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Poll - Lost Discs

Posted by BR DGer 
Poll - Lost Discs
December 29, 2002 08:07AM
If you find one with a name on it, do you turn it in to the desk or keep it?
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 29, 2002 09:52AM
Turn it in to the desk, especially if it has a name on it.

I lost two discs in the lake at Cossar Saturday and I'd love to have them back. They have my name on them and if anyone finds them, you know where to find me. RwC
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 30, 2002 01:13AM
If it has a name on it, turn it in. Putting a phone number is on it is good, unless you have a thing about not putting your phone number on your disc. Of course your phone number is in the phonebook, on your checks, and, every place else. Why not put it on your disc. I love those calls that say I found your disc. If there is no name then after 30 days it's mine. Sorry, buy a disc borrow a sharpie or better yet, buy one and keep it in your bag. Discs, marker disc, towel, and a sharpie, essentials for a golf bag.
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 30, 2002 06:10PM
I know I'd love to have all the discs I've lost, back. Give em' back!
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 30, 2002 08:17PM
consider it a donation. you could not find it. someone else could. they will make good use of it. you will buy a new one. they might like it. they might be a novice. money well spent.

Esteves Barlow
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 31, 2002 10:56AM
I have even heard of some cracker jacks blocking out the names on the discs and writing their own.

Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 31, 2002 06:56PM
Dude - Where's my disc???

Lost discs are inevitable, if I know the person I usually keep it in my trunck until I see that person, oh yea, Jimmy Burns I got one of your discs in my trunk, Doh! I don't expect to get them back, but if I see one in a novices hand, and it is one that I really want back, I'll trade him something else for it, always keep old discs in the trunk.

Another fun game is to give away a bunck of old discs to novices, and see which ones get returned to you when they just leave your name on the back. It's a blast!!!
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 31, 2002 07:21PM
I know what cha mean Will...I gave out about a dozen old discs this past year and 3 of them have already been returned.!

And here's the best one...someone found a disc I lost in the creek on hole #9...after it was in there for 2 years! And I can throw it just as bad as I did then...;-)
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
December 31, 2002 08:40PM
I have never been called once in the six years I have been playing.
Cossar diver rescues Disc`s :)
January 01, 2003 09:35PM
Happy New Year from Oakland, Miss. home of Yocona Ridge er I mean Cossar State Park. Myself, Josh Patterson and Joe Wiseman played a couple of rounds today and I thought I was in Discular Heaven. The water has gone down alot so we are gonna be finding more. Alot of you just put your name on the discs which is fine with the exception that we cannot return them to the proper owner. If you lost one in the wicked hole of 13, 14, or 17 or 18 or 3 or you get the picture, send me an e-mule and tell me what you lost and I will gladly return these puppies to you. Some of you haven`t had them long have you? :) Yo RwC got one of yours, a fine lookin orange flavored JK Pro Valkyrie. Have left a couple of messages on phone numbers also. I am just like everybody else if you find it try to make an effort to get it back home. Will be checking the park every day in fact Saturday looks good for a couple of rounds. I know alot of you were here last Saturday and we had a huge time just that frickin wind. :) Please come back and get some more games in. Josh is working on alternates on a good many of the holes. We played the second round on the proposed alternates. Some were sweet some were a mother and then some were just plain nasty. :) Heck we are just tickled the course is out of the water. Will post later after the next rescue attempt. My feet are still numb after saving RwC`s...:) Ping Pong Paris
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 02, 2003 04:52AM
Mrs Goby lost a 150g class white Cheetah at Lafayette on Wed. Just got forgotten on one of the holes after a bunch of practice throws. Probably on middle nine. Has either Mike Taylor (me) or LaVern Taylor (Mrs Goby) written, plus my e-mail ( If you find it, please drop me a line. I'll be in Lafayette for the tournament on the 11th and can get it then. Thanks!
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 02, 2003 10:06AM
Someone called me about 3 months ago that they found my CE Eagle and then never heard anything again
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 02, 2003 12:03PM
Oh most awesome Ping Pong!!! I owe ya one!!! I got your message about my Tye Dye Eagle!!! Thank you for holding it for me!!! I'll catch up with you either in Little rock 1/4, Florence 1/18 Tisho 2/1 or Wall Doxey 2/8. I can't make Columbus(darn it!!!). Might catch ya sometime in between at the Dox!! Thanks again!!! Griff
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 02, 2003 02:32PM
Was it here at Cossar?
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 02, 2003 04:29PM
A couple of months ago I was sitting under the pavilion at Meeman-Shelby when a teenager approached me. He had been told by one of the locals that he was playing with my disc. Sure enough, it was one of mine lost several years ago.

He handed it to me and I asked if he liked playing with it. He said that it was his favorite. I asked him his name, took out my sharpie and signed it over to him. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. I felt pretty good about it, too.
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 02, 2003 07:36PM
Mike, I'll spread the word around the Acadiana Park course about LaVern's lost disc. If the alligators didn't eat (actually our mosquitos are more dangerous) someone should have found it by now.

I'll send you an e-mail on Sunday if we have it.

Bring a bunch down on the t-shirts, CTP's, extra money added to the pro purse, and oh yeah...9 bag tags under #30!

Joe T
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 03, 2003 04:04AM
Thanks, Joe. I forgot to mention, too, that a visiting friend from the Pittsburg PA area left an orange Z-XS on hole 17, on the initial fairway, on the same day. It landed high up in a tree (experimental throw) that will easily be blown down. Readily visible about 35 ft up in the tree tops. Has the name of Kalan Ickes inside. If that one is returned, I'll send it up to him.

Thanks, you guys are a great bunch. Looking forward to the 11th. I'm sure a lot of BR folks will be anxious to swap higher numbers for those lower numbers. I sure will..... =8)
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 05, 2003 08:51PM
No luck on those discs Mike. Check with us at the registration desk next Saturday; we may have them by then.

Found one disc today
January 05, 2003 10:15PM
It belonged to Fair Hayes of the older style, got in touch with him today and his disc is headed back home to him tommorow. Still have a few disc`s with names on them so if anybody knows anybody who is still looking for theirs tell them to send me an e-mule. Ping Pong Paris
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 08, 2003 11:28AM
I am honor-bound to lcate the owner of ANY disc I find! If it has no name or markings, all that can be done is ask around, but I usually carry them to any tournaments or courses I play and see if I can locate an owner.

When a name or phone number is there, it is a lot easier!

I always tell the new players when they buy a disc to put their name or a phone number in it. The chances of a return are a lot higher if you mark it!

Just my 2 cents. . .
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 09, 2003 09:55PM
I lost a disc in florida and didn't go back for a year. the last time i went back and played in florida , there was a guy that said he had a disc of mine.

I just talked to a guy in houston on wed (1/9/03) THAT said he found a disc that i lost at tx states 2 years ago on the dragon hole .

i read an artical in disc golf world news about a disc that traveled all over the country before it finaly got back to the guy , some guy in idaho found the disc on his course . it belonged to a guy that lived in New Mexico , he had lost it 3 years before in New Mexico on his home course . crazy things do happen.

Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 10, 2003 08:22AM
I read that at Morley Field in San Diego, the pro shop pays a finder's fee of $1 to the finder of a lost disc. If a name and number are written on the disc that person is contacted. They can get their disc from the pro shop for a "ransom" of $1. Seems like a good idea to me and it gives the finder some incentive to turn it in.

Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 10, 2003 10:02AM
I'd willingly pay $1 to get back some of the plastic I've lost. I still have blue/gray Stingray in the water off the peninsula hole at Cossar. I'd give $1 to get it back. RwC
Josh P.
Re: Poll - Lost Discs
January 10, 2003 01:12PM

the water is going down pretty fast here, unless it is a ways out we should find it very soon. Matter of fact, I'll check today and see if I can see it and I'll take it to Tish also.
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