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Lake Lowndes IronMan 2003 April 12-13

Posted by Jeff 
Lake Lowndes IronMan 2003 April 12-13
January 12, 2003 05:07PM
I would like to announce the next tournament at Lake Lowndes in Columbus, MS. We will be holding a two day tournament on April 12th and 13th, 2003.

The format will be as follows:

Saturday -- All Divisions will play 3 ROUNDS OF SINGLES

8-9:15 Sign-ups
9:25 Player's meeting
9:45 Round 1
30 minutes then Round 2
1 hour lunch then Round 3

Sunday --- All Divisions 1 ROUND OF SINGLES

9:30 Round 4
30 minutes then 6 hole Final for Top 4 Open

We have some special holes laid out for the 6 hole Final that will be alot of fun to watch (5 of the 6 are water holes.)

Entry Fees: ($2 to SNDG, the rest for payouts/prizes)
Open $33
Advanced $30
Amateurs $25
Novice $20

As in our previous tournament we will be awarding metal minis as 1st place trophies. There is a possibility of metal minis being given for 2nd place as well. I will update this forum as soon as I have something more.

We've all played those tournaments with 2 rounds each day but do you have the juice to play that third competitive round of the day? And then can you get up the next day and finish off what you've started? Come show you're an IronMan!

OK for those of you who might want to see what I mean by metal mini check out: [] []

We currently have a picture of the old one up and just as soon as I get the new ones in my hands I'll have a picture of those up as well.

Or you could just ask Tony Bass, Russ Corey, Fair Hays, Todd Therrell, or Judy Haydel to see theirs. Kenny Collums and Daniel Minor also grabbed a pair in Sunday doubles.

OK this tournament is officially not going to happen now.

Hopefully we can get it rescheduled for the fall.

Look for a Summer Scorcher this summer, hopefully around mid June
Jeff, Summer in Columbus sounds like fun. Is there a particular reason why you decided to cancel the April event. Was it the conflict or something else?
I'm just curious.

P.S. Hope you got my directions to Florence and hope you and Judy can come. It's not going to snow, but it will be cold. (but judging from the shorts in winter, I guess that doesn't bother you much <G>. RwC

I am glad there will be no conflicts now. I will defintely plan on being in the Tournament in June. I love hot weather as opposed to cold!

The reason was indeed the conflict with the suposed Tupelo event.

As for Florence, Judy and I do want to come but we have one last logistic to figure out, our very large Newfoundland puppy named Sebastian. We may be bringing him with us, the good news is that he is very well behaved for a puppy.

I'd leave him in the backyard but he enjoys jumping over our 4 foot fence when left alone and it'll be too cold to leave the basset hound outside with him.

Just a word of advice. To tame the bear, one must drink 8 bottles of coors light and then growl like a lion with a cardboard box over ones head. THis is a tried and true method of taming a 120 pound newfoundland puppy. Or at least that's what I heard some guy did.
Actually we took him to the vet and he weighed in at 112 lbs....we think. His butt was hanging off the scale and we're not sure if some of his weight was on the floor..

So 112lb at 8 months....and still terrified of a drunk with a box on his head!
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