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Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03

Posted by Jeff 
Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 05, 2002 04:51PM
We are going to try and get Lake Lowndes some exposure to the SNDG crowd this year and here is our first stab at it.

Saturday, January 11, 2003
Lake Lowndes Winter Classic
2 Rounds of Singles
Sign-ups from 8-9:45
Meeting at 9:45
1st Round starts at 10
Lake Lowndes Disc Golf Course in Columbus, MS

I have submitted the event to Jim as an SNQ.

$25 Open
$23 Advanced
$20 Amateur

$2 will go to SNDG and the rest will be going to Payouts so come join the fun and pickup some cash/plastic in the process

This course is closer to alot of you than you think. Check it out and you'll see that if you are in Mississippi, Alabama, or Tenneessee, this course isn't that far from your home course. Come on over and give us a try, we think you'll like the course.

For more information on both the course and the tournament visit our website at:
[] or email me at

Jeff Haydel
will you be offering Adv Masters or Pro Masters ?

welcome to the SN Series and good luck at your event!
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 05, 2002 06:06PM
I am willing to offering any SNDG division where we have atleast 2 players.


Lafayette has an SNDG tournament scheduled for that weekend...the tourneys that are set up in advance can be viewed at:


Don't know for sure if this would be a conflict but we do get 60-75 players at our Mid-Winter Open every year. Acadiana Park is used for a lot of other community events and we have to schedule around them. The second Sunday in January is what we book each year.
Opps! Make that the second Saturday in January; this is a one day shoot-Saturday only.
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 06, 2002 09:41AM
misterbogey I realize that there is an event in Lafayette that wekeend and we knew that before we chose that weekend for our tournament, however we feel that we are far enough away from Lafayette (atleast a 7 hour drive,) and that our disc golfer draw will be small enough as to not affect the tournament in Lafayette at all.

The honest truth of it all is that if we waited for a weekend where there was not a single other DG event in south and tried to intersect that with the calendar of both the university events here in Starkville and other local events in this area we would have to wait until sometime in 2005 to find an appropriate date and probably still not be a lock for the only event then.

I suspect our draw is going to be from the north areas of MS and AL and maybe some people from the Memphis, TN area. If our draw is any bigger I'll be quite suprised.

Hey Jeff, I'd love to come down to that event. I'm in Florence, AL., about 3 hours or so away. We were planning on holding our Ice Bowl event a week later on Saturday, Jan. 18. There is also an Ice Bowl event at Tishomingo State Park on Feb. 2, with doubles the following day.

I'll pass the word around up here and maybe some golfers will make the trip since it's not that far away.

If you have any flyers, I can post one at the park here in Florence. I can e-mail you my address if you want. Russ Corey
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 06, 2002 09:09PM
It is getting nearly impossible to set a date and not have a conflict, but that just shows how much our sport is growing. And that's a good thing!

I didn't know the location of your course, just wanted to let you know we had one scheduled. Keep posting those tourneys; some of us Lafayette players will drive a long way to compete, especially at a new course.

Good Luck on the Winter Classic
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 07, 2002 09:32PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that the course at Lake Lowndes is fantastic!! It is a very well kept course with a mixture of wooded and open holes. It also has two of the nicest finishing holes anywhere around . If you don't have anything going that weekend, show up in Columbus and let some of the local boys show us a good ass kickin!
I just hope they have some Advanced Master players so I don't end up having to play against you! <G> Russ C
Hey just like to let you guys know that some of the Hub city ski valet will be coming to the Lake Lowndes tourny and cant wait to play the course in a tourney setting. Ive only played the course in casual play on my way to family outtings or going to Tupelo to see the wifes family. Cant wait to play the course and may want to camp the night before. GOt nay info on camping? Thanks Discdaddy1
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 08, 2002 11:06AM
There are basically 3 options for you in terms of camping. The first are the cabins. There are only 4 here at Lake Lowndes but they sleep 6. Those are very near the front of the park and the course is in the middle so it would be a small but rather pretty walk along the lake to get there.

The second option is the tent camping area. This is my preferred choice when I am staying at the park for the weekend. For $9 a night you get a nice campsite on the lake with only a short walk over to where the bathrooms and showers are at the boating area.
One perk of the tent camping area is that it is on the course. It is so close that if you camp in the first spot you see you will be on top of number 15's pin (I would request therefore that you not use that spot but the one next to it.)

The last option is the developed camping area in the back of the park. This is the area where the RV's are however my understanding is that this area has some areas that are suitable for a tent. If you choose a site that doesn't have sewer then this area is only $13 a night.

If you want further information about the park itself you get this information and more at :
or you can call them at: (662) 328-2110


Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 08, 2002 01:22PM
I didn't add this but should have. Columbus, MS is a short 10 minute drive away from the park and there are some rather inexpensive hotel options there in Columbus. If anyone would like further information on which hotels in Columbus would be closest or cheapest or easiest to get to feel free to email me at

Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 08, 2002 06:08PM
hey, if anybody runs into jeb cade at lake lowndes, tell him grayson called him a terd tapper.
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
November 09, 2002 01:58PM
I've played with Jeb before. I also returned one of his discs to him once. It's been a while since I played with him and he was good then. I imagine he's even better now. And he's a nice guy to boot.

If I run into him, I'll tell him you said, uh, hello.

If anyone wants to get together and throw friday afternoon I'll be there by noon. If it is dry I will be camping and anyone else wants to join me we'l get blisted friday night and sleep in the great outdoors of Mississippi. If it rains theres no way in hell I will do that to myself again( the Howler sucked with the rain) so if anyone south of columbus wants to share a room email me. Even you guys from Jackson are welcome. You guys need to get a tourney started with us in Hattiesburg.. The Poplarville course is a must play.. A lot of walking incase your lazy, but besides that its a pro course easy. Since the floods two holes are being changed and will be better than ever IM sure. Jonas and Shane did a great job, but Jonas still sux because he never plays paul b..
Jonas call me and you can sleep in our dog box you dawg you ... you gonna play up here any more?
Disc daddy I was wanting to go to play in that tuoreny when are u leaving to go up there if you need some company I'm game. ricky #582-3434
Hey rick I'm gonna leave friday about 12 noon give me a call this is Bilbo. Its gonna be cold but I hope not wet. Everyone when youre playing discgof monday afternoon just think I'll be on my way to disney...hit and ace for jim later
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 19, 2002 09:24PM
OK we've been quiet about this until we knew it was going to happen but it's official and some of them are in hand so we are pleased to announce we have some rather cool (at least we think they are cool) trophies for the winners in each division of the Lake Lowndes Winter Classic. Wanna see? Check out the link <URL> [] </URL>

Not only will you have the bragging rights of first place, you'll could have the HARDWARE in your bag to prove it, and flaunt it. We WILL have 1 for 1st place in EACH division that is played in. Remember if two people sign up in a division it'll play.

We look forward to seeing you at our course in Columbus, MS on January 11th, but come ready to play some golf because the locals are even chomping at the bit to get one of these minis!

Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 19, 2002 09:27PM
SIGH ok sorry guys I got the URL confused (AGAIN!) The URL for the picture is:


Sorry for any confusion.

Hey Jeff, Will you be having an advanced master division? I could really use a black metal mini. RwC
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 19, 2002 11:10PM
Cool, I really want one of those metal minis. I'll be there trying to get myself one. You can count on that!! Fair
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 12:26AM
Fair, I'll let you look at my first place mini, but only for a few minutes...DC (David from Memphis if you forgot :)
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 07:48AM
Dale, Jonas doesn't know how to play and is afraid of my arm, that's why he doesn't come to Paul B anymore.
Tony Bass
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 08:18AM
Wrong topic there brotha'!!
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 08:54AM
Actually Tony, Dale talked about Jonas and I responded.
Tony Bass
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 11:31AM
Wow those black mini's sure are sweet!! I am definately going to try to make it to that one! Never played the course, but I sure am looking forward to the tournament. Hopefully I will see you all there.
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 01:04PM
That's nice of you Coady. Just remember, if you do win, there is about a 90% chance that I have second sewed up. HaHa!!
Yeah especially since I'm bound for Florence the following weekend--here's ya'll's big chance--no Griff in the mix!!! It's ok, fair I've licked my wounds since holds barred full steam ahead!!

What's in that bag, what you got in that bag??
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