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SN Charitable Contributions

Posted by T_Bo_Max 
SN Charitable Contributions
January 25, 2012 10:23PM
With all the fundraisers going on in the Southern NationaIs, I would like to see this post get a sticky to the top of our forum list.

There are only 3 guidelines to replying to this topic:

1. This is not a discussion thread. Any conversation about Charitable Contributions can be started with another thread. This is just a quick way for us to put together info about what we give back to our communities. This is great info for us to know; as well as visitors to our site. Replies not in the format below will be deleted. Keep it simple but uniform for ease of viewing.

2. Add each Charitable Contribution as a separate post.

3. For ease of viewing, post the Charitable Contribution in the following format:

Name of Event
Name of Beneficiary
Amount of money donated
Years in existence. (example: 1998-2007)
Organizer(s): Club Affiliate(s)/Founder(s)
Sponsors: List businesses, organizations, and individuals who helped contribute. (optional, but recommended)
An SNDG link to the event posting(optional)

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Re: SN Charitable Contributions
January 25, 2012 10:38PM
I decided to start with one example from last year: Putting for Perkins. The TD or a TD-appointed volunteer should actually add this info. Delete this when someone who organized this event wants to put the info in.

Putting for Perkins
Eight Mile, AL (Mobile, AL)
May 14, 2011
Beneficiary: Emma Perkins, a 3 year old who was diagnosed with leukemia.
Contribution: $7300

Years in Existence: 1
Organizers: Jennifer Haring, Andrew Jordan, and Floyd Weaver. S.A.P.s Disc Golf Club
Sponsors: Like Nu, Mosley Meats, Bay Area Screw, Catfish Junction,, Key Chains Bike and Disc, S.A.P's, DeSoto County Disc Golf Club, La Cote Disc golf Course, Jennifer Haring, Ricky Martin, Floyd Weaver, Smokey, Brian Bakewell, Buddy Picatte, Michelle and Scott Cartwright, Jim Orum, and all the golfers who participated.
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Re: SN Charitable Contributions
January 26, 2012 01:02PM
Great idea T BO Max
Re: SN Charitable Contributions
January 26, 2012 08:03PM
Name of Event - 12th Tishomingo Ice Bowl
City - Tishomingo, MS
Date - January 21, 2012
Name of Beneficiary - Iuka Food Depot
Amount of money donated - $850 + 100# of canned goods
Years in existence. (example: 1998-2007)
Organizer(s): Club Affiliate(s)/Founder(s) - Bill McCarty/Chickasaw Disc Golf Club
Sponsors: List businesses, organizations, and individuals who helped contribute. This is an event where the players give, no sponsors!
An SNDG link to the event posting(optional)

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Re: SN Charitable Contributions
February 02, 2012 11:28PM
Name of the event: Bring a soldier home
City: Horn Lake, Ms.
Date: 12/10/11

Name of beneficiary: The Collins family
Amount of money donated: $1050
Years in Existence: 2011 but plan on bringing a soldier home to there family every year
Organizers: Michael P Reaume and Derek Baker, Desoto County Disc Golf Club
Sponsors: Boomers Burgers, Strikezone Bowling, Dan McGuiness Pub, Generations Bar and Grill, L & L Flooring

Canadian Mike
Re: SN Charitable Contributions
February 02, 2012 11:33PM
By the way T Bo Max. this is a GREAT IDEA to promote our sport in a POSITIVE way.
Re: SN Charitable Contributions
February 03, 2012 09:47AM
Winter bowl and it use to be called ice bowl has donated any where from 800. to 2000. for the last 15 years and Cecil tournament over 30,000. in the past 19 years. DISC GOLFERS do care and I hope we keep it up. At this year Winter Bowl DISC GOLFERS raised $850.00 for Team Focus.

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Re: SN Charitable Contributions
March 08, 2012 06:03PM
Flling for Life Tournament raises money for the American Cancer Societies Relay For Life. The tournament just completed its second year and in the two years we have raised over $4100.00. The tournament takes place at Blue Angel Park in Pensacola in February and is already on the schedule for 2013. I want to personally thank those that participate in this tournament. Without your support the total above would not be possible.

Ty Beach
Re: SN Charitable Contributions
April 02, 2012 12:53PM
I'm not sure if this is of the same nature, however this past weekend we raised a little over $700 for the Baker High School Disc Golf Club..

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Re: SN Charitable Contributions
June 03, 2012 01:56AM
The SN disc golf community raised $1400+ today at the City of Mobile Doubles Championship for a fellow disc golfer whose home was destroyed in a fire. Proud.
Re: SN Charitable Contributions
August 12, 2012 07:10AM
Name of Event - HPD Doubles
City - Hamilton, AL
Date - August 12, 2012
Name of Beneficiary - Hamilton Police Fund
Amount of money donated - $1080
Organizer(s): Club Affiliate(s)/Founder(s) - Leland Hanford

Bill Bullington
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