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The 2002 Cossar Christmas Classic

Posted by Kevin Lewis 
I only disagree with you on one point. It was'nt "a lot of luck" that you won it was all those putts you made.
Kevin made putts....HA since when???? He never makes 'em when I'm around. or when we team up, but somehow he still alot of fun to have
around. Kevin makin putts, boy sure woulda liked to have seen that.
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Re: The 2002 Cossar Christmas Classic
January 01, 2003 12:06AM
You stated how bumping the GMs would have affected your winnings. How would it have affected the payout over all.

Most times (in other sports and games) this type of decision is not made by folks that are playing.

I thought there was a rule for pay outs. Is there not?
The Southern National to my knowledge does not have a rule book. We play by PDGA rules. The only exception I know to the PDGA rules was when they changed the age for divisions. Southern National was Grandfathering the change in. I'm not sure how that stands now. It's clear though that the Southern National is starting to take on a life of it's own much like the PDGA did in 1983. Lesa and I rode with Ted Smethers and Ace Mason to Rochester, NY for the '84 PDGA World Championships. (By the way, that's the one 16 year old Sam Ferrans won) It was at that tournament that the PDGA was turned over to the players and Ted was named Director by acclaimatioin. On the way home, which I think took over 20 hours, we drafted the PDGA rules. The cornerstone of where the PDGA has evolved to today. I still have that hand written rough draft. With the gowth of the Southern National and it's gaining recognition nationally, the time may be coming for the SN to take the next step beyond the "Good O'l Boys" weekend play and set some standards. On the other hand, that was one of the charms of the Southern National. It wasn't as starched as the PDGA. Personally, I play disc golf for the love of disc golf. For me that's what the Southern National is. You go to a tournament to play. If you place in the money or get a trophy and a disc as determined by the people who put thier time and, a lot of times, their money into putting together an event to bring disc golfers together, for me that's gravy on top of being with and making new friends throwing plastic. I think it can be agreed to that 99.99% of the time that is the point. TD's want to put on a good tournament, have a good turnout, be as fair as they can, and have everyone go home having had the best play and a great time.
The only difference in forcing the GMs into playing masters would have been 1st place Masters payout would have went up and the GM who did get paid would not have. There would have been no other difference or changes in any other field nor would the total payout have been any different. The same amount of cash would have been paid out no matter.
As for a rule for payouts there are none set in stone. We tried to do the top 1/3 payout. Only exceptions were for future encouragement to get players to want to come back and play again. ie. novice and women.
Thanks for asking.
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Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but the PDGA rules require that you pay 1/3 of the field across all divisions. Southern Nationals, I believe, allows you to pay 50 percent (or is it up to 50 for amateur divisions). More often than not, I've seen TDs pay half of the am and advanced fields.

It's the straight 50 percent or up to 50 percent I need cleared up and whether or not the PDGA is a strict 1/3. RwC
Re: The 2002 Cossar Christmas Classic
January 01, 2003 03:02PM
well here it goes, the sn will let td who do all the work for a tournament have the say on what goes on, we try to suggest that the top 1/3 gets paid out after 9 players, the reason it is after 9 is to make someone other than the winner cashes in , if 5 showed up would you want all the money go to him or share a little with the player who came in second, in the pro open we try to stick with it , the ladies we tyr to pay one extra spot , same with grand masters , the reason we do it with gm is to keep the better players in masters and open. look at the gm score gary with a -1 would not come close to beating a master player and he is one of the better gm players ,would we really want to lose all our gm players, i do ask players in less than 3 in there division if the want to switch and leave it up to them,i want as many players to go home happy as i can than one or two going home real happy. it want be long and the sn will form a board to make rules , we will try to put it off till next year ,jim
Sounds good to me...Ok...let's throw plastic!!!!!!!
Re: The 2002 Cossar Christmas Classic
January 01, 2003 08:14PM
Jim O., next year is a long time from today. If I can help you with anything, get in touch with me. mac
Re: The 2002 Cossar Christmas Classic
January 01, 2003 08:27PM
you would be one of the first , we would make sure each area has someone to speak for them. we pay out 40% at the snc due to all the extra funds. all other tournaments are on there on . most flyers will tell you what is going to happen on payouts and finals. the problem with making to many rules is you have to enforce them with a volunteers ,and each city has their way of running there event and none of them are far apart. the main thing is making a tournament enjoyable for all. learn from your mistake and go on. also remember just because one or two players are unhappy out of 100 that is pretty good.
You said other than the Championship, "all other tournaments were on their own.". Sounds good to me too. The ones involved in payouts are the TD's giving them and the players receiving them. These people travel and talk and share ideas. I think like water it will all balance out to a level of agreement. Those TD's that take it a little left of right will here from participants and other TD's. They'll either get more in line with the general norm accepted or look forward to losing some numbers at their next tournament. Seems there is a general norm already...Ok...let's throw...January 4th, Burns Park Disc Golf Course, North Little Rock, AR. a one day tournament
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