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Pearl River College Tourney

Posted by Jonas 
Pearl River College Tourney
December 13, 2002 03:44PM
Pearl River Community College will be hosting it's inaugural tournament on May 3, 2003. It will be a one day event of two rounds. Anyone interested in helping out can contact email me. More info will be available soon.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 14, 2002 05:06AM
Hey Jonas, where is Pearl River? The week end of May 3&4 are the dates for the BIG Memphis Tournament! mac
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 14, 2002 06:34PM
Yeah, man, bad date. That is Bud Hill weekend.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 15, 2002 04:00PM
I guess that will be a problem. I will look at the calender for any other possible dates in late April/early May. Any ideas?
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 15, 2002 07:06PM

May 3rd is a good enough day. April is pretty filled up too, but most of the tournaments in April are a short distance from Pearl River. I am assuming that the BUCANEER DOUBLES will be held the last weekend in April. Memphis is a good drive away from the coast. I say keep it that day for anyone who doesn't want to drive that far north.
Tony Bass
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 08:49AM
What's up dude? Not much here, just sitting on my butt at work. I think, (and this is only my opinion) that if at all possible you should try and find another weekend for the tourney. I agree with Terry in saying that Memphis is so far away from Poplarville that you probably would still get a good turnout of people that don't want to drive that far. But then again there may be people from the middle of the state (MS) that would attend both if they were on different weekends. And we definately want to get as many people to come for the inaugural event as we can. And we know that a lot of people will definately be going to the Bud Hill event, so I think to obtain the maximum turnout you should try and schedule it for a weekend where there is nothing going on. People in specific that I'm thinking about are the guys from Columbus and Jackson. I told you about the guy from Columbus, Kary Rogers, coming down and playing the course with Dale and I a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to really like the course, and I bet we could get him and some of his buddies from up that way to come down for the first ever tournament there. But I am also sure that they will be going to Bud Hill, I think all those north MS boys do. So in order to maximize turnout I think it best if the inaugural event be on a weekend where nothing is planned. Keep me up to date.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 09:29AM
Another opinion. Throw the tourney when it fits YOUR schedule. You are the TD, eh. The tournament schedule is getting so crowded that there will be overlapping dates and toes stepped on. @#$%& the bad luck, but what's wrong with having choices. It's at least 5 hours from your place to Memphis that's enough. As far as the Jackson folks go, I do not see any of us going to Memphis this time especially if the forest is involved which it is.
I/We are looking forward to playing Poplarville under tourney conditions.
Thanks for all your efforts in getting the course installed and playable IT IS APPRECIATED. Pick a date and keep it. Let everyone know. Lets go play. FRZBMAN
SN BT #4
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 10:25AM
Frankly put....if you're scared SAY you're scared!!!!
Lord knows I'm terrified of some of ya'lls courses....
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 11:15AM
Wow...SURELY frzbman you aren't scared of The Forest like Griff says. Say it aint so!! ;D

I agree that Jonas should pick what dates are best for him. If it's the same weekend as the Memphis Tournament so be it. I am sure plenty of folks will come to his Tournament. I think the only reason people are pointing out that another weekend might be better is that in the last few years the Memphis Turn Out has been pretty big and been drawing from a pretty wide area.

In any case, I personally look forward to playing Pearl River!!

Come on frzbman! I intend to come down to Jackson this year from Memphis. SURELY you guys can make our Tournament. The Forest is invloved in all our Tournaments. ;)

I like the sinister way it sounds though....THE FOREST....
Tony Bass
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 11:37AM
I'm glad to hear that you have bag tag #4, I was just thinking of maybe making a trip up to Jackson after school/work lets out. Perhaps we could round up a few other bag tag holders from each town and have a little regional challenge. I also hear that someone up there has #'s 7, 11, & 17. Is this correct, or are those just some of the numbers that have'nt sold yet?
We here in Hattiesburg are looking to improve on our #'s 12, 26, 27, & 38.
Let me know what the JUDGES think about that.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 02:59PM
Scared...Hell no Im not scared. I was just up there for the SNC and been there b4. I personnally dont like the forest nor do I think its fair. JMO Its a home boy course at best. JMO I just like FAIRways not pitch and pray.JMO
again.... Now BUD HILL is a course that is good/fair to all players not just the homeboys. Have a weekend just at the Hill and you couldnt keep me away. Scared hell no. Is the forest worth my 3 1/2 hour drive???? no not to me.

Yes TB I have acquired #4. Come get it. Yes we also have the others you mentioned 7, 11, and 17 . 7 and 11 are still in the bag to be drawn out by some lucky golfer. But #17 has been chosen. Come get it as well if you can. If a casual round challenge is on the table TB bring it on but I want it at Holmes County State Park. Maybe the Friday before the Cossar tourney.
If you choose to bring it on better find a good attorney cuz I think you'll be found guilty in the JUDGEs court. Can you afford one or does one need to be appointed for you????
SN BT #4
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 03:18PM
The forest was on the list of the top twenty courses in this country long before we all could call disc golf a sport (meaning actual competition) rather than a recreational endeavour. It has lost probably 40% of the trees which once made it far more treacherous than it is today.

Your absolutely right that it is an accuracy course and not so much a toss and chase course. But then again that's why it's called the Forest. To offset this course with the long arm mecca of Bud Hill presents one of the most variable tournaments in the country. Which probably explains the huge turnouts(that along with the parties)(i.e. see largest turnouts in the country for events nationwide).

Anyway... my words were not meant to offend. And @#$%& right I'm scared of the 400+ holes on many other courses, cause I'm no long arm. But to be a Pro is to master all types of terrain, weather, conditions, environment, etc.

Not pitch and pray, simply fly straight young man!!!
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 03:57PM
I'm with Griff on hating the long holes but that doesn't keep my from playing Bowling Green which has some of the longest holes I have ever seen. Hell I have to rest halfway down the fairway on a lot of holes. (I wonder if thats from being out of shape or how long the holes are...)

ANYWAY this has gotten way off topic. Topic is Pearl River. This is just me Jonas. You might get a great turn out on May 3rd. I hope you do but more than likely it won't be from Memphis people on that date. Thats nothing against your Tournament at all. That's just a bad date for at the very least the Memphis folk.

I will personally get down to play that course someday though.

Tony Bass
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 03:59PM
That sounds good, although I'm not sure of an exact date yet. I have been wanting to play the course, just have'nt had a chance to get up there yet. Heard nothing but good things about it so far though. We (HCSV) are supposed to be having a meeting tommorrow night , so I'll mention it then and see what they all say. Oh yeah, as far as a lawyer goes, I think I will be well represented. By my playing. OOOOOOOhhhhh!!!!
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 07:48PM
One last smack rant.... 1st no offense was taken at all just pokin fun. And likewise no offense was meant on this end either. Simply stating the fact that personally I dont care for the forest. Way to much luck involved if you dont play there much. as a foreigner (transplanted to MS) if you dont play there much you dont know where the fairways are. Couple of holes dont even have fairways. ANd as for the HILL being long ,I again ,would argue
Round Rock TX is long. Veterans Park in Tx is long. The BUD offers longer than the forest but the fairwarys are there to be seen unlike the forest.
And the variety of shots needed is mo' better. plus the ponds.not to mention the party atmosphere.
TB the date in question is Sat 12-28-02 for Cossar I am open and willing to play and show the Holmes course to anybody that cruises thru on the way to cossar Friday 12-27-02. Just let me know if and when and I'll be there.
Bring it and your attorney along.
Lastly no disrespect was meant nor am I trying to steer any one away from
Memphis for the tourney simply saying I really dont think anyone from here (Jackson ) will be going. There's only a few of us here that actually play tourneys and travel more than an hour to get there. And since we were basically just there (SNC) and with the CHOICE of tourneys I will choose Poplarville. No big deal. So Jonas if you throw one on that date you will have 1 player for sure from Jackson.
Apparantly the Bag Tags are workin with all the smack showin on the site.
Thats a good thing. What interest has developed!!! Hope to see you all at Cossar.
SN BT #4
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 17, 2002 09:17PM
Oh yeah I forgot 1 more thing. The forest was on the list of top 20 couses to play. But that was back when there was only 21 courses nationwide.
SN BT #4
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 18, 2002 01:01PM
I am seriously contemplating moving the tournament to March 29th. I have not seen any set for that day yet.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 18, 2002 01:43PM


Jonas, here is the list of tournaments for March. Shepard, City of Mobile, and Spring Fling-It has yet to set a date. A good chance that Shepard would be on the 29. A good chance that City of Mobile would be either on the 1st or the 15th. Same goes for Spring Fling-It.

I am just guessing at Shepard, City of Mobile, and Spring Fling-It. But these are the dates I would guess due to where the other tournaments already set are.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 18, 2002 01:47PM


You might want to try May 17th. Arkansas is a good drive away. But I don't know when Alabama States are.


this website gives a calander list
But truthfully, throw it when you want to. This is just to give a little help. Unless you make it on a Baton Rouge tournament, I will for sure be there to help support!!
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 19, 2002 09:33PM
OK, screw it. I think the people who said just keep the same date are right. There are just two many tournaments. Poplarville might be a better draw for Hattiesburg, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette than Memphis. It's closer, cheaper, and the women are better looking.

Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 20, 2002 12:51AM
I do believe the Spring Fling-It in Florence, Ala., will be on March 29-30 and It will draw a Memphis crowd and hopefully northwest Mississippi group as well. There is also a SNDG sanctioned ICe Bowl event in Florence on Jan. 18. I will try and get our TD to officially set the date with SNDG. RwC
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 20, 2002 12:54AM
Oh, there is also talk that the Alabama State might be in Huntsville this year. If that comes about, they would not hold a SNDG event. It would most likely be strictly PDGA. This is not set in stone. RwC
Hey dude if you need any help with getting the tournament set up just let me know whenever we get back in school, and email me or call me(Shane knows my number) if you want to go and play over the holidays. See you after christmas.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 25, 2002 09:23PM
Hey guys, Shane and I are planning on playing on Saturday. If anyone is interested, I will post the time when I get that figured out.
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
December 26, 2002 02:52PM
hey jonas this is rick call me (582-3434)
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
January 02, 2003 01:56PM
It's final, tourney date @ PRCC is March 29th. Sorry, but I can't make everyone happy. Look forward to seeing everyone there.
john kittrell
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
January 02, 2003 04:49PM
Is the tournament going to be a Southern National Qualifier a PDGA tournament or just a tournament to have some fun. If you want to make it a SN tournament contact Jim Orum at (251) 478-0379. He will give the low down and some pointers for running the tournament if this is your first time. If you do make it a SN we can put it on the tournament page. Either way good luck!!
John K
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
January 03, 2003 12:12PM
Thanks John,
I have already spoken with Jim and everything is ago. Keep eyes peeled for more info.
Jonas - You are the man. Love your course up in Poplarville and look forward to playing the tourney.

Rob Williams
Re: Pearl River College Tourney
January 03, 2003 07:02PM
A date a date how GREAT now plans can be made. Jonas count me in. If there is anything the JUDGEs can do to help out let us know. Thanks for all your efforts to line this up. Cant wait really looking forward to it .
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