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BR Courses

Posted by skipper 
BR Courses
October 24, 2002 09:32PM
Oops. I meant to make this a new topic but forgot. My question was who has been changing the holes at the B.R. courses and why? I have played Greenwood and Highland for years and the holes stayed the same all during that time. They seemed fine to me. What's the deal?
Re: BR Courses
October 25, 2002 06:51AM
A few tee boxes were moved at Highland before the LA Open so that players wouldn't have to tee from the mud pits left behind by Isadore and the other storm. Highland 18 needed to be moved because of the roots.

The only one that I know that was moved at Greenwood was 8, but it was returned to it's original ace-run position after the tourney.

The tee boxes have moved around before. If you look around at some holes, you can see worn ground (e.g., holes, 1, 13, 18). Those are old tee boxes.

The holes/tees were indeed fine as they were but I, for one, like the idea of multiple tee boxes and pin placements. It's not likely to happen at these courses any time soon, but moving things around encourages developing new throwing skills, rather than the using the same type of shot time after time.

Also, I think now that the storms have ruined the design of Highland 7, the basket needs to be moved to a new position (back and to the right). Once the tree is removed (assuming it's removed), the hole will be too wide open. (My opinion.)
Re: BR Courses
October 25, 2002 01:02PM
Thanks "GG", I share your oppinion not just about having to move the boxes, but about hole 7 as well. I think it needs to be moved almost down the hill and to the left, or in the stump of the tree that fell. one way or the other it should be moved, or maybe the tee box could be moved back. This is the kind of decision that needs to be made by the local club (oh yea, we don't have one yet) and not by individuals, even though I have also been a part of some of the recent moves.

There is nothing wrong with change, especially when trees fall, the ground at the tee boxes are erroded, or other such things. We are about to get a grant from BREC to get new tee-signs, concrete tee boxes, and a third course in Scottlandville park. The tee boxes will be in as much of the "origional possitions as they can be, but roots etc... may force us to tweek it a bit. If there are any suggestions or comments, or concerns please respond here, or e-mail me at

To discuss another point, I had someone ask me of we would be playing 4 diff courses for the 2003 SNDGC's like we did at the La Open. They thought it gave the locals too much of an advantage, and that only one layout per course was enough. My point that I didn't get across was that at nearly every other park that has major tournaments changes the pin placements to give the course a different look. Here we only have one pin placement, but multiple sets of tee boxes. If the third course is in, we would prob try to work it in as well, but I doubt it will be ready by that time next year. Any questions about this as well, E-mail adress above or cell phone 225-266-1447.

Will "SSW" T
Re: BR Courses
October 26, 2002 08:49AM
The home course will always give locals an advantage (unless cancelled by bad throws, like I had during the LA States =8). Plus, I believe the white tees at Greenwood are very rarely played, given how obscure their locations were. Thus, I think the white tees gave no advantage to the locals.

Personally, I like the idea of the "white" tees and wouldn't mind having a set at Highland. The way I'm thinking about white tees is that they would be similar in length to the current orange tees, but from a different location, so that it requires (hopefully) a different type of throw from that used from the equivalent orange tee. Something similar (green tees?) could probably be done for the yellow tees, for at least many of the holes.

Also, something that IMO should be considered for Highland is to relocate the yellow tees for holes 6 and 12. I think those would make good white tees, but I think they are too easy for the typically more difficult yellow tees. Hole 12 yellow is easier than the orange tee!
Re: BR Courses
October 28, 2002 01:24PM
Man, You should've seen 7 yellow before a storm one year, it was right up on the creek.
Re: BR Courses
October 29, 2002 09:44AM
the locals in mobile have an advantage at the bogue... the folks in memphis have an advantage at their courses-- i would say that is true for any course... welcome to life in disc golf...

i think it is more that folks are used to pitch and putt golf and the pro tees at highland and greenwood REALLY test "pro level play" very well... and not all golfers are accustomed to that type layout...

how about designing highland like the USDGC layout? -- with OB hazards

Re: BR Courses
October 31, 2002 05:39AM
> how about designing highland like the USDGC layout? -- with OB hazards

I think it's a great idea for at least a couple of holes. Hole 4 could use some tasty OB half way down the field, including some small fake lakes with selected lanes for rollers to squeek through. Shank to the right on hole five? To the left on hole 6? OB, baby. Highland's a beautiful course but it doesn't make you pay when you spray.
Re: BR Courses
October 31, 2002 07:38PM
to whom it may consern

I (todd traylor) was the one that moved the tee's at greenwood (only hole #8) so that you wouldn't have to tee off in the mud.
it is now back in it's right place that was a one time thing , now as far as highland goes the tee's were in bad need of being moved . the tee boxes get packed really hard and that clay that is there gets really slippery and you can't get any footing so i moved them into the grass so that everyone could have good footing for the la open i will put them back as soon as i get the old spots tilled up and get some grass growing back in the old spot .

We are up next for a grant from Brec so we will be getting cement tee pads soon within the next year or so , so i won't have to move anymore tee's.

see everyone later
Todd Traylor
Re: BR Courses
November 01, 2002 02:04PM
Boy talk about taking the blame for this. Don't worry about the courses - just go get yourself hitched Toad
Re: BR Courses
November 01, 2002 07:39PM
yes sir ha ha
Joey V
Re: BR Courses
November 02, 2002 10:45PM
Congratulations, Todd! Good Luck to the both of You. Sorry I missed you at the Howler. I will catch up with you sometime in the near future.
Joey V
Re: BR Courses
November 05, 2002 05:23PM

Sorry I missed you , I was travelin.
Re: BR Courses
November 16, 2002 04:36PM
Sorry. I lost my connection for a couple of weeks. I'm not opposed to any of the ideas mentioned above, but I think that whoever designs these holes should be someone who knows what they are doing. Some of these "pro level" holes are kind of ridiculous. Luck is too much of a factor, which is not what golf should be. When new holes and courses are designed, let it not be by sadistic pricks who want everyone to get a 9 on every hole, or by snobs who think that if you can't throw 450, you shouldn't be playing at all.
Re: BR Courses
November 16, 2002 11:10PM
I've only read the first couple of posts on this thread, but I would just like to say that if you can't throw 450, you shouldn't be playing at all. I hope you all get a nine on every hole.
Re: BR Courses
November 17, 2002 12:12AM
Well, the world needs a&%holes too, I guess.
Re: BR Courses
November 17, 2002 08:46AM

no one is saying every hole should be "texican" in length and that holes should be cruel. these are just opinions being discussed about what could be...

FACT: there are far more short holes in the region than there are long holes. that is not a bad thing, and no one is saying that-- but there is room for longer holes in an area where nearly every course is a pitch and putt course...

funny, most of the pros like the idea of more difficult, longer courses... and ams like the idea of shorter easier courses... go figure...

when we discuss longer courses we are refering to pro tees. for instance at the greenwood course many pros have said they liked the new pro tees because they REALLY challenge a golfers range of throws and if you can shoot a 54 you are REALLY shooting a good game of golf.... there, of course, are a few that do not... but opinions vary... go figure...

for instance a tenured pro that came to the la open "hated" the layout of the AM tees at both greenwood and highland. he said they "crossed paths" too much and players had to wait too much for other groups. he also mentioned that everything is wide open from the tbox and none of the holes really make you throw a range of shots... that is actually a very valid view-- just like our views... we all have varying opinions. a forum is a great place to discuss these varying views...

my point is none of which are "better" or "more correct" than other folks opinions, but if it makes you feel like you are more correct to attack folks in your posts, well then-- by all means go ahead-- but it doesn't really help the discussion get anywhere...

folks who favor longer courses and more challenging course layout actually have good intentions. we are attempting to help folks have access to courses that help them develop new throws, and develop their game-- instead of the "throw once and then you are putting on 90% of the holes in a three state area" which is great for novices, but perhaps not as great for emerging golfers who actually have skills and are attempting do develop even more...
Re: BR Courses
November 17, 2002 12:02PM
Well said VL. Learn to take a joke, skippy. It's called SARCASM, you can look it up in a DICTIONARY. See also: ASININE.
Re: BR Courses
November 18, 2002 01:10AM
i say everone should take a deep breath and relax. :^)

there is no need to "slam" each other here in the forum... we are talking about disc golf... which is perhaps the most fun things around...

no real need for bashing one another verbally, imo...
Re: BR Courses
November 18, 2002 09:59AM
But, when you can't get out to play, bashing each other verbally is one of the most fun things around ; )
Re: BR Courses
November 18, 2002 10:08AM
But Crow, if we do that we won't be any better than those guys on the PDGA DISCussion page! ;>)

But really, we'd have to start discussing a lot of insignificant things before we reached that level. I'd rather see discussion move toward improving courses, events, team series, bag tag challenges, etc., topics that move DG forward.

A little friendly bashing in moderation is OK, I suppose! Russ C.
Re: BR Courses
November 19, 2002 12:17AM
@#$%& that DROT, and the 3-meter rule, and the 2-meter rule, and the parking-meter rule, and what happens if I run up in the rain and slide into my marker before I release the disc then I release it and it goes in the water and a porpoise noses it into the basket but someone on the next hole shanks and knocks my disc from the chains before I can retrieve it?

Now we are having a PDGA DISCussion!
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