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pay out at tournaments

Posted by jim 
pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 04:06PM
this is what i use,

open pro 1-3 one 4-6 two 7-9 three after that 1 out of every 3
pro masters the same
gm pro ladies 1-3 one 4-6 two 7-9 three after this add one spot , these two divison are growing and a smaller base of players,
advance 1-3 one 4-6 two 7-9 three and 1/3 after that
am master same as adv
am wowen 1-3 one 4-6 two 7-9 three 1/3 after that ,plus each player gets one disc for playing.
am men 1-3 one 4-6 two 1/3 after that plus one
also on the pay out of ams it should drop $10 per dro
exp. 1st $ 50 med 2nd. $40 3rd $30 so fiquire out how much and then drop it $ a spot , in the old days we gave so much to first place they would not move up. this helps alot .

now on the large tournaments i give each am a disc for coming and it is marked on the flyer , such as the ice bowl coming up in hattiesburg.

on novice and jrs. i give them a choice of 2 discs and a mini or a small bag , and first gets a plaque this is a non competing divison and should not be for prizes.

all td do not run the same prizes , the flyer should let you know what is going to happen, if your trying something new let players know what is going to happen.
pro pay out i try to pay 1st a little more than second with $20 drops after that depending on the funds and if there was any sponsorship money
payout should be posted during lunch on a 1 day tournament and sunday moring on a two day tournament . players should check it out and ask question before the final round. dont forget to take out for s.n. fees , plaques if they were not donated , any any local fees you might have.

some tournaments when i give a basket away i take a $1 a person and eat the rest and someone goes home with a basket. this way you have hope till the last throw.

soon we will form a board and they will make these decision for you , i have tried to keep if fun and simple. i hope we all remember why we play this fun game and keep it that way as long as possible. but please speak up and ask question, and remember to be calm when asking a td why he did something and you will get a better answer. we have some new td now thank god so take care of them, many strong areas in some area now have few tournaments due to td burnout and a lack of pitching in to help.
now go ace one for me ,jim
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 05:19PM
I believe that the Tournaments should also hold out some money for their local Club. I thought that was one reason to have a make money for the local Club to improve their courses or to add courses.

Tony Bass
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 05:35PM
I agree with you there Brad. I don't think it should be very much, but I think they should keep a little for course improvements. This may also encourage people to step up and put on more tournaments.
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 07:54PM
yes , that is why each td can run a tournament the way they want. each area has things they want to do with some of the funds, such as updating the course , adding funds for their larger tournaments, adding baskets and so fourth.
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 08:00PM
I disagree with holding out any money from entry fees to make money for local clubs unless it is clearly stated beforehand. There is plently of money to be made off the prizes for the am players. I agree with Jim O. that T. D. burnout is a problem for many areas and can be solved with more people pitching in to help. If more LOCALS would run fundraiser tournaments, less emphasis would be placed on making money from SNDG tournaments and out of towners. If you want more money for YOUR clubs, get off your duff and pitch in to help.
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 08:16PM
your right mac , if a tournament is run right you should not have a problem , players will let you make a mistake once but donot make it a second time. you should say on your flyer if you plan on taking any money from the purse. sponsorship is what is holding us back. the bag tag has been the best thing that we have done so far.
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 01, 2003 09:12PM
Mac and Jim, I have to agree with you. If local clubs want to raise money, there are plenty of things they can do at the local level. Fund raising tournaments, hole sponsorship, membership dues, etc...

We started off doing that here at Cossar, but our club fell apart and never really tried to reorganize. We probably could have made some, for lack of a better word, improvements or additons to the course if the club had stayed together.
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 03, 2003 11:42AM
Just to add my two cents worth, there is plenty of ways to make money for the club/course by local running their own tournaments, without taking money out of the pot. Yes the TD, or the person selling the discs at the tournaments have a way to make money that can go twords the course or club, or just put back into the pot for that tournament. The discs are sold to the TD at a TD price, and even though one can not make a living doing that, it does help out and to me is worth the time, and lack of warm up time at the tournaments.

So I can't agree with clubs holding money from the players to fix up thier courses.
Willy BTc
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 03, 2003 01:53PM
Ths may be an ignorant question.....if Memphis(or Hattiesburg, Mobile, Etc.etc.) wants to hold a tourney specifically stating that X amount will go to the development of this specific new course(assuming approval of land, site, etc. is finalized) is this thread of discussion stating that it could not be a SNDG event? Just a query. Griff
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 06, 2003 01:46PM
I don't think so, just maybe state that on the flyer, message board, or where ever you post it. I'm sure that plenty of people would still show up to help support the course and the town that is trying to improve their disc golf.
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 08, 2003 12:56PM
if a golfer turns down pro winnings they retain AM status...
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 08, 2003 12:58PM
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 08, 2003 01:14PM
there are alot of dg'ers (adv masters) in the PDGA that retain their AM status so they can go to AM Worlds every year.

there are tons of 'em that go back to AW year after year... and seemed to have no intention of ever really turning pro.... (or maybe if they would win AW they would move up)

anyway, it is common around the USA to maintain AM status and remain in the ADV Master div....
Re: pay out at tournaments
January 11, 2003 12:49AM
ok here is my few ... yall make like me or not from my last entry but i say.....i agree w/not taking money from the tourneys ..if you want to make money for your local clubs great but do it buy donating food and cook it for the players charge the right amount for it and youll fine that we help our own. youll be amazed at the amount that you will get just buy asking for the money as a gift not stealing it from the tourney.

as the local civitains /kawanis(pardon the miss spell) carity here in town knows. discgolfer are generous as it is. they sponsore a annual tourney just for them and they reap greattly from it. i think if you want money for your course you should work for it and not rob from the game or your tourney. take these things i have suggested and think about them.

but i also say do as we do if you see it need improvement just do it ( within reason ofcourse). take it upon yourself to make your discgolf clubs and corses better dont rely on someone we all know IF WANT SOMETHING DONE RIGHT DO IT YOURSELF!. dont be a bystandard that talks talks talks and yet doesnt do anything or dont play when you hold a local tourney ment .

just another add by disc like it or not its the real deal....truth hurts sometimes...

fly straight and far . above all have fun!!! l8trz
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