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follow thru

Posted by points police 
points police
follow thru
June 30, 2001 12:09PM
I know of quite a few players that were not awarded the points they earned last season and some did not receive the disc with their name on it when they should have-- because the points were not turned in by the TD's. It appears the same problem exists this season. SN should require the TD's to submit the results of events in this forum. That would help solve the problem. Are these the events (same 14 events as last year?) that did not get the information in to SN for the points? Get your points early-- or you will not get them at all? Does this seem fair to those who attend (mostly) the events that occur later in the season? Nope.

Mardi Gras Madness

Shepard Open

April Fools Tournament

Tombigbee April Fools Tourney

Blue Angel Classic

Greenwood Open

Wall Doxey Open

Buccaneer Classic

Boomtown Classic

Bud Hill

Lakefront Open

Arkansas State Championships

Highland Road Park

Cintronelle Open
RE: follow thru
July 02, 2001 09:47PM
many people compete in tournaments for the fun of it...

winning plastic, wood or earning points is just icing on the cake.

RE: follow thru
July 06, 2001 10:58AM
yea but do you just eat the cake and leave the icing, i like many other players who like the competivness,sorry bad spelling , were not given the points they earned.. Is it fair? No, I think if a TD does not turn in points for a tournament that he should no longer be a TD, otherwise what good is the sn points if everyone doesnt get the points theyve earned,,, thanx form someone just off of 1st place in Amas...
RE: follow thru
July 08, 2001 11:48AM
i wish it was so easy ,we try to get all the stuff done right ,here a few things that would help alot,#1 players write the name they want to go by ,#2 write it so we can read it, check with your local td and see if he has turned them in.if you do not see your tournment posted within 30 days check with your td. posting pionts take along time to do,it easier to do 3-4 events at a time.we are holding off this year tilwe get them all in if possile.#3 when you do see a mistake let us know by email,that helps more than anything .#4 try to understand this is new to us and we are learning as we go ,the s.n. have grew alot faster than i thought it would .we are now paying someone to handle this for us this year.if you are someone you know needs that disc please tell jim and he will do what is right ,jim
RE: follow thru
July 17, 2001 12:06PM
Jim, if I am not mistaken you owe me seven discs, three golf bags, a thousand Sky Bucks, a Winnebago, and your firstborn child. (I'll settle for Matthew since he can teach me how to throw.)
Seriously, some of us have been around since the start of the Southern National series and we know how much better our tournament experiences are now than they used to be. Everyone needs to understand that this is essentially a grass roots organization that will have unavoidable growing pains. Just ask Becky Powell how easy it was when she was the PDGA's only paid employee and she had to keep it all together.
I urge people to remember this when they get ready for a big tournament. While you play round after round to prepare, someone else is working to make the event happen and often these people are volunteers. Step back and take a look at Mike Preston the next time you tourney in Mobile. It is this sort of volunteer spirit that promotes our sport, rather than a handful of points at the end of a season. If you don't like something, then shoulder part of the burden and make it better for everyone.

If it's green, let it grow.
Don't trash Dixie.

See ya when I heal.

RE: follow thru
August 05, 2001 12:40PM
I can assure you that my tournaments have been turned in, but like Jim says he will post several tournaments at once, but if you would like to know your points from my tournaments just give me a call. My number is on every flier sent out and also on the internet.
Ronnie Cook
RE: follow thru
August 08, 2001 12:19AM
I don't think that the complaining person was referring to the timing of the posting of points but rather the omission of certain tournaments from the final standings. If this is true, the fault lies in the individual tournament directors and not the tour director. For those of you who claim to think that the whole thing is no big deal and points don't really matter, why are you competing in an organized tournament series complete with points and rankings? Before awards are given out at the Southern National Championships, verification of the final standings in each division should take place.
RE: follow thru
August 25, 2001 06:09PM
i think all of you are right . i hope this year things will get better . things that could help with your points problem is to turn the right name in .if you have a name that can be took in a differnt spelling that will throw things off ,also do not use nick names one tournament and your real name the next tournament .do not wait til the last minute to let us know that there is a problem.this happen alot ,i know of only one tournament that did not get turned in .some times we have given you your points but forgot to add a tournament played.i would rather you speak up and add a suggestion how you would fix the problem. your ideals are also wanted. right now there is no charge to my work in keeping this going ,we have added mike brown to work with these problems. keep the email coming .i would love to see the sn become the largest event in the us. we can do it together but not alone.thanks as always jim
RE: follow thru
August 27, 2001 09:19PM
hmmm. i think it is you that we owe the thanks to, Jim0 (and all the TD's that volunteer countless hours)
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