chef boyardee your old lady spoons into your decrepid old pie hole at redneck SN feeding time.

Another PoG title that you can't ever seem to win B-hole, because you can't compete outside of the Bogue.

Funny how only doosh bags who weren't there have anything bad to say.
Mission accomplished!!! Your a frigin postal worker.What do you know about good pay? Back in the day I thought open won $1000 in gold coins But oh...Thats when steve ran it.

You're awefully high this morning on that crystal meth aren't you?

Don't bother doing any research before running your mouth...if you had you'd be singing a different hillbilly tune. The only mission you ever accomplish is the morning run to the mailbox to get your welfare check and then your trip to the corner store for that bottle of malt liquor that's stuck to what's left of your hand all day. Guess your knowledge of payouts is about as good as your skills keeping all your appendages attached to your body.
Nice rant. Made me giggle.Yea .got a fresh rock...may need to borrow your pipe though. Am I wrong about the grand at past events? Have you ever met Mac? He.s one cool ole codger.respect your elders SON!.Do they not teach that in the chocolate city.s schools? Go fix your perm the curls are falling out..Peace.

The last $1000+ first place award was to Eric the 2005 Mardi Gras Madness, which I was the TD of.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/19/2014 04:03PM by Bluff Magee.
Mike Kernan! TD of the week! Watch out! Congrats Mike. Really enjoyed the event. That skittles competition was neat to see.
Ha ha Jamie when I saw you post that on FB I thought you were joking like I wasn't good enough to be TD of the year, just good enough for the week. I had no idea that came from Youtube. Thanks for the link that was amusing.

Doug we borrowed the Skittles from another awesome one-day gulf coast tournament, the Southside Smackdown.

Can you please post a few details on how it works. Players paid (x amount) of $$$ to get how many throws? How many qualified for finals? How many throws were allowed in the finals? Finally: how do you pay out?

I would appreciate that information!
.Ok.I was wrong about the $1000.(sorry)But everthing else i typed was SPOT ON. How much did u being td of the week cost ?

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