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Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes

Posted by Local Pro 
Local Pro
Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes
December 17, 2002 01:10PM
It was brought to my attention the other day that our local Am's are getting disturbed because (in there eyes) the pro's are taking the majority of the winnings week after week. BTW Our local crew (30+ players (only 6 pro's)) have a BDD Scramble every weekend for $5 per player. The winnings are broken down similar to SN tourny's. For instance 28 players = $140 broken down we would pay $60 - $40 - $30 - $10 for four places...spreading the wealth. Naturally giving more chances to cash. Again, the Am's complaint is the same, Pro's are winning all the money weekly. So their solution is to penalize the Pro players with a +3 stroke handicap/disadvantage. Basicly starting on hole #1 at 3 over par. This is to compensate for the less skilled players to up their chances of cashing. Now, we already have a 3 stroke handicap for the women and grand masters. (this has worked out fairly well--our women and old guys need it ;^) But now you start adding 3 strokes to Pro's...This creates an odd offset... ie...If a Pro and women team up, you start even 0. If a woman and grand master team up, they start at -6...If a Pro is the odd man, and pays for two throws, he would start at +6....Where is all this going????
Are our Pro's that good???? Or, are our Am's just crying because they don't get a good pick/partner. If you ask me, thats the whole meaning of "Blind-Draw-Doubles-Scramble." I just thought I'd throw this out to the whole DG population and get a majority ruling. Because this may effect my annual income by about 60%.
Re: Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes
December 17, 2002 01:49PM
Being one of the oldies but baddies I agree with that we don't need to penalize the Pro's for being good.

btw...that idea came from a Pro! What was he thinking? ;-)

I've seen several doubles matches put on by people like Scott Stokely and Brian Maceman where they made sure that no two Pros were teamed together. This seems to be a fair way for the Am's to have a chance at winning and to not penalize the pros.

Even though we are talking about the Lafayette area ( thing ya' know I'll be calling "Local Pro" by his real name), we would like to get everone's input on this.

Thanks for listening...IS THERE AN ECHO IN HERE?
Re: Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes
December 17, 2002 04:16PM
I don't consider paying only a third of the field "spreading the wealth". If there are 28 players, then there is 14 teams, so pay out 7 places. this is called spreading the wealth. Remember that it is just for fun anyhow, and blind luck draw! So just go out and ace one for Jim.

Willy BTc
Re: Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes
December 17, 2002 05:13PM
I think in league or in doubles a third of the field is all that should be paid out. Sure it's for fun, but the entry is only $5. Half is way too much.

And no pros should not be given any strokes. But maybe you can be sure that a Pro doesn't end up with another pro.
Re: Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes
December 17, 2002 07:27PM
Thanks Zinger...I agree. Spoken like a real pro...;-)

Die-hard Disc Golfer
Re: Penalize Pro's 3 Strokes
December 17, 2002 08:04PM
I am a local that does play BDD quite often. Giving the 3 strokes to women seniors jrs was a nice gesture, it does give those in those divisions a BETTER CHANCE of placing. Most in those divisions do not have the D or the consistancy the others DO have. I think it is very unfair to penalize the Pro/Adv. for having the game we all WISH we could. We are drawing more people to our course because the course itself is a challange. The strokes GIVEN are done so to try and help bring more of the crowd in, therefore increasing the pot AND the payout. By penalizing our better players, WHY would they want to even think of coming to Laf. or even our local pros sticking around when they are having strokes SUBTRACTED because of their dedication and skill and years of playing???? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE LAFAYETTE, ARE WE TRYING TO SCARE BETTER SKILLED PLAYERS FROM PLAYING OUR SUNDAY BDD????
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