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2013 SN Cup Caddie Book

Posted by bigal5657 
2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
January 20, 2013 12:10AM

Southern National Cup Team Challenge
April 13th & 14th, 2013

FRIDAY April 12th, 2013
We will be doing final adjustments on the courses and making sure any last minute details are complete. The JUDGES (Jackson Disc Golf Club) will hold a random draw doubles round for anyone who wants to play and familiarize their selves with the REZ layout. You do not have to play the doubles round if you do not choose to. Check in by your team captain is also this day. We will be at the park until 8 pm. This is where you will get your last instructions for you team for the competition.

Saturday April 13th, 2012
Mandatory players meeting will be held at 9:00 am at area in between holes 1 and 13. This will be tournament central this year instead of under the pavilion near holes 6 and 7. This is subject due to weather conditions. All team shirts must be worn this year all day Saturday. It would be preferred to have worn all day Sunday also. A team picture of each individual team will be taken directly after the players meeting; this includes the volunteers and the crew group.

Tee assignments will be set up as soon as all team lineups are approved by March 13th. Tee assignments for the singles round will by your division.(I.E. Pro A will only be with other Pro A players. Intermediate players will only be playing other intermediate players, etc..) It will be an individual effort for the team this round.

Singles Scoring
Each division will be worth 120 points with a 5 points bonus going to each division winner for his/her team total for round 1.
6 divisions @ 120 maximum point decreasing value scale = a 720 point sweep
Points awarded will go from 120 for winning a division. Down to 110 for 2nd,
100 for 3rd, etc. down to 10 for 12th plus bonus points.
All ties for first place will be played off and determined by golf play. There will be no splitting of the bonus points this year. All 1st place playoffs will begin on hole 1. A coin flip will determine the order. If still tied players will then play hole 2. If still tied players will play hole 10. These three holes will be played in a continuous loop, one hole at a time, until we have a winner. All other ties, points will be split evenly by all players that are tied in same division.
All team singles points will be added together from all six divisions to make a total Team Score

SKILLS Competition
Each portion of the skills competition will be scored an equal third of the points awarded in the golf portions of the competition. (Singles worth 720 before bonus points, Skills worth 720 before bonus, {Driving=240, Putting=240, and Accuracy=240} and Doubles worth 720). Individual divisional scores during each of the skills competitions will be kept and will be accumulated towards the team total in each portion. Bonus points will only be awarded in the putting and distance portions. ( There will be no bonus points awarded in the accuracy portion). The team totals at the end of each portion of the skills competition will be how we re-rank 1st place through 12th place using our points system for the skills. 1st place in each phase; putting, distance, and accuracy will be awarded 240 points, 2nd 220 points, 3rd 200 points, etc... to 12th 20 points.

There will be 4 putting stations with 5 putts/spots marked in a circle around the basket. Each player will putt 2 times from each mark for a total of 10 throws per team member. Distances are in order from least to greatest:
The 15 ft putt is = 1 point
The 24 ft putt is = 2 points
The 33 ft putt is = 3 points
The 42 ft putt is = 4 points
The 50 ft putt is = 5 points
A single team member who makes all 10 putts is = 30 individual points. All individual points for each team member will then be added together to tabulate the Team Putting Score. Team Putting Scores will then be re-ranked by most points to fewest points. The team with the highest Team Putting Score will earn 240 points on the same graduated scale.
1st place earns 240 points, 2nd 220 points, 3rd 200 points, etc... to 12th 20 points. Bonus points will be awarded to the winner in each division. If there is a tie for 1st place in any division there will be a putt off for the bonus points. The putt off will begin on the 33 ft section and go back until we have a winner. The first two putting sections will not be used in the Putt Off.

We will be instituting a team time limit on the driving grid for this years distance portion of the skills competition. Each team will be given 15 minutes and only 15 minutes to complete this portion. Please understand that each team has only 15 minutes on the driving grid to get 12 throws off and only throws that land in the grid will be measured. Each team individual will get 2 throws. Only the longest of the two throws will be measured.
Any team member not getting throws off in the 15 minute team time limit will be forfeited and remaining throws will not be tossed onto the grid.
Use your time wisely.
The Teams total distance will be measured in meters and each players farthest throw that lands in the in bounds grid will be used to calculate said score.(I.E. Pro A throws 185m, Pro B throws 165m, Master throws 140m, Woman throws 100m, and Intermediate throws 125m. Teams total distance will be 715m.) Here again the 240 point scale is in effect for this skill portion.
1st place will be awarded 240 points, 2nd 220 points, 3rd 200 points, etc... to 12th 20 points. The individual divisional winners from the 6 divisions will receive an additional 5 bonus points that will go towards the Team Total points in the distance portion. NOTE: Pro A and Pro B WILL BE separated this year. Last year they were grouped together. Any ties for first place in each said division will result in a Throw Off for the bonus points. In the Throw Off the contestants will flip a coin to see who will throw first. Each will receive one practice throw and one measured throw. Whoever throws the farthest will receive the bonus. These throws will only count towards the bonus points and cannot replace original measured throw.

The accuracy portion will be set up similarly as last year. There will be 9 stations. Each will have shapes painted on the ground around each station basket. Which shape and how big the shapes are will depend on the particular shot and basket position. Each station will have three point weighted sections.
If you ace any of these shots you will receive 10 points for that throw.
Inside the inner most ring, which is closest to the target, will earn 5 points.
The middle section will be worth 3 points.
The outermost ring farthest away from the target will be worth 1 point.

Each team member will get 2 throws from each of the accuracy stations. After the whole team throws all 9 stations we will add all earned points and get the Team Accuracy Score. At this point the teams again will be re-ranked using the 240-point scale. 1st place will be awarded 240 points, 2nd 220 points, 3rd 200 points, etc... to 12th 20 points. There are no bonus points for this section.

Sunday April 14th, 2013
In this final round of our competition we will be competing in a special ALTERNATE SHOT doubles round. There will be NO SHOTGUN start.
Every team will have designated tee times. We will begin at 10 am and every 5 minutes we will have another group begin. Each tee time group will consist of a 2 team pairing. If all goes to plan the last group should tee off at 11:30 am.

There will be 3 pools in this section. Pool A which will consist of the Master and the advanced players, Pool B which will consist of the Pro B and Intermediate players, and finally Pool C which will be Pro A and the Woman players. Pool A, according to score seeding (lowest Total Team Score to Highest), will begin on hole 1 at 10 am. Each pool winner/team will be scored with 1st place points for that pool which will be worth 240 points. This is the same scale we used for the three skills portions. 1st place will be awarded 240 points, 2nd 220 points, 3rd 200 points, etc... to 12th 20 points. There are also NO BONUS POINTS in this portion

If any team shoots out of the original order for any reason whatsoever, then that team will be penalized 50 OVERALL TEAM POINTS. Those are the BIG POINTS, not the ones you would receive for that particular round!

Each team will have a MVP member determined by the individual teams. One player from each division regardless of team affiliation will be selected as a part of the 2013 ALL SN CUP Team.

HyZer Nation

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Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
January 20, 2013 12:36AM
Please try to keep questions or comments in the thread only about rules in the book. Any other things needing to be addressed should be posted in the other thread or sent in a pm to me. Thank you so much

HyZer Nation
Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
January 22, 2013 11:38AM
I thought the Kernan rule was that Kernan is never OB.
Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
March 10, 2013 07:00PM
Hey guys i sent this question to Hogman. He wanted me to stare that way everyone would know.

Question regarding the distance and time limit,

Will the measuring take place after each throw?
If so does the time it takes someone to run over to the disc then have someone measure count against the 15 min?

Answer: We will use stop watches to keep track of the time limit. Time will stop once the discs hits the ground and will start back up once the distance is read.

Lloyd Wilkins --J.U.D.G.E.S--


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Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
March 12, 2013 03:15PM
would not make sense after every throw

1 player throws (2 Xs), take the longest throw, mark it (with their name or mark) and move on

Then after all have thrown, measure each throw and tally it up

Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
March 12, 2013 09:23PM
Dex what happens is that we have 2 or 3 spotters out in the driving field with umbrellas. They mark it where it lands, as longs as it lands in bounds, and wait for the second throw. If they see the second throw is shorter or OB they open the umbrella and we have a view finder and take the measurement. There is NO reason it should take a team 15 minutes to throw, but you know how some people feel they need to throw 100 shots to "warm-up." That is why there is a time limit. The first year that was the major hold up time wise. The time limit made it flow much better.

HyZer Nation
Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
March 13, 2013 07:32AM
Sounds great Hogman

Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
April 06, 2013 07:16AM
Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
April 10, 2013 03:33PM
Do you have any info on what types of shots will be thrown in accuracy? Will there be mandatory thumbers, tomahawks & so on?
Re: 2013 SN Cup Caddie Book
April 10, 2013 04:01PM
No shots will be mandatory.

HyZer Nation
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