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2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?

Posted by tdwriter 
2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 13, 2003 08:32PM
Can anyone tell me if there is going to be a tournament in Tupelo, MS, this year? I had seen a date in November on the forum indicating it would be April 12-13. However, I understand that Columbus is now hosting an event on that date.

Can someone tell me if Tupelo will he hosting any events this year. I hope so because it's one of my favorite places to camp and golf. RwC
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 13, 2003 10:12PM
Yes, Russ, there is a tournament at Tombigbee in Tupelo on April 12-13. For some reason it still hasn't shown up on the calendar. I was in the office thursday of last week and had the ranger call and speak to Jim. The tournament is scheduled for that weekend, as it is every year. It is quite unfortunate that another tournament has been scheduled for the same weekend. I'm not sure what the solution to this problem is, but as much as I love playing at Lake Lowndes, Tupelo is my home course, and I am in a way forced to promote the idea of people coming to the Tombigbee tourny. I wish that there was some way the Lowndes guys could find another weekend to scedule their tourny so that the crowd won't be split between the two courses that weekend. I know I sure would like to play at both of them instead of having to choose.
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 05:58AM
You can't always trust the calendar. Check out the number of Baton Rouge events listed for 2003....none. Can we *please* get that fixed?
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 07:39AM
While I'm not affiliated with either club and love both courses, it puts me in a bind as to where to go. But I can say right now the other locals who have been going to Tupelo since the beginning will more than likely continue. It's also 11/2 hours closer to us.

I think both events could suffer becuase the Mississippi golfers will be split between both events. Memphis golfers traditionally play Tupelo, but I saw several in Columbus. Who knows where they'll go.

I was looking forward to playing Columbus again as well when the grass was green, the trees had leaves and I didn't have three layers of clothes on.

Again, this is just the opinion of someone who has been around a while and has seen this happen before. It's up to the organizers and SNDG to hash it out. Good luc
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 09:11AM
Fix this guys if possible....both tourneys will suffer attendance-wise, and it takes away yet another opportunity for the "northern" southerners to get some points while having fun during the springtime weather.

Hey Fair congrats on Columbus...Griff
I feel like I need to defend myself now.

I want to point out that when I was planning this tournament I could not find a single allusion to the fact that there was a tournament in Tupelo on that weekend. No fliers out (I checked at Tombigbee,) no postings saying as such on the website, and no emails from the usual Tombigbee TD. So I chose that weekend.

To be brutally honest, for my tournament, with its radically different format, to be pulled off, it really needs to happen that weekend. I needed a date after the Daylight Savings change but before it got to blisteringly hot out at the park. The next date after April 12-13 is May 10-11 which is the weekend AFTER Bud Hill.

Now Fair knew about this tournament well before I posted about it and he went and asked Kenny Rogers, the ranger at Tombigbee, about it and they indeed have it reserved, and have cabins rented already for April 12-13, and I knew about all of that before I posted. I also have played in every Tupelo tournament (except the one on Easter weekend) since I started playing disc golf. That all being said I STILL haven't seen anything listing this tournament, not a flier, not a post from the TD, nothing.

I guess it really is starting to aggravate me that for the last couple of months now this forum has been full of posts of various TD's begging everyone to post their tournaments so that a cunsummate calendar could be put together so that new tournaments at new parks like my tourament could find a slot to fit into. And I waited as long as I could to make sure I wouldn't conflict with the scheduling of this tournament, and yet I still conflict with some yet unnamed and unannounced tournament at what turns out to be the closest course to my own.

I agree this needs to be worked out. Both of these events cannot happen on the same weekend because it is going to not only split out numbers but split plenty of friends that enjoy playing together. That being said, who should bow out, the new upstart TD that really needs the date to keep the heat stroke victims down, or the so far lazy and unresponsive TD who hasn't said a word about his tournament yet to anyone.

Ya'll give me some feedback, tell me if I'm in left field right now.

TD of LL Ironman '03
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 10:23AM

I have no comment on why Tupelo hasn't been posted. Could be a number of things. I do know that I would enjoy playing Columbus and intended to go there, but if I have to pick, it will be Tupelo because I pass it first coming from Memphis. :D

How about the next weekend? April 19th and 20th doesn't seem to have anything on it.

All these Tournaments should really be worked out by someone with the Southern Nationals around October or November of the year before the Tournaments.

Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 10:56AM
April 19th seems to be'll put your tourney in between whomever moves and the Doxey jungle event (another must)...

I agree that tourneys need as much advance as possible...but I think that's required by the various Parks to get their calendar of events worked correctly.

I hope this is resolved because I missed Columbus and would like very much to make the Iron Man...Griff
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 11:42AM
April 19th and 20th is Easter weekend. I personally cannot justify running a tournament on that particular weekend. I would think most people would agree with me.

Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 01:14PM
Jeff, no need to defend yourself. I just wanted to get this straightened out before it got too late. I don't know the solution, nor will I attempt to suggest who should move their date. I just know having two tournaments on the same date in cities an hour apart will hurt both events. We will likely have 8-12 people attending Tupelo. The locals are familar with Tupelo and have supported that event since the course opened.

I also talked up your Jan. event but no one but Beth and I seem to be interested in touring this time of year. It could be because I haven't toured in some time, but that's irrelavent.

I'd love to get some of our folks to Columbus becuase they would really like the course. Likewise, I'd like to see some of the Columbus area golfers come to Florence.

I don't want this to cause any rift between anyone involved since we're all interested in promoting the sport and our respective clubs, courses, etc.

I hope this can be worked out in an amicable manner. RwC
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 01:18PM
My bad....that's a good example of how calendars get tough the more events we have.

I too would never suggest an Easter least not on purpose.

Without a time switch(starting earlier), I don't know what to suggest. Last of March or the weekend between Bud Hill and AR states at Burns in May?

Last of March may lose those venturing further South to LA. May 31-June1 could be a possibilty.

Just offerings to ponder...Griff
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 01:31PM
Last of March...Florence

Earlier start time(april 5-6)?
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 01:35PM
PLEASE steer clear of March 29-30. That is the date of the umteenth annual SFC Spring Fling-It. We've hosted a tournament in March since 1983. I can safely say, place it on the OFFICIAL schedule for that date. This will be our marquee event for the year since the Alabama State is supposed to be in Huntsville this year. I doubt seriously this will conflict with a Louisiana event. We will (tentatively) have three rounds of 24 (two Sat., one Sun) if the format remains the same as last year. This tournament is well attended by Memphis golfers (thanks) and hopefully more Mississippians will attend this year. Let's not end one conflict and start another. Thanks, RwC
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 02:09PM
Td's who choose to step up and try to do the best they can do as a volunteer should choose whatever date(s) they so choose. As brought up before on another thread what is best for all is 1 tourney per weekend
but with the growth of the game, more courses and more tourneys per year per course is clogging the schedule. Is that a bad thing?? I think not. The easiest solution is to ATTEMPT to choose an open date. If that is entirely not possible then attempt to choose a date when there is more than a 4 or 5 hour drive btween tourneys. Most courses are running more than1 event if you have to choose btween tourney a and tourney b chances are you will get another chance to go play the course you chose to miss the 1 st time. Finally with the constant growth of the game I would expect that by the end of next year there will be NO OPEN DATES
for new tourneys or new courses without stepping on someones toes.
That will be a good thing when you look at the whole state of the game we all love.
Josh P.
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 02:25PM
May 31 and June 1 is a Cossar Tourney. It is usually a warm up for the MS State Doubles, but they are at Doxey this year.

Josh Patterson,
Asst. MGR
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 02:32PM
it is evident the calendar needs a great deal of work!!!

Good luck guys...Peace!!!
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 14, 2003 04:20PM
Two reasons not to have the Columbus Tourny the weekend of April 19-20.

1. Some people would like to be able to spend the long weekend with their family that they don't usually get to spend that much time with.

2. As the wife of the Columbus TD, April 20th is my birthday. I'd like to spend it doing something a little more romantic than adding up score cards!
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 05:10AM
As far as I know, Jim O is suppose to be TD for the Tupelo event. Last year Tupelo was held on Easter and the turn-out was low so the event was planned one year ahead of time. As more people hold events in Mississippi State Parks, they will find that most of the time the event MUST be planned one year in advance because of the very busy Park schedules. This also helps in cabin reservations. I also think there is a tournament planned for Tombigbee the weekend after Labor Day?
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 08:04AM
Hey Mac. So what's the deal. Is the Spring Tupelo event off or what. I see where Bill McCarty has added one for August. Usually there's one in April and another in September. I sort of like to plan my trips ahead of time too. Have to plan them around things like vacation, other tournaments (yeah, I'm gonna try and go to more this year) and NASCAR races in Talladega and Nashville. Just curious. If there's nothing in April I'll try to go to Columbus. RwC
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 10:16AM
Well the Spring tourney at Lake Lowndes is officially not gonna happen so Tupelo is in the clear to happen. That being said who is TD'ing?
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 10:49AM
For the love of God, who is running the tournament here in Tupelo.
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 10:56AM
I'd like to propose that Fair run it. He is a local and would do a decent job with the support of the wall doxey and columbus crews.
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 11:04AM
Jim O ran the first few events there but Bill McCarty ran the last one when Jim couldn't come up. Bill is from the Tishomingo area. Fair, if you want to take it on, I know the SFC folks will help. Several of us have been running tournaments for almost 20 years (15 years myself). You'd have to do the prep work but I'm sure we'd help out on tournament day with scorecards and such. My wife's always willing to do that. Just let us know. RwC
john kittrell
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 11:17AM
The April 12-13 tournament will be posted on the tournaments page. I know that Victor was putting together a list a tournaments and dates based on last year to clarify the upcoming year so that TDs would know when to schedule new tournaments. At this point I'm not sure where that is. If I get all the information for the upcoming year I will be happy to post it. I'll try and get with Victor and Jim O to see what they have both got. Victor - please respond if you read this.
John K
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 11:25AM
I sent an email to Jim about this but I'm going to post here as well to hopefully prevent a reoccurrence of what just happened.

I want to run two more events this year here at Lake Lowndes DG course. My proposed dates are:

June 14th-15th: Lake Lowndes Summer Sizzler

Sept 13th - 14th: Lake Lowndes IronMan Open

Can ANYONE think of a conflict with these two dates? If so please speak now so I can forever keep my peace and not have to go through this nightmare again.


Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 01:30PM
Thanks for your diligent persistence on Elm Street.
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 04:46PM
HELLOOO!!!! If I am not mistaken,(and maybe a little late), Tupelo's tournament in April is called April Fool's Fling...wouldn't it be held the closest weekend to that date? The other tournament on the date wanted is the Birmingham Tax Tourney... Good luck, Jeff. I'll be there
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 05:00PM
but isn't it great that everyone's "fighting" for a weekend to play?!! That means the sport is AWESOME!!!
Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 05:34PM
So the Birmingham Tax Tourney is April 11th and 12th? I thought I saw on the site that it was April 18th and 19th?

That one is traditionally PDGA and not SNDG correct?

Re: 2003 Event in Tupelo, MS?
January 16, 2003 07:22PM
I was just aware that the Tax Tourney was AROUND the date you wanted. And ,Yes, it normally IS just a PDGA event if I'm not mistaken...Also I had made a reference to the date of Tupelo...Last year it wasn't only Easter that kept people away, but a terrible Thunderstorm...It rained the entire time. So if they changed the annual tournament weekend I, obviously as well as others, am unaware.
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