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Posted by jim 
July 16, 2001 05:34AM
this is where we could use some help,your ideals ,complaints,and your approval of things you think are working now or things that can work. we need to start paying some people to take care of things.this series has grown from 6 cities to 32 in three years .that was way more than i thought it would do.we must now take it to the next level.that is where you will come in,it is your series the growth is up to all of us . talk it up ,not down .do not whine ,pitch in with your labor and mind.we will work hard on the points and the tournament listing .we have lately had players step up and take on some of the work ,if this keeps up we are on the right track.the sn is in our own back yard ,let us show the other area of disc golf what we can do .the s.n.c. last year was the 14 largest pay out and the smallest entrance fees.i say we can be in the top 5 every year ,with players looking for sponsors and playing in events. support your td and do not complain during a tournament ,but later tell what you thought went wrong or better yet ask why something was done a certain might be suprise that you would of done the same thing.i have learned alot from players ,think about things before you complain,then decide if it was worth complaining to a t.d. that is not being paid to put on a event for you ,also many times he can not play in his or her own favorite event so you can. thank your t.d. on the way out ,he or she just might do it again next year for you. i quess this will help all of us think and do something with the sport we all love so much.tell players about this site and about the s.n. i say let us lead not follow ,let us grow ,not die ,but most of all let us have some fun ,fun, and from my good friends from bud hill would say (enought said) ,love you all ,ace one for me ,jim
July 16, 2001 08:16AM
topic: SN

... ideas and thoughts ...

some of the "keys" to sponsorship marketing is personnel and marketing materials. good salesmen have good personalities. that is what makes them successful. many people hear the word "sales" and run. sales is merely convincing someone with a checkbook that you can help them.

look at it this way. if you would buy something yourself-- surely you could explain the merits of that item to someone else...

we all love this sport. that is another key to the success of the expansion of SN and obtaining sponsorships. use that passion about dg towards selling sponsorships.

with top shelf marketing materials, SN could easily obtain corporate sponsorships, imo. by marketing materials i do not mean just something you print out at the house. premiere quality events deserve pro quality presentation materials. jim0, in my opinion the SN series deserves a top shelf "brochure"

with a SN presentation package (brochure, receipt for $ponsorship check, sales contract that explains to the potential sponsor what they a getting involved with, and a checklist about logo stuff in case a tshirt is involved, or sponsor banners with logos on them for an event etc...

think about it. some business agrees to throw down some cash towards a disc golf event sponsorship. some disc golfer and a buddy talked a business into becoming a sponsor. who does this businessowner make the check out to-- some disc golfer guy!!!??

talk about loose a sponsor fast if you are not ready to deal with such situations in a professional manner. you darn well better have a receipt, something for them to sign-- like a sales contract, and leaving Joe Q Coproratesponsor with a brochure after he wrote a check to SN-- would be a darn good thing.

perhaps-- regionally some sort of SN sponsorship presentation packages could be put in the hands of folks that Jim0 selects-- to help obtain sponsors, both regionally and towards the SN Finals. this not only would help work toward obtaining sponsorships, but could help develop "careers" in the big picture-- or future of the sport...

maybe some sort of regional SN co-ordinators ... if you will...

these folks would have TD level knowledge of rules, work toward regional and also SN Finals sponsorships, help develop mo' tourneys in their region, co-ordinates volunteers regionally, works with Jimo toward SN expansion & find way$ to break even or better (% of sponsorship$, regional disc sales?, having a "job" in the dg industry is the kind of stuff that develops any "sport"

surely this wouldn't be a "full time" job but the key to sales is personnel. it would seem the SN tour has developed a "human network" over the years. many folks have email these days. talk about an inexpensive "system" waiting to happen as far as "regional sales" might be concerned...

anyway, i have seen this "exact" kind of thing done in other industries. merely apply to DG what other industries have successfully done for decades.

whirled peas,

July 23, 2001 03:56PM
that was real good advise ,i hope more players get involved ,now who can handle this ideal. who could get this going for us. the sn can become something we are all part of.thanks for the thought ,that is how you start anything ,now we must act on it.
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