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PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs

Posted by Danny Reeves Jr. 
PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
December 22, 2002 02:18PM
Hi. Let me start by saying that I live in Monroe, and am a member of the Twin City Chain Gang. I love this sport and would like to see it go to the next level. My point with this is to raise awareness to people (myself included) getting ripped off on EBAY. The seller in question is BRIAN MOON. He is a coordinator for the Birmingham area. Recently I purchased 2 CE Valkryies from Brian for a total of $48, shipping included. It has been over a month now and still no discs. Maybe to some of you, $48 is not alot. But it is for me. I have never been taken by anyone on Ebay before this, and I buy quite a few things on there.

But this guy really isn't bothered by this and did not even offer remedy this situation. He simply blamed it on the PO and said his feedback speaks for itself. It saddens me to get taken by a PDGA representative. If our great sport is in the hands of people like this, we are doomed.

Alot of you who read this probably played in the Turkey Shoot a month ago. I played in a doubles mini on that Friday with the Zinger. I like all the people that I've met since getting involved with this sport and I just wanted to let everyone know what is going on. Hopefully we can all come together and see that fellow friends never get the shaft if we can help it. Well I've said my piece. Thanks for listening . I'm off to Lazarre.

Sicerely, Danny Reeves Jr.
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
December 23, 2002 06:49PM
Thanks Danny. I hope everything works out for you. I hate getting the shaft. Peace
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
December 23, 2002 08:59PM
Hi Danny,

I really don't think you have given me a fair shake in this. Your email started off on a bad note by immediately accusing me of things and threatening to post this message and report me to the PDGA. I responded to you stating that there were others reporting that their discs had not arrived from the same mail out. I am forced to give the PO a generous amount of time before I can simply start handing people's money back. Perhaps you are the scammer. Perhaps you are throwing those discs as I type. What do you have to show otherwise? Yes, I did not have Delivery Confirmation (the last time I assure you) on the package. But, when you start and email by attacking someone, you can not expect to get a great deal of respect in return.

FWIW, I run the web site you are posting on. It is hosted for free, on my own personal web server that I pay for. It is my gift to the Southern Nationals. Jim and I have been friends for years now. Most of the items I have sold on Ebay have been in fact discs I am selling for Jim. The Valkyries in question were not, however.

Given an appropriate amount of time, I will take the proper measures to resolve the problem. However, the PO has advised me that anything mailed after Nov 15 should be given until Jan. 15 to show up at either the destination or back to the sender. Had you asked for a resolution rather than being hostile, I would have been a bit more friendly about the matter.
It seems we have communicated more on this website than in our emails. I hoped we could get this worked out. But you came back and said, and I quote " do what you must, my feedback speaks for itslef." You made no mention of giving me my money back or other discs or anything. So yea, I did what I had to do. And as far as me having the discs. I have better things to do than try a scam like that. I was aggravated so I started typing. It's a free country. Maybe the discs will show up somewhere and we can forget about this. Until then, I'm out $48. No hard feelings, maybe it is just a big mistake. Later

Better Business Bureau
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
December 25, 2002 04:14PM
Brian "Full" Moon,

It sounds like you are, in fact, hosing Danny. In the interest of Danny, the rest of us on the board, disc golf and mankind as a whole, please give Danny his discs or his money back. This doesn't seem like too big of a request. If you have already spend his jack, I would be happy to send him $48 just to not have to hear of this type of thing happening on our Disc Golf boards (the pot-smoking issue is hurting us enough).

Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
December 25, 2002 09:31PM
If the PO says anything sent after Nov 15 should wait until Jan 15, then Danny should wait till then before everyone lashes out about this.
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
January 02, 2003 09:50AM
Okay, I think I need to say something. Danny, I've been friends with Brian for years, and I can safely say that Brian has not ripped you off of anything. Just think about what you're saying for a minute, and then look at the facts. Brian has sold hundreds of dollars worth of discs on ebay and has not had a single problem yet. And his name is fairly well known in some disc golf circles. Do you honestly think he's going to risk ruining his feedback (which you already did), his name and his reputation over your $48? Get real. Now I have no idea what kinds of emails you two exchanged, but IF what he says is true and you started threatening him from the very beginning, I probably wouldn't have been very polite to you in my responses either. But like I said, I haven't seen the emails, so I can't really comment on that.

Now I'm not blaming you for being upset. Hell, I would be too if I bought something that I didn't receive. It has in fact happened to me, more than once, since I deal with ebay quite a bit. But you do realize what time of year it was when you purchased the discs, don't you? Have you seen the Post Office during the month of December? There are lines almost to the door all day long. Like Brian said, the post office doesn't guarantee anything during the Christmas rush.

I think people need to learn to be a little more patient, especially before they start slamming others on message boards. It's far too easy to drag someone's name through the mud, and far too hard to rebuild a damaged reputation. Like Brian AND the Post Office said, give it a couple more weeks, then try again to resolve the situation, perhaps with a little more civility.
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
January 02, 2003 01:22PM
I bought a disc from Brian about a month ago and received it fairly quickly. It was in November, however, and I only live 140 miles or so from B'ham.
So far, I've had good luck with the post office in my eBay dealings and haven't lost anything yet. (knock on wood) I misaddressed a box and it didn't get to the right customer. I sent them another item and eventually, the first item was send back to me by the PO. In another situation, a guy said he send a money order I never received. The items were never sent and we talked about it and were going to make other arrangements when the darn thing finally showed up about a month after he sent it. Everything worked out OK.

Give it some more time and try to work it out with Brian. Even though people say they are not responsible for items after they leave their possession and if people don't get insurance. I do feel some responsibility in doing all I can to get an item to someone and added responsibility if it doesn't arrive. I've bought insurance on my own for high dollar items I've sent becuase I didn't ask the buyer to and wanted to cover myself. No problems yet, luckily. Just another 2-cents worth. RwC
I am patiently waiting. I would like to say that I was not threatening Brian in any of my emails to him. I may have sounded pissed but it was over a month after I payed. I recieved 2 emails from Brian in response to this. Brian, you never offered anything. You say the post office messed it up. Makes sense to me. It was Christmas. I am waiting. Have been waiting since Nov. 21. Will continue to wait..... What else can I do?
I missed the civility part before GSL. OK. Thanks for the tip on customer relations. you know, I am losing my patience. Is this not a world of free economics. Does one not have the right to speak out when he has been wronged. That's why they put negative feedback options on ebay. For stuff like this. It doesn't matter what happened. So far I am out $48 bucks. That's what it comes down to. You tell me to be civil!?! Man, i am just going to stop typing now...
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
January 03, 2003 09:02AM
But see, Danny, you're just reinforcing my point. You say you're losing your patience...that's fine. Believe me, I understand. Like I said, I would be too at this point. But you've got your anger pointed in the wrong direction. Why are you so pissed at Brian, if he did in fact ship the discs weeks ago like he said? How is any of this HIS fault, unless he just misaddressed it or something? The only people you should be mad at are at the post office, and at yourself for not shelling out the $1.30 for insurance, should the discs wind up being lost by the po. And all of this is irrelevant anyway, because AGAIN, it could show up any day now and still be well withing the post office's "estimated" date. So yeah, I'm sorry to sound rude, but you could in fact use "the tip on customer relations", as you put it. Because again, you left him negative feedback, and then came here and slammed him, all for something he has absolutely NO control over.
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
January 03, 2003 11:41AM
I just received an email from a guy in Canada I sent a disc over two weeks ago, maybe longer. He said it hasn't arrived and that's quite possible. I suppose I'll tell him wait a while longer because the rest of the discs I sent in that batch have arrived. If it doesn't arrive, I'll deal with it then. It was not an expensive disc, so I could likely work out some sort of deal with him. Of course, I don't want to be out the value of the disc and the shipping either. RwC
Did you not read my other post GSL? Brian says the PO messed up. FINE.
Actually I'm past this. I chalked that money up to the game a long time ago.
Now I just wish the discs would show up so we can forget about all of this. Or we can just go back and forth with each other on this message board. I have been cool on this board but you seem to want to talk down to me. You don't know me. Keep your tips to yourself pal. And tell Brian not to worry about the discs. This has been worth $50.
Re: PDGA Coordinators/ Rippoffs
January 03, 2003 11:33PM
Can someone just delete this thread? All kinds of bad karma going around here.
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