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Novice entry fees

Posted by JG 
Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 08:03PM
I would like for someone to justify the novice entry fees. I read where everyone would like to see more folks at tounaments. I see where there are 1 to 3 women. NO juniors at all these tournaments. I take 2 new players to a tounament a 42 female and 12 female. We drive 150 miles. Pay $20 to enter. The local novice dont show. Why is that? You take money from who knows where to get some "name" to play and take the money. I dont get it.

By the way they loved it. They liked the nice folks. The competiion. But they would not have done it on there own. Its just not set up for new folks to feel comfy at these tounaments. Whats the answer, dont ask me.

Please dont say well we gave them a shirt and disc,that adds up to $20. Most folks have clothing. The disc were not what.... well enough said on that. They played because they like the people and the sport. They enjoy meeting new folks on a nice saturday afternoon.

Thanks to Kevin Pelton for giving disc to the new players. after the tournament. Thats the kind of thing we need more of.

Re: Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 09:18PM
If your refering to the tournament at Texarkana, Tx. It was not a SN tournament. Their local club put it on and they did a number of things you don't see at other tourny's, such as not regrouping players according to score in the 2nd round. I talked to Tim Walker. their best local player and one of the clubs leaders, about some of the things they did and he was very interested about hosting a SN qualifier next year.
Re: Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 09:27PM
Re: Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 09:30PM
spoken like a true pro. I was thinking you might suggest that some of the Ben Robbie winnings be donated to the novice fund.
Re: Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 09:34PM
Oh ok, so what is the entry fee for Sn tounaments, novice division.
Re: Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 09:43PM
The youth and womens divisions in SN are, shall we say,,,umm not so populated. Is it like deer hunting and football. Leave the wife and kids at home.
Re: Novice entry fees
October 24, 2002 10:15PM
In Lafayette, we have charged fifteen dollars for novice players. They get a choice between two discs or a small bag. If you dont like the plastic that you get, you may exchange it. The first year we did this we had over forty novice players entered. The numbers have dropped off in recent years because those players have moved up into the higher divisions. We do still get about 20 novice entrees per tournament, however. Also, it should be obvious why there aren't many "local novice" players. Most people have a little more confidence in themselves than to enter as a novice on their own home course.

The shirts (which are free to all players who sign up, while they last) are actually very popular, so it seems as though others do not share your opinion.

The "who knows where" that you mention regarding the money that is put into the pro pools comes from a source known as "sponsorship" as well as from the combined pro entry fees. It isn't done to attract "some name" as you suggest but rather to attract as many players as possible to the tournament. Actually, if a famous player were to show up at a tournament, it would probably attract more am and novice players as player/spectators. You should actually be in favor of that idea instead of condemning it.

You also mention that new players aren't made to feel comfortable at tournaments. Why? In what way? If you could list some specific things that you feel made people uncomfortable, I'm sure that SN would be more than willing to work on these things.

Finally, sweetening the pot in the lower divisions is tricky. Historically, it has encouraged sandbagging. Higher payouts in higher divisions eliminates this, making it desirable to move up. You are right when you say that new faces are needed, and perhaps lowering the novice entry fees is the answer. Bear in mind, however, that doing this will also lower the overall payout in the division. What you give is what you get.
Re: Novice entry fees
October 25, 2002 01:24PM
I don't agree that one should leave their wife and kids at home to go to a tourney. This is and can be a family sport. The Robicheaux family from Laff is a perfect example. they enjoy the competition and the comrodery of the sport (especially the SNDG tour) and we as TD's need to be more focused in making the tourneys more enjoyable for all. The novice entry fee should never be over 17.00, and that is just to cover the cost of their prize packet. See around here we give the Nov and Beg divisions a choice of two discs and a mini, or a small disc golf bag, for entering, then every now and then (depending on the TD) we have plaques and maybe some thing for the one that comes in first. These divisions are mearly a stepping stool to see where an individual belongs, not competitive ones.

There have been many discussions about the sand bagging that goes on, (see new am div forum) but here in the south we have a pretty good grip on it, except those baggers up in the Hub City Sky Valet, boy those guy's are good! JJ


Willy BT
wheelbarrels of sand
Re: Novice entry fees
October 29, 2002 10:44AM
'pretty good grip on baggin in the south'

As far as the Hattiesburg talent-- one of the hub city valets moved up... good job tony b!!

Also, it was good to see some of the Mobile AM Masters that made the move to Pro Masters... way to go!

there are plenty of baggers still out there-- AM Masters and Pro Masters surely has it's share of bags-o-sand...

at the howler the top pro master beat the open first place score.... hmmm.

Re: Novice entry fees
October 29, 2002 07:01PM
My bad. Lesson #1 dont get on the internet while drinking. Thanks for the info. The novice thing is probably a local issue. I am sorry if I disturbed any feathers. SN rocks.

Re: Novice entry fees
October 30, 2002 02:10PM
Masters is not a valid division for calling someone a "bagger". It is an age thing and nothing else. I too was happy to see Mr. Heaps cash in his first try in the open division. The first of many to come I'm sure. Same goes for a Frog that I know, and any one else that moved up to try the next level
Hub City Sky Valet
Re: Novice entry fees
October 30, 2002 03:46PM
Will, Will, Will!! Are you sure YOUR not supposed to be playing masters?? Cause by the you keep confusing our names I would swear you were about 60. Tony Bass is now playing pro. Mr. Steve Heaps will be coming up soon. (I think) GET IT RIGHT!! Na just kidding ya Will, you know we love ya!! Later
Re: Novice entry fees
October 30, 2002 03:54PM
mAN, i EVEN KNEW THAT WHEN i WAS TYPING, @#$%&, I can't even type right. I'm soo sorry Mr Bass. I even played a round or two with you (more age showing) and I can't keep it straight. Maybe if ya'll wore name tags for me at the next tournament I will finally get it right.

Truely though, I am sorry, I should not get ya'll confused, hell ya'll don't even look alike!!

I'll try to make it to Gautier, depending on the wedding et al.

Peace, The brain dead one,
bags o sand
Re: Novice entry fees
October 31, 2002 08:26AM
There are definitely baggers in masters.

Am Masters surely has its share and the top Pro Masters have been known to outscore the Open players-- just like at the howler...

Bag'n has nothing to do with the year one was born.
Re: Novice entry fees
October 31, 2002 01:02PM
My bad, there can be bagging in AM Masters, but Open Masters can be anyone 40 or over (plus those that are grandfathered in the SNDG series) there fore it is about age, and even though the masters champ at the howler would've won open (Kieth's been a bagger ever since he picked up a disc) his entry fee is lower, there fore playing for less money. If he doesn't believe he can hang with the big boys, it is his choice to play Masters. Now as I said earlier, Kieth has been called a bagger ever since he played am's till he was 35.

gotta go back to work. Later,
Willy BT
Re: Novice entry fees
November 02, 2002 03:46PM
well i think tony moved up at the right time, he has been playing very good the last couple years. i was proud to see him cash in and lister to from MOBILE AL. right before the tournament a local pro was trying to talk lister out of playing pro, i for one was glad he did. he was one out of the money at the s.n.c. , try if it dont work out go back to advance . pros could help alot by making sure they have a good time by the way they act during around of play. having a great time helps alot when your not playing your best. even when wally is kicking my butt i still enjoy the round and wish him well at the awards(if he stays).listen when your name is called out at the awards did you get the sound that you wanted or was there silence.think about this i really enjoy calling players name and hearing players clap and yell at them . when rivers won his first howler to this day that was the loudest i have heard from the croud. take note , you may win next time, go ace one for me ,jim
Re: Novice entry fees
November 03, 2002 08:39PM
I agree that it should be up to the individual player to decide when he or she is ready to move up in class. But I also believe that ABILITY comes before AGE and that should be the main criteria, not just reaching 40 or 50 or, oh my God, I'll be 60 next week! Anyone for a Geiser's class...;-)

That is not to say that some of us old folks can't come out on too...Joe Sherrod and Wally Free are living proof of that!
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