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Mango Classic 2013

Posted by The Parker 
Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 02:38PM
We are starting to plan for the 2013 Mango Classic and are looking for some input from you on a couple of things.

1 - Where would you like to see it next year? Back at BAP - New Orleans - Mobile - the IDGA has asked us to consider making it a NT event and having it at there place in Appling, GA - any other place you might be interested in seeing it? Please remember that we would need to work with the powers that be in your area to make this happen. We will not schedule and event in your area without support to do so. Team Mango would raise the added money, take care of the swag for the event, pay for the players party, and run the event - we would need your help to be sure that the course are set up and ready for play.

2 - Should we again make it a pdga, npc, and sn event?

3 - Am's - For the 2012 event it was my idea to give all the am's a valuable players pac, looks like some would have liked to see something different. My thought behind this was that all the am's would win something, not just the top 50% of the field. Those of you that are in the top 50% might want less of a players pac and more of a plastic payout. Those in the bottom 50% would most likely want the larger players pac. What would you like to see?

4- Pros - It was mentioned that some of you might like event shirts or disc to remember the event. If this happens we would need to take that out of your entry fees - thus reducing the payouts? What would you like to see?

We are open to giving you what you want where possible and running a event that you will want to play in - Thanks!

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Re: Mango Classic 2014
October 24, 2012 02:45PM
Players packs for ams is a great idea. Especially in INT more pack less payout
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 04:45PM
I like the idea of trying to make it an NT event, but I dont think its necessary to have it in Appling since I think they already have an NT event at the IDGC (I could be wrong). Mobile or any other area with several championship level courses would be a great choice.

Also if it makes it to the status of an NT, I personally dont see the purpose in tri-sanctioning it. Thats a lot of fees just for points.

Mississippi State Disc Golf
Anonymous User
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 05:27PM
The Parker Wrote:

> 4- Pros - It was mentioned that some of you might
> like event shirts or disc to remember the event.
> If this happens we would need to take that out of
> your entry fees - thus reducing the payouts? What
> would you like to see?

As a "real disc golf pro" LoL I would much rather have more money in the purse than get a disc or shirt. You can always buy a shirt or a disc off some Advanced or Am bagger!
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 06:04PM
Mobile or memphis if Memphis would like to see bub hill and orgil in the mix:-)
Anonymous User
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 07:28PM
Speaking of baggers... LOL
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 08:18PM
Making an event as an NPCTour Qualifier would be great especially if in Year Two May 2013 we have more players come in and get really excited about it. Regardless, making an event a NPC Qualifier is much cheaper than in it's first year. Hopefully the popularity of the NPC Championship will continue to grow and players will hound you to make your event a qualifier!

Making the Mango Classic is always a tough call. You wipe out many SN players by doing so. I have had many request to make the NPC Championships an A-Tier because I already have the added cash, but what is the point? It cost me more money and it would make all SN Players have to pick up a PDGA membership. Points to think about . . . .
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 24, 2012 09:57PM
I would say if you do make it an NT, it would need to be in a city that has the proper courses to hold an NT. Bluff is on point with the shirts/discs, I would rather have money in the payout if I played open, because after all, the money is partially what draws people to the event. The IDGC would be a good venue, but if they were to host their Major, the PDGA Championships, in the same year it may make it tough for the host courses and the locals who fix them up to championships state. For the AM's, I would even consider doing a more than wealthy players pack, and make it trophy only or something of that sort. That way, the pro field could potentially be bigger, and the AM's would feel more accomplished if they did win 1 of the trophies that were given to top 5 or 10. I think trophy only makes the AM players either move up, or try to better their skills for a shot at a trophy, because you wouldn't give a trophy to the top 1/2 or 1/3, it would be to the top 5 or so.

I think it would be cool for it to be sanctioned by all three, but then again that all depends on whether it is an A or B tier or NT. If it's an NT, it would almost be irrelevant for it to be SN sanctioned or NPC for that matter. Seems like it would be too much of a load on the Mango TD's to keep track, and it would serve little purpose in my opinion.

I do know this, if it is an NT, I will probably be there. Sounds like you guys/gals run a stellar event and I would be in support.

My $.02, not that it is the best advice.
Re: Mango Classic 2013
October 26, 2012 12:31PM
Great point Cody, but Im not sure if you know what goes on with the NPC yet. I don't take "sanctioning" with the NPC as a the same as SN or PDGA. It's a qualifier and limited players get in. Top 4 in each division and the TD only has to pay $2 for those top 4 in each division. Thats why it is cheaper.
As far as workload on a TD, the only workload is marking who has already qualified on the players cards and handing out a players spot form. But of course I am bias.

Beside NT's have been awarded already I think in PDGA. So an A-Tier would be the option
Re: Mango Classic 2013
November 05, 2012 11:30AM
OK here is what we see from these post.

Mobile or Memphis for the location.
Big am players packs and trophie only
Pros play for money - but we could have some extra shirts for those pros who want to purchase one.

We will keep it as a B-Tier with an A-Tier payout - it will remain a SN event - still looking for input on making it a NPC qualifer also.

Any other thoughts?

Go out and play around with Disc Golf Today!!

Steve Hollis
Destin/FWB FL

Re: Mango Classic 2013
November 05, 2012 12:12PM
Memphis area would be good, as long as Shelby Farms(toilet of Memphis disc golf) is not utilized.
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