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Louisiana Open: Baton Rouge: Dec 15,16: SNQ: CTier

Posted by DG 
2001 Louisiana Open
December 15-16, 2001
Baker & Baton Rouge, La.
Greenwood & Highland
Todd Traylor (225) 252-0893

Southern National Qualifier
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RE: LA Open: Baton Rouge: Dec 15,16: SNQ: CTier
November 16, 2001 08:21PM

Saturday Dec 15 @ Greenwood
SUBWAY will serve sandwiches and drinks on site at the Greenwood course.

Thanks to Pat Fisher for his generous donation to the initial budget of the
2001 LA Open...

Lightning Discs has donated two golf bags and seven discs for the event.

We are working on Tshirts and a stamped disc.
Budget is the issue / obstacle (of course)

Our goal is to obtain as many $25 hole sponsors as possible to provide budget and add $ to the Pro prize money and to offer a nice players package (the t-shirt and stamped disc mentioned above)

If you would like to help by sponsoring a hole please contact Todd Traylor @ (225) 252-0893

If a player is registered as Advanced in Southern Nationals and Am. in PDGA, how will his points be applied? Also, will the closest to the hole awards run for both rounds or just the first one, since the upper divisions will play the longer tees in the second rounds of each day?
PDGA Divisions
RE: LA Open: Baton Rouge: Dec 15,16: SNQ: CTier
November 19, 2001 07:27AM
Thanks for the inquiry. The main reason we are developing a PDGA event in Louisiana is many of us want to have the chance to qualify for PDGA WORLDS without driving to the other side of the planet to do so.

The PDGA has some different divisions than Southern Nationals. Not so much in the PRO ranks-- but in AMS there are different names of the DIVISIONS.

As a PDGA sanctioned CTIER event we are required to use the PDGA divisional guidelines. (there is no "grandfather" clause for those not 40 years old in MASTERS, for instance)

Also, in SN it is called AM MASTER but in the PDGA it is called ADVANCED MASTER. This Division will be awarded PDGA points.

In the SN series there is AMATEUR(2) and in the PDGA it is called Intermediate Advanced. This Division is not awarded points.

There is no "AM" in PDGA. There are many different Amateur classifications such as ADV, ADV MASTER, INTERMEDIATE ADV.

Anything under ADVANCED divisions in the PDGA do not get points. Non members do not get points regardless of which Division the play in. A TD is required to send the PDGA 2$ for every PDGA member that plays in a sanctioned tourney and required to send $5 for each NON MEMBER that competes.

We are in the process of obtaining HOLE SPONSORS. These are not CTP's. They are cash sponsors (businesses, individuals, etc) that help with the expenses of:

Sanction Fees:
2$ per player to Southern Nationals
2$ (up to $5) per player to PDGA
7$ per player to BREC (Parks Dept)
As a PDGA CTIER we are required to offer a guaranteed PRO purse amount

Players package expenses- we are working to supply a stamped disc and tshirt as well as other goodies in a players package.

All this adds up to a fairly sizable budget and we are using the Hole Sponsors to help cover the expenses of producing a CTIER.

If we do have CTP's (we're tryin' our best to land some CTP spnsors too) they will be clearly marked per division.

We've added new RED pro tee placements at Greenwood Park in Baker. The course record so far is a +1 (by Johnny B)

Will T and John F played the RED TEES after the last tourney and had good things to say about them and offered some excellent suggestions to make them better.

Free lunch on Sat Dec 15 @ Greenwood
SUBWAY is donating sandwiches!
PDGA Divisions
November 19, 2001 08:21AM
To help clarify PDGA AM Divisions:

*Amateur Divisions*
[These AM divisions award points]
Advanced Master
Advanced GMaster
Advanced Women

[These AM divisions do not award points]
Intermediate Women
Juniors (under 16)
Juniors (under 12)

If a competitor is not a current PDGA member they are not awarded points, regardless of what division they sign up for.

If a disc golfer wants to attend AM WORLDS they are wise to obtain points. There is a criteria for being selected from the wait list to attend the annual AM WORLDS event and having points helps a player to be selected.

Points leaders from the different PDGA regions are invited "first" as well as TD's, one disc golfer from each state is invited to AM WORLDS as a state rep, etc...

Point is there are many ways to qualify for WORLDS and having points is one of the steps in the process.

This year AM WORLDS in Nashville was a BLAST! It was a weeklong of disc golf heaven!

Next year AM WORLDS is in Miami, FL
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RE: sponsors
November 21, 2001 09:12AM
The list of hole sponsors is growing


Coca Cola

Sports Drinks & Soft Drinks
(both courses)
I cant wait!
November 29, 2001 12:39PM
I just want to say I cant wait to join the PDGA and the Southern Nationals club as an advanced amatuer for the 2002 tour. It all sound s like fun competing against a bunch of terriffic disc golfers and meeting new people. I also will like to travel and play new courses. I love disc golf and I live for it. I hope to see all you advanced amatuers at Miami,Fl. for the Amatuer Worlds. thank, Jesse A.
RE: I cant wait!
December 01, 2001 06:55PM
What if you play pro in Southern Nationals and are registered as Advanced in PDGA? You can't play advanced in Southern Nationals because you have accepted money. What do you do?
December 02, 2001 08:41AM
The TD (Todd Traylor) is required to follow PDGA guildelines as a sanctioned C TIER.

I'm in the same situation-- can no longer play "Am Master" (in SN events) because I cashed as a SN Pro Master-- (whoohoo) but I am registered as Adv Master in the PDGA.

I plan to play pro masters at the LA OPEN, and if i cash i will turn down the cash-- so I can still attend Am Worlds, as an Adv Master.

Since SN events are not PDGA sanctioned events-- your SN division winnings in no way effect your PDGA status-- is the way it has been explained to me...
Mo' News
RE: LA OPEN: Sponsorship
December 06, 2001 05:56PM
There will be a ring of fire for a $25 gift certificate from Capital City Bar & Grill.

It will be given away Saturday so whoever wins it can use it that evening if they want to...

Thanks to the Hole Sponsors:

Brooks Newell
Errin Lewis
Terry Zeringue

& other contributors:

Sulzer & Williams, LLC (Rob Williams)
Javier Pallias
Pat Fisher

BREC emailed us to verify that the shirts and plaques are ordered...

Even Mo' News
RE: LA OPEN: Sponsorship
December 13, 2001 12:28PM
Thanks to:

Academy Sports & Outdoor
AT&T - Suncom
Kerry Brouillette
Javier Pallias

We have confirmation from many out of state Pro & Adv PDGA golfers (Texas, Iowa, Alabama, etc)

There will be an event guide in the players package that will explain PDGA division guidelines and will have a course map of the new red tees @ Greenwood.

Todd Traylor had the course record for the greenwood red tees @ -2 till ET showed up & shot a -6
Even Mo' News
RE: LA OPEN: Sponsorship
December 15, 2001 09:49PM
Thanks to the other folks who helped out with holes sponsorships, Ronnie & Robin Adams.

The Saturday results for open


Eric Tracey 99
Joel Kelly 101
Jeff St Romain 102
Mike Kernan 102
JohnnyB 104
Russel Banks 109
Jimmy Cutler 110
Ronnie Adams 112
Will Timmons 113
Chris Albert 114
Paul Gray 117

open payout

tomorrow we go to big arm country... highland
event results
Louisiana Open: Baton Rouge: Dec 15,16: SNQ: CTier
March 09, 2002 11:10PM
todd mentioned to me (by phone) that jimo needed us to resend results?

here they are...

RESULTS - 4 rounds - 6 Hole Safari

1. Eric Tracy. 46 53 50 54 17 220 $500.
2. Joel Kelly. 44 57 49 51 20 221 $350.
3. Jeff St. Romain. 45 57 52 54 18 226 $200.
4. Mike Kernan. 49 53 50 57 19 228 $150.
5. "JohnnyB" 51 53 52 58. 214
6. Ronnie Adams. 53 59 52 58. 222
7. Will Timmons. 54 59 50 60. 223
8. Chris Albert. 53 61 58 56. 228
9. Jimmy Cutler. 50 60 57 62. 229
10. Russel Banks. 50 59 59 63. 231
11. Paul Gray. 53 64 55 61. 233

dollar values shown below for AM divisions represent bags, discs, shirts, etc.

1. Todd Traylor 50 60 51 59. 220 $140.00
2. Errin Lewis. 50 60 53 58. 221 $89.00
3. Terry Zeringue. 51 63 52 60. 226 $75.00
4. Stephen Heaps. 53 61 55 58. 227 $61.00
5. Victor LeBlanc. 56 59 55 59. 229 $47.00
6. Jay Waldorf. 59 61 53 58. 231 $33.00
7. Kevin Lewis. 47 62 61 62. 232
8. Pat Fisher. 59 59 54 60. 232
9. Liam O'Conner. 54 61 59 58. 232
10. Paul Kainer. 54 62 57 66. 239
11. Rob O'Dell. 55 60 62 68. 245
12. Jake Waldorf. 56 72 60 68. 256
13. John Jennings. 61 71 62 66. 260

1. Philip Danna. 58 56 60 60. 234 $91.00
2. Kiet Hoang. 55 57 64 63. 239 $61.00
3. Chris Lackett. 57 58 65 62. 242 $54.00
4. Rob Williams. 63 61 58 64. 246 $40.00
5. Chris Adams. 69 60 61 57. 247 $33.00
6. Trey Albright. 60 63 66 69. 257
7. Jonas LeFort. 65 63 66 64. 258
8. Dwight LeGrand. 68 64 65 66. 263

1. Brad Granier. 58 60 51 54. 223 $40.00
2. Casey Lackett. 65 62 55 57. 239 $33.00
3. Leon Gillard. 61 63 58 59. 241 $26.00
4. Joey Martin. 66 64 60 57. 247 $19.00
5. Jason Mitchell. 77 75 67 59. 278 $19.00

1. Adam Walsdorf. 65 59 57 59. 240 $49.00
2. Brandon Vikowski. 64 59 79 79. 281 $19.00
terry & robin,

not only did we turn in the results for this event by email twice, but they have been here in the forum (keep clicking on older messages to look back through history of this forum)
my bad... keep clicking on "Older Topics"
Hi Vic,

Thanks for the info, but I wasn't disputing whether these points were turned in or not, I think Terry was concerned that they were not turned in.

I think Louisiana is pretty good about posting points and turning them in, we just need to get everyone on the same page so that the points get turned in for every tourney in every city.

I don't think the points make that much of a difference anyway in the long run, or at least at this point.

And a correction to my last note in the "new season has begun" forum, I meant to say that all the points were NOT turned in for every tourney in the past years and yet they gave out the custom discs and we got to play for extra money anyway, and it should be 5 years since the Southern Nationals started not 4, sorry!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for all that you do, and for posting our local points.

hey robin,

i realize you wee not disputing the fact that we'd turned in the points.

i mostly addressed my post to both you and TZ because you folks were discussing the points situation and i thought you'd be interested...

i do agree with what you said about the disappointment factor. i've been a SN fan / participant for three years and the points never have been correctly tallied in those years...

also, please do not let ronnie eat so many wheeties for breakfast. hs is throwing much too far lately and making way too many putts. :^)>

look forward to seeing you folks in s'port for the Btier...
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