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SN Fee price raise?

Posted by Eric Day 
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 18, 2012 02:54PM
I don't either.. as long as you pay out 100% of entry fees. That being said, don't take an $8 DX disc and price it at $15 in the payout... and yes I have seen this happen.
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 18, 2012 04:15PM
No I have not read any credible argument for raising the SN Fee. I'd be happy to pay it if there were a good reason, but I can't imagine what that would be.

Yes I have TD experience. Yes I think PDGA comparable ratings are worth a dollar per entry mainly due to the propagator data input time required, the value of course ratings, and the low value of the dollar. If I were the TD I would not charge for ratings because I could do them myself. If I thought ratings would help pack the house I would advertise that I would be doing them for free. No I do not think ratings would help pack the house at this time, so I might do them for fun or I might not if I got too busy.

I think everybody should learn how to calculate ratings. There is no excuse for anyone to complain about lack of ratings. Whoever wants them should either do them, pay for them personally or shut up about it.

No there is nothing I think the SN needs to do about ratings at this time. I do not object to the SN publishing an optional ratings standard but I think it is a low priority and would be unappreciated until we have a bunch of TDs who want ratings. I think if most players wanted ratings then TDs would want ratings and make them happen. It would be silly to do ratings for anything more or less than everyone playing the same tees as a reasonable number of propagators.

Ratings are the only zombies I can think of that I really like.
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 18, 2012 04:27PM
I am starting to understand and agree with Discjazz's post.......and THAT SCARES THE H E L L OUT OF ME! LOL

Keith "Sunshine" B.
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 18, 2012 10:08PM
I dont really care about ratings, I do think that if you play in a pro division you should have to have a sn bag tag to play in a sn event that would help raise alot of cash..... Just my thought....

Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 07:36AM

I dont really care about ratings, I do think that if you play in a pro division you should have to have a sn bag tag to play in a sn event that would help raise alot of cash..... Just my thought....

Another barrier to entry to the pro division is not a good idea. We already have enough problems getting adv players to move to open (at least, that's what I hear on the boards), and charging a player $25 to get a bag tag, which can be rather difficult to come by in the first place (personally, that's not something that's worth going through buying online), is only going to deter even more people from moving up. It'll also keep some current players away. Also, if I'm already paying a membership fee to the PDGA, which is a larger, more organized body that is actually using my money to improve the sport, then I wouldn't be very inclined to pay another one to the SNDG so that I can play a tournament series that I primarily view as a place to have a great one day tournament experience that will be a lot of fun, but not overly competitive [read this as a competitive attitude, not a reflection on scores].*

*For the record, it may not sound like it, but I do prefer SN events to PDGA events.
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 10:08AM
Another idea to raise money. If we ever made it to where everyone had ID numbers. As we issue them we could give them an option of buying an SN shirt with them that has their ID maybe on their sleeve or something. that may seem more expensive cuz it's an individual number each shirt but my family business is actually a shirt company and could get a really good deal on them. Or we could bump up a fee for an ID number and give the shirt for free with it. Might be a dumb idea. Just brainstorming

Jacob Brown
University of Mobile, Mobile Al
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 10:17AM
Or could start running a clinic every now and then. Charge a small fee as get some volunteers out there to help teach new people the game better. That could bring in a lil money if it was advertised well

And I've mentioned charity tournaments before but if we asked a TD in each state associated with the SN to host a charity tournament for the website in consecutive weeks it could raise alot. That way people from all over could contribute instead of having it in just one city that may be too far a drive for someone. Say maybe Alabama Florida louisiana Arkansas Mississippi tennessee all have one back to back.

Jacob Brown
University of Mobile, Mobile Al

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Anonymous User
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 11:36AM
Bro give it up.

No one is hosting charity tournaments for an SN website. It's what can the SN do for us, not what can we do for the SN.

No one gives a gd flip about a number on a shirt. For one they've sold like maybe 20 SN shirts, for 2, if I wanted a number on a shirt it cost about $2 at the embroidery place.
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 11:43AM
hey genius. SN cant do crap if they dont have the funds to do anything with.
no one? I'd host it. bet u some would. maybe not you but "i dont give a flip" if you do or not
and the shirt thing was an idea. excuse me for coming up with an idea instead of trashing and being negative about literally everything on here like you do.
Almost seems like a "raw rookie" cares more about the SN than an "experienced player"

Jacob Brown
University of Mobile, Mobile Al
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 11:53AM
How 'bout we charge Pros $25 if they cash and don't have a $20 SN bag tag to collect their winnings........

Just a thought - go ahead - tear into it.........
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 19, 2012 01:27PM
And I wanna be clear - I in NO WAY even thought of Head when I posted my post about TD concerns - certainly not lumping anyone into any category - but as was added, Head's Civil War series seems to be "watched/witnessed" by others (much like a Club tourney run by a member of the Club)...

My references were not intended to call out any individual per se - besides YOU (as the TD) and THE PLAYERS know who the historical culprits are....and I do believe their future efforts to TD successfully will and have suffered when suggestions of swidelin' dominate post tourney threads....

I would think that accountability by a TD should be something that all TDs embrace - it helps the sport grow without the flack we have seen many times on the forum (accusations and all that "stuff").... perhaps the BOD should consider some TD report or application requirements....

I really don't know what the best treatment for perserving TD reputations and forthright clarity of expenses to players is - but it should be something the BoD considers and hopefully focuses upon as we continue to grow OUR series.....Griff
Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 22, 2012 07:34AM
hahaha. this topic is cla$$ic!!! raise the fees???? wtf for? even if you did like keith mentions wait till after this years host hoses everyone real good first :) you dont need to raise the fees you just have to pick the snac hosts a little better. a vendor should NEVER be the host!!!!!! this has been proven many times over, but......

Has the BOD even approved the pp for the snac??

somethings never change......

Re: SN Fee price raise?
July 30, 2012 04:05PM
hudd Wrote:
> ...I been doing just fine for 10 plus years in
> the SN without a rating system...Think I can get
> by without it..

Problem for new DGrs coming into the sport is that folks SIT in the same division for 5+ years and never move up. If their skill is such that they "should" still be there, then so be it. But when you have 5 or so folks consistently winning or in the top 5 at every tournament they participate in year after year after year, it's hard for new people to the sport to compete. TD's have a saying "if you haven't played a tourney play in novice" if you have move up to intermediate BUT you have players that sit in intermediate for YEARS, advanced longer.

Again I understand that some folks skill will top out at certain levels. but when you can see folks jumping from pro open to advanced to intermediate depending on the course and where they are or better yet ... meh, I'm just not feeling it today ... I'll play intermediate, really?

So far I haven't spent more than a season in any division, I know I'm close to topping out and based on competition I see at event, I should play intermediate again this season. That's not going to do anything for my personal game though and will stagnate the ranks even more. Most of the advanced players I've met have been playing advanced for longer than I've even known about the sport, let alone been at a somewhat competitive skill level. Ratings can only help to ensure folks are playing where they should based on skill, not how they're feeling that day or where their buddies are playing.

I enjoy competitive play. I do not enjoy playing against a player that on my best day ... I still couldn't beat because he likes where he's at beating the field by 7 or many many more strokes with his other bagger buddy(ies).
Re: SN Fee price raise?
August 16, 2012 11:14AM
So, start charging a "membership" fee. At a person's first tourney of the season, charge them $20 extra and give them a membership tag. Doesn't have to be a "bag tag". Who really plays for those tags anyway?? Plus that way the number on the tag wouldn't matter. I had bag tag number 147 once....
Of course you'd want to make sure this was clear to all prospective players so that you didn't "spring it on them" at sign-ups. But how much more work would it take to add this disclaimer to fliers...? "All participants must be SN member, cost of new membership $20 per season (June-May)".
I really think if you can afford to play tournaments, you could afford an extra $20 per season to go towards membership. Surely someone could even set up an online paypal site on which memberships could be purchased and tags renewed. This could also be the start of each player being assigned a personal identifying number. This number, as others have stated, could help in sign-ups at tourney's, in making sure SN points went to the correct name (alleviating spelling errors), and a future rating system...

...Let the rebuttals begin....
Re: SN Fee price raise?
August 16, 2012 11:31AM
You've made a good argument for how it could be done and why it might not be harmful.

Make a supported argument for why it should be done and I'll be happy to consider a rebuttal.
Re: SN Fee price raise?
August 25, 2012 08:39AM

Hukd on fonikz werkd fur mi!
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