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Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff

Posted by will t 
Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
January 03, 2003 11:30AM
Just to let people know,

The Pro SNDG Championships will be on August 30th and 31st

Friday will be a bring your partner doubles, and early sign up at Highland Park, the time is not yet known (there is still over half a year till this) but it will be a get it and go with at least 2 groups.

The price is not yet fixed, but it will be lower than last year, and with help from sponserships (help me here please!) we should have a great turnout.

I'm trying to make sure that we will have concrete tee-boxes by then as well, and any changes that happen I will let ya'll know. Things like I will be combining the red and white tees at greenwood to make the Gold tees. Most of them will remain where the reds are now, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, will all stay the same, but there may be slight changes in all courses, depending on if we have perminant concrete, or if we need to move them out of the mud holes that are there now.

Camping at Greenwood will be FREE for the SNDG Chps, and the all have power and water. I think I counted over 20 hook ups back there the other day, and the bathroom will be fixed up as well.

Remember that there is a home LSU game (1st on of the year) that Saturday night, so I am working on the Host Hotel now, and once I know something, I'll pass it on.

That's enough for now,
Will T
So far I've been to see the Microtel Suites and Innand the Baymont Inn both on Seigen Ln and I-10. I've not yet got any spacifics on what to expect, but they both seem to be receptive to me. I'm hoping that I can get rooms for @ $45.00 a night for up to 4 people. I'll keep everyone posted.


Will T
Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
January 16, 2003 07:21PM

I will call the baton rouge sport foundation and see what they can do for us , and what they can't i will see what i can do for you with some of my sponsers from la open . let me know what kinda help you need and what i can do to get the ball rolling .

Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
January 16, 2003 07:29PM

If you want you can call these guys or guy and see what they have to say , and if there is anything they can do for SN CHampionship an LA OPEN

There names and Phone # is Jerry Stoball or Vince Trinadad at the Baton Rouge sports foundation , i will call them when i get a chance and see what they can do for us if anything , but if you have time and want to you can give them a buzz , the guy that told me about them was the guy that runs the ultimate tourney out there the Mardi Gras maddness Ultimate tourney . He said that they could talk to Misty and work it out with brec so that we could use the hooters name and see about getting mockler bev. on board witch would be big , cus they could do some advertising for us and would probably give some money as a sponser .

Let me know if you call them , and if i bet you to it , i will let you know what they say and if they can do anything for us . They can probably help out with hotles to .

Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
January 16, 2003 09:24PM
Are you sure of the date and place? The front page of the SN website says Pro tournament is in Memphis on Labor Day weekend. The PDGA site also says the tournament is in Memphis again this year. Of course the "tournaments" section of the SN website doesn't have the tournament listed at all, so that's no help...just checking :)
Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
January 17, 2003 11:53AM
You get em Dave!

On another note, I think that the winner of the Southern National Championship should have his entry fee paid by the Southern National's in addition to the money he wins for the Tournament. Thus, he would at that point be the Southern National Representative. In my opinion, money should start being set aside now for that.

Also, if the winner does not intend to go to the USDGC, I believe that the money should go to the next eligible person that is going. 2nd...3rd...whatever. Note, the money should only be used for the Entry Fee which is quite steep.


p.s. Will, do you have a list yet of what Sponsorship Levels you will have? For example, if someone wanted to donate $25, what would they get for that? Hole Sign...etc? I know it's early but just thought I would ask.
Brad, good idea about paying the representative's entry fee. I'd say $225 is pretty steep. Even IF i could qualify, which is very, very unlikely, $225 plus expenses would be hard to swing. I would hope there would be enough sponsor money (bag tag money?) to swing the entry fee. RwC
As soon as I get a chance to get on line with a little time I'll put it in a thread on this site.

As far as the payment into the USDGC, I finished 9th place, and still used my winnings to enter the USDGC. (except for the extra $50 to enter the PDGA - for a whole 3 months) So it will be up to the winner to decide if that is what they want to go or not.

My 4 cents,

Mr. Timmons
Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
January 18, 2003 08:31PM
we are fixing the web page this week to say br and hattiesburg , for 203 should of been done sooner ,jim
I'm back again with info for a tourny that is still months away.

We have come up with the entry fees for the SNDGC.
Open - $70
Masters - $60
G-Mast - $50
Open Women - $50

There will be a $5 late sign up fee for those who wait 'till the morning of the tournament.

I am hopeful that there will be sponsorship money to cover the $5 non-PDGA fees for those that are not members, but if you sign up now, you get a cool mag, and there are more and more PDGA tournaments creaping into our area so go ahead and support the PDGA!

I still need help with sponsors, so please help.


Will T
How come nobody's talking about the AM championships. I was thinking abou attending, but it seems like all the talk is about the PRO event. I hope the Am championships will be worth a 7hour drive to Hattiesburg. Just wondering. RwC
Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
February 18, 2003 12:40PM

it is probably because more volunteers are stepping up for the BR event that are computer geeks :^p

not everyone is a forum user... in fact if you think about it we are probably the minority (it is really just a handful of folks that post here with regularity)

the Hburg event will be wonderful!

it will be HUGE if history is an indicator.

you should indeed make every effort to attend, imo...

considering you have worked your way up the points ladder due to your skills, you should do well at that event.

ps, if the Hburg folks need help with flyers, building a web site or coming up with marketing materials for sponsorships-- just say the wwword!

keep in mind Paul B J park has bunkhouses and cabins!! how great is THAT.
(reserve your spot NOW!!)
Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
February 18, 2003 01:03PM
I can testify that SNBT#89 has already helped with the Memphis Tournament in May and done a great job. I would take him up on his offer!

I also plan on attending the Hattisburg Tournament and look forward to more info! From rumblings and rumors from past events, I hear they do a good job down there in MS. ;)

VL, thanks for the nice complements. As it stands today, I do intend on making Hattieburg. That's one of the reasons I've played so many events in the past six or so months.

I hope to make the next six events up here, specifically Tishomingo, Florence, Tupelo, Birmingham (if it's SNDG), Wall Doxey and of course, Bud Hill.

I just hope I don't get any BS from people in the Adv Master division since I've won a few events. Someone was PO'd at me after Doxey because I won by such a big margin over the majority of the field. It's not like that in every event.

I intend to keep playing Adv Master in those next six to keep climbing up the points ladder. Who knows what can happen if I keep playing well. I just don't want any TD's to keep me from entering that division.

After Bud Hill, I'll likely play in advanced because those guys still beat me fairly regularly. Plus, they're younger. Not ready to return to Master at this time. I'll keep playing Advanced Master in PDGA events, if I make it to any.

I hope to be able to play against some of those southern SNDG'ers, Goby, Rob O'Dell, etc., in B'ham or Bud Hill to see how I stack up against them. Should be fun. Thanks, RwC
Tony Bass
Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
February 18, 2003 01:31PM
To everyone,

SNBT #69 is correct when he said the AM Championship is going to be wonderful! All of us here in Hattiesburg (all 7 of us) are going to do everything in our power to make it as great as we can. We've got a few things planned so far, but everyone should chime in with any ideas they have that would help make this the greatest tournament Paul B. Johnson has ever held. #69 we could use as much help as we can get! Speaking for myself and a couple other Valet members, trying to juggle this tourney, going to school, working part time, and not to mention trying to advance our game is quite an awesome responsibility! But we will manage, and it will be an awesome tourney! Everyone please reply with any ideas, sponsorships, etc..........

Re: Dates of SNDG Chps and other stuff
February 18, 2003 02:20PM
i think a good place to start is the tried & proven 25$ per hole sponsorship thing that toad has been so successful at...

18 X 25$ = 450$

as far as larger amounts, we should get together (with guidance from jimo) and put together a real sponsorship "package"

i have some documents started (a flyer converted into a sponsorship "form") but i am reluctant to run with the ball without some guidance from jimo and willybtc... although willbtc has been meeting with moi to start moving in that direction.


a couple of guys with their hands in their pockets that throw frisbees will likely never be successful in landing sponsors.

a couple of guys that have marketing documention and a well thought out "sales pitch" would likely be more successful...

it will never be "easy" to obtain sponsors-- and "we" need all the help "we" can get... being able to have a bidniz cut a check to the SN Championships is a huge first step.

for instance, the "documentation" should clearly feature the existing sponsors. BREC, Miss State Parks Dept, etc... and getting a letterhead from them would be a HUGE help, IMO.

we need Innova or Discraft to step up too :)
i am sure they already do a good bit to help jimo, but it is time for that next level, imo...
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