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25th Annual Louisiana State Championship - September 24th & 25th - Acadiana Park | Pa Davis Park | The Horse Farm - Lafayette, LA

Posted by jacques 
joal T. Wrote:
> wheres the results?

160 players. One TD. It's only Tuesday.

And it's the start of grinding season......It's a shame your 1st post in 3 years was this bad!!!!

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Results are compiled. I will post everything this evening when I get home from work.

I caught somebody's cold/flu this weekend and I have not been 100% the past few days or this would have been done already.

Remember, patience is a virtue.
Hope you feet better Jacques thanks for letting be apart of the largest attened La. States ever. Matt and I got to see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones. Very nice to see so many helping out at the tournament. Hope to see everyone soon, Jim!

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"Remember, patience is a virtue" Jacques

I believe this bunch is more in tune with vices rather than virtues. :>)
Any chance of a report on lost discs picked up after the weekend. Lost a super cool yellow bottom stamped Destroyer at Duzee (sp) Sunday. Worst part was that we had a spotter.
Can anyone tell me what happened to all the leftover tournament stamped disc?
@anurgetodance - after the amateur divisions received their payout on Sunday, there were only a few left, some DX San Marino Rocs and some R-Pro Aviars. All of the champion and star plastic discs were given in players packs and awarded as payout.
Everybody received a players pack consisting of...

one tournament stamped star or champion plastic disc from Innova
a tournament tee-shirt
lunch - boudin from the Best Stop, po-boys from Olde Tyme Grocery, wings from Hooters, chips, cookies and drinks

I assigned a value of $32 to the players packs.

In addition, all novice and junior players received a ticket for $10 worth of merchandise from Primo Plastic (Bwana Bob).

All of the players packs were 100% sponsored, meaning they had ZERO impact on payouts.

$1,900 cash was added to pro divisions. $1,100 to pro open - $400 to pro masters men - $50 to pro masters women - $250 to grandmasters - $100 to senior grandmasters

Top 45% (at least) in pro divisions were payed out.

Top 50% in amateur divisions were payed out to 130% of entry fees. First place received baskets, second and third place received bags and discs, all others received discs.

Ties in all pro divisions split cash. Ties in all amateur divisions split merchandise, with the exception of am men which played off for third place because the bag and trophy could not be split.

All three ace pots were decided by throw-off. Brooks Newell and James Leblanc split the ace pot for the Duzee, Dwight Legrand took the pot for the Horse Farm and Carl Darbonne took the pot for Pa Davis.

RB Garza won the mini-basket throw off and took home an Innova mini-basket. He also flat out DOMINATED the ring-of-fire.

Tyson and the Flight Club did a flawless job of handling the CTPs for this event. They put a CTP or Longest Putt prize on every hole on all three courses. All of these prizes were played and won by division. In the end, a few went unclaimed and were added to the ring-of-fire.

I'm going to post the results by division because of how I did the spreadsheet for the tournament and because this website is HORRIBLE for posting lists of any type.
TD'ing LA States this year was a strange mixture of exciting, exhausting, frustrating, humbling, satisfying and enjoyable.

I would run out of superlatives to express how sincerely grateful I am to everybody who helped put this event together. I would hate to leave anybody out, so I won't even try to name names. I hope one big THANK YOU will suffice.

I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones and I hope everybody had a good time at this event, imperfect as it was.

I am sending Mr. Joe Todd a copy of the spreadsheet containing this information. He has to do some copying and pasting to correct the format before submitting it to John K. I'm sure this will happen in the next few days. Please be patient.

Send me a PM if you see a misspelling or if you notice that I screwed something up with your information. Mistakes happen and I guarantee it will get corrected.

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Apparently it is becoming customary to say "boom" after posting payouts, so here you go...


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 09/28/2011 10:15PM by jacques.
Oh snap, I think you covered it all Jacques. You are the man! LOL!!!!!!
Thank You Jacques!

You and everyone else involved with this event did a fantastic job!
I don't think it matters but, I won a CTP and not a ring of fire.....

Keith "Sunshine" B.
I'm going to post the results by division because of how I did the spreadsheet for the tournament and because this website is HORRIBLE for posting lists of any type.

SHHHH... we don't talk about that kind of thing around here.

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Great job Jacques on the tournament and the scores...and especially the payout!

I haven't received the spreadsheet yet so, if you did email it, can you send it again to
Jacques are y'all selling those extra tourney stamped disc? I'm thinking I may want to get one of those Aviars, I got a Roc during the tourney.
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