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Bag Tag Rules

Posted by will t 
Bag Tag Rules
December 09, 2002 04:18PM
These are the rules of the SNDG Bag Tag Challenge! Trying to KIS, (no last S: people don't like being called stupid) I've gotten Mace Man to send me the rules of his challenge in Dallas.

1) Any tag number may challenge any other tag number (Regardless of division)

2) One MUST display their tag where it can be seen. (No hoarding a low #, trying to keep it hidden)

A) It is manditory to accept any challenge on a card at any organized tournament, mini, or toss. If more than 2 tags are present in a group, all MUST participate. (top # goes to lowest round, etc...)

B) As long as there is a tag in one's card (group), s/he can deny any challenge from another card, but if there is no other tag in one's group, s/he must accept a challenge from any other card.
To keep confusion out of the mix, try not to have too many challenges spread around other cards, but they must be settled in the order that they were challenged.

4) All challenges on the card supercede any challenge from another card.
EX) you must settle with card/group first, then with other challenges.

5) A challenge may be refused only during a casual round (experimenting w/ new discs, hung over, etc...)

6) Any and all rule revisions, suggestions, and changes must be approved by SSW BTC commitee (WT, JO, JK, TZ, JL, DW) some of these people don't know they are on my committee yet, so John K, Doug W, Yo Dad, and Zinger, if any of ya'll don't want to be on this list, please let me know.
(The JL is my local legal eagle John Lauve, who has been very helpful with all of this)

Let the games begain!!!

These are just the basic groundwork for it, and I'm sure that there will be plenty of things to workout, so let's go challenge the world to a SN/BTc
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 09, 2002 07:32PM
I'll print out copies of these rules for all the Lafayette people and will give them out with the bag tags.

Thanks for the suggestion, John.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 13, 2002 12:22PM
seems like there is no problem that has come up yet, so time for me to get my #1 tag.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 13, 2002 07:29PM
can someone explain how the whole bag tag thing works. It's never been explained to me.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 16, 2002 06:35AM

A bag tag challenge is a fundraiser-- and a "braggin' rights" concept. In the SN BTC the fundraiser is for the SN PRO & AM FINALS

It is a "game" in which the winner is determined by who shoots the best round of disc golf.

The "bag tags" are small plastic numbered tags that you attach to your disc golf bag. ( The SN tags are octagonal green with white numbers. )

When a DGer purchases a tag they are picked randomly.

Dg'ers purchase the bag tags from regional TD's, etc... and the bag tag challenge is held at events (and casual rounds too, if folks choose to do so.)

At an event (disc golf tourney, weekly mini, etc) the challenges are automatic-- whoever is on your card that has a tag is in an automatic challenge (that has priority over any other side challenges.)

Whoever shoots the lowest score on that card for that round wins the lowest tag number. The tags are exchanged after every round.

Casual rounds are optional tag challenges. They can occur but they are not automatic. The first post in this thread explains the guidelines of the SN BTC

will T is talking about adding incentives for the lowest # in each division for the SN FINALS.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 07:30AM
thank will , at the championships each year who ever ends up with the lowest #in each divison will be that years bag tag champion, that player will receive some nice gifts, also during the year at the larger tournaments we will do some extra things for bag tag holders. so go get one.if you can think of something let me know ,thanks jim
Santa's little Elf
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 07:50AM
An all expenses paid trip to the Carribean would be nice. Booyah baby.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 10:15AM
Yo SSWBTC Committee:

I may have missed it, but what happens in case of a tie. I guess a sudden death play off would be the easiest, but we are gonna have ties, so we need to decide what to do now
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 10:27AM
If there's a tie....shoot 'em both and give the salute to #3!!!! JK!!
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 04:12PM
I would assume that a tie would push, and the numbers would not trade hands.

Now if both parties wanted to play it off, so be it, but I wouldn't make it mandatory.

Great Question, keep 'em comming


Willy BTc
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 05:08PM
I agree as to what Will said. A tie would push, unless ALL parties tied agreed to play it off.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 07:34PM
So let's say that we have a foursome...players witht the numbers 6,16,26,36.

Numbers 16 and 36 tie (6 down) but are beaten by nos. 6 (8 down and 26(7 down)...

PUSH needs to come to SHOVE...over to Hole #1 for a sudden death playoff! Other wise #26 who should get #16 (he has the 2nd best score) gets left "holding the tag"...;-p

I think we need a firm rule here...HELP!
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 17, 2002 09:23PM
Excellant point!!!! the 2 players with the lowest scores get the2 lowest #'s
the other 2 by virtue of a tie should playoff until there is no longer a push.
But if this were to happen in the first round it sure could make the lunch break real short. And dont forget someone needs to be responsible and get the score card turned in in a timely manner to help expedite the score board. JMO
SN BT #4
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 18, 2002 04:56AM
misterbogey, if I read the scenario right, there's no real problem. 16 and 26 would swap tags and that's that. #6 won and keeps his tag. 16 and 36 tied and remain the same. Because 26 beat 16, they swap. 26 also beat 36 but it's unlikely that 26 would want to trade up. =8)

Think of it as turning in all four tags at the beginning of the round, to be handed back out in the order of the winners. 6 gets his #6 back, 26 took second so now gets #16. That leaves tags #26 and #36 to go to the tie. The low tag goes to the person who started the round with the lowest tag number. Thus, #26 would go to (original) 16 and #36 goes to 36. Or, the two could decide to play off for the low number.

Different scenarios, like 3-way ties, etc. will develop and will probably have to be handled on a case by case basis. Using scores, then original tag numbers as tie breakers will probably settle nearly all of them.
tag hunter
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 18, 2002 10:29AM
o.k. now that we have discussed all of these possibilities of ties/pushes/play-offs,etc....

What about the Women Players.....?????
Lets just say (first woman comes to mind) Robin Adams of Baton Rouge gets tag #3.....Essentually, none of the Men players will "ever" get that #3 tag because (1.) men don't compete against the women (2.) In her right mind would "never" let Will T. challenge her....(no contest)....Will T. would now have #3 tag........

On the other hand....Do we (men) just assume tag #3 does not exist and #1, #2, #4 tags become the top 3 tags to play for?????

I guess what I'm asking is that any tag the women have will never be available for challenge by the Men. And actually, a woman could blind draw pick tag #1 and would never enter the Mens pool.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 18, 2002 12:29PM
I thought this got hashed out on a different thread, or somewhere above. In the SN, the first round is usually mixed format, with (e.g.) a Pro, an Advanced, an Am. Woman and a Novice. If they have tags, then the challenge is ON!
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 18, 2002 01:34PM
Goby is right on both occasions

It doesn't matter if those two players push. The two best scores get the two best numbers and the two that pushed gets the remaining two numbers, the lowest going to the player with the lowest number going in.

League, doubles, first rounds. All of these are examples of a time where a woman would play men for the bag tags. The same goes for a Novice and a Pro. Or a Adv and a Am Master.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 18, 2002 03:39PM
The only thing I have to add is that the two lowest scores woulld get the two lowest tags, 6 stays the six, the next lowest score (7 dn) get's 16, and the other two would either play it off, or flip a disc to see who get's the next lowest tag.

It could also be figured by who has the most birdies of the two that were tied. Most birdies gets the next lowest tag #

Just an idea,

Willy BTc
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 18, 2002 08:14PM
I can see the problem with playing off ties during a tournament...and I like Will's suggestion on ties going to the player with the most birdies...BUT (yeah I know, whey don't I keep my but out of it) if it's a tie, chances are both players may have the same number of birdies. What then?

I still think we need to put something down in writing - trying to solve this at a tournament adds the other S to the KIS principle...wanna borrow my pen Will?
Re: Bag Tag Rules
December 19, 2002 11:31AM
Hey Tag Hunter...whada mean Will T would get Robin's contest???

My money's on Robin...;-p
bagtag ?
Re: Bag Tag Rules
January 11, 2003 06:34PM
should there be (random assignment) guidelines-- or perhaps something added to the list of rules-- for how the first round groups/cards are assigned at disc golf tourneys where bag tag'n challenge is occuring?
Re: Bag Tag Rules
January 23, 2003 04:01PM
The person doing the board should not worry about the bag tag's, just put the cards on the board. And anyone bothering him/her should be put with tag #201.
Re: Bag Tag Rules
January 23, 2003 08:12PM
Amen brother Will!
Re: Bag Tag Rules
January 26, 2003 04:05PM
What a great concept thanks for allow the Bham boyz in on the action! Thanks Will nice to go from 189 to 32 in one round. Bob
Re: Bag Tag Rules
January 27, 2003 01:12PM
Yer welcome Bob. If Ya'll need more let me know here or at, and I'll try to be at the tax tourney this April.
Enjoyed the weekend tremendously

Will T
Lori Mezger
Re: Bag Tag Rules
January 27, 2003 05:04PM

We discussed the bt and the pro men players at my course have agreed that when they challenge me #23 I can keep my tag if i shoot even par during casual rounds. Just an idea!
Re: Bag Tag Rules
February 03, 2003 03:49PM
Ok, I think we have solved the tie deal.

When two people tie, the person who HAD the lowest tag of the two would get the lowest of the tags that go to them. Hmmm that sounds wierd.

Tags #1,#2 #3 & #4 play. tag #1 wins Keeps #1. Tag #4 comes in second, he gets#2. Tag #2 and #3 tie, two would get #3 and three would get #4, because #2 was the lowest of the two that tied, he keeps the lowest # that are left.

Willy BTc
Re: Bag Tag Rules
February 03, 2003 07:07PM
Will, 12-18-2002, upthread. Been there, done that. =8)
Re: Bag Tag Rules (Doubles)
February 04, 2003 10:41AM
I was curious if playing for bag tags in a doubles mini had been discussed and if so, what was the result of that discussion.

If not, I will explore the different outcomes and possibilities for discussion's sake. We'll keep it simple by saying there are two double teams on a card and they all have bag tags. Team A has 1 and 2 and Team B has 3 and 4. With the current rules, it would seem that if Team A wins everything stays as it is. If Team B wins, the tag 1 holder would SWAP with the tag 3 holder and the tag 2 holder would swap with the tag 4 holder. Simply stated, the lowest tag holder on each team ends up with the lowest tag from the opposing team if a swap is necessary. This follows the tie rule that has been established in this thread and is easy to follow if you remember that the lowest tag holder of the winning team gets the lowest tag available from the losers and the rest continue in the same manner.

If Team A has 1 and 2 and Team B wins with only one player having tag 3, then tag 3 would get 1, 1 would get 2 and 2 would end up with 3.

I think that once the different scenarios are played out, we need someone to amend the rules so that we have one working copy to follow.

I like the bag tags, and I'm hoping that more in my area will pick them up so that we can have some swapping happening at our local minis and during casual rounds. Bragging rights are a lot easier on the old wallet. :)

Toby Trichell
West Monroe
Re: Bag Tag Rules
March 02, 2003 10:32PM
There were some newer bag tag owners that were curious about the rules, so I figured I'd move it back onto the first page of the forum. Over $1650.00 raised from the BT's alone so far! let's sell all 200 of them!
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