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Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03

Posted by Jeff 
So Griff, you're planning on hitting the Ice Bowl? Great! Do you have any idea if anyone else will come. I'm gathering some sweet plastic for this one, but I want to be prepared. Hope to see ya at Cossar and Columbus.
COSSAR AND FLORENCE, FLORENCE AND this a soap opera or what?!? I'm in!!!! I REALLY wish I could make Columbus, but I've gotta family thing goin' on. I will get there next of luck! BRAD still ahead of you???? That's kinda like tying Bob Lyle at Bud excuse, no excuse, no excuse. Shame on you Coady!!
Sorry 'bout that counselor, just a slight misunderstanding. Maybe I'll see you at Cossar then. Be sure to bring some of your fellow Memphians along when you head east. We'll be glad to have ya. Have a good Christmas.

I know you have all forgot about me, but don't count me out just yet. I my not have been in the swing of things lately, but I am back and I am looking for #1. Fair you can have 2nd!
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 20, 2002 11:08PM
I guess that celebrex stuff really does work huh? I guess me acting like I lost all your disc golf videos made you really mad. Are you coming to cossar on sunday to practice, or are you just going to stand me up again.
Don't worry you got something that I want and it's not my disc golf videos. I will be at Cossar Sunday around lunch. Sorry I stood you up last time.

all the videos in the world don't beat Kenny's double-Viagra "script!!
Rock on no means have I forgotten 'bout ya!! Good drivers always check their rear view mirrors once in a while!! HA HA HA !!Griff
I hope to play your course soon. To bad there just aren't enough weekends for all the tournaments, Its a good sign that Jims hard work is paying off.
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 27, 2002 06:41PM
anys double sunday, if this has already been mentioned sorry, to much to read
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
December 28, 2002 08:11PM
I will happily run doubles for anybody who is interested on Sunday. I was planning on asking about interest at the players' meeting on Saturday morning.
OK I just picked up the last of the 1st place minis from the engraver today and they look SWEET! We have 4 different colors and they all look awesome. For this tournament only 1st place will get a mini but support us and bring your friends to the next one and we might be able to expand it to first and second place metal mini trophies.

Also, we have gotten permission from the Park Manager to add 2 temporary holes for the tournament. That will make this a 2 rounds of 20 hole golf. Both of these holes are water holes though so be prepared.

To recap

January 11th 2 rounds of 20 holes

I plan on trying to pay top third to the pro players and top half to am players.
Engraved metal minis to the 1st place winners in all divisions and you can see an example of one at the website listed above in this forum.

So come on and see if you can take a metal mini away from a local boy, because we want these some awful bad also. =)

8-9:15 singups
9:30 players meeting

Hey Jeff. Will there be a mini for the advanced master division? Do you even expect any advanced masters, for that matter. I want to come, but I'd hate to show up and not have anyone to play with. RwC
Russ I've heard that you are interested and I've heard of plenty of other players that were interested in coming but I cannot say that I have ABSOLUTELY heard that yes another Adv. Master is coming. There is a decent chance that one of the players coming from Wall Doxey or Memphis will play Am Master, I just cannot absolutely say that it is so. And there is always playing down to the Am or the Adv division if no Am Masters show.

That being said I have a total of 7 metal minis that I am prepared to award to divisions that play. So yes, if I have atleast two adv am master's players one will go home with some "metal plastic."

By the way Boston you suck pink sock fluid
Tony Bass
Re: Lake Lowndes Winter Classis 1/11/03
January 07, 2003 11:55AM
Could you please post the names of some rather cheap hotels that are'nt too far from the course. That way I can check the prices on the web.
Also what kind of bag tag #'s do ya'll have up there in Columbus. Looking forward to playing the course. C-ya Saturday or maybe Friday evening.
OK the best hotels to stay in that I can think of are in Columbus proper which will be all of a 10-15 minute drive away. They are also right in the thick of where you want to be to find food and drink so I think this is a best case scenario.

Here is a link I found for a couple of hotels in the Columbus area:

I will be at the course most of the day on Friday getting ready and putting up signs so if ya'll get to the course on Friday look for me. I will also have the two temporary holes set up on Friday so that everyone can give them a try.

As for bag tags, the locals have 163 and 59 however I have been told the holder of 4 (Doug Williams) is coming and he will have his bag of tags to sell to anyone that is interested.

Oh forgot to mention. As for location I would recommend either the Comfort Inn or the Days Inn due to their location and ease to find, as they are right off of Hwy 82.

The Super 8, while a tad harder to find, is in a pretty good location as well. And the Ramada and the Holiday Inn are right near the Super 8.

The Wingate is closer to the course but not by a huge amount.

For anybody coming to Columbus today, Jeff should be out there most of the day. He drives a green Rodeo. I'll be out there after lunch and I also drive a green Rodeo. Look around for us if you want to play a round with the locals.

I can't come until Saturday morning, but the wife and I WILL be there. Leaving about 5 a.m. and hope to get there in time to at least walk the course. I have to redeem myself after that Cossar meltdown!

I encourage any and all Advanced Master to show up so I'll have someone to play against. Looking forward to it.

I do know that there will be ATLEAST 1 other Am Master besides you tdwriter. I played with him today. He has come up from Hattisburg. So know that your drive will not be in vain.

Great, Jeff. He also has an advantage. He's seen the course. Guess I'll have to leave earlier to get a practice round in <G> See ya tomorrow. Russ C
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