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Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 25, 2013 08:35PM
I got info this past weekend that the Park took up the course and got rid of their baskets. Its a sad day for North MS when you lose a course, any course. The course at Wall Doxey (Turkey Hollow) was one of my favorites and I made many treks to the park. Short but technical, tough but fair, any score near or below par was well earned. While I enjoy the shorter course I feel that it is not worth the drive just for this one course. State Parks and the people who run them have been a great boost to the sport and while Lyle was at Wall Doxey he promoted the game as much as any one. It is truly a shame that the current person in charge has decided to blame the parks short comings on disc golfers and their actions. Golfers are not all great people, just as with any other group. But to blame a community for the actions of a few does not solve a problem. I am sure campers and day visitors have created issues also. I believe that in time the lost of visitors that the course generated will be noticed and will be reflected in the parks revenue. Sad to lose a great course at an otherwise great State Park, was always clean, an easy walk, and enough shade for summer play. It will be missed.
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 25, 2013 08:59PM
I expected nothing less from those in charge of that park. Karma will have it's way with Mr Zipplock, rest assured.

Maybe Jeff can fill the park with those bird watchers that he loves so much. LMAO. what a joke.
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 06:23AM
Oh Well!!! Someone PM me the reason for the pull!!!
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 10:30AM
I spoke to Mr. Davis within the last two weeks and he told me that he had absolutely no intention of taking out the Turkey Hollow course and that all rumors to the contrary were pure fiction. He assured me that there would be two courses available for the September Rumble in the Jungle tournament that I am planning. Moreover, I sent him a draft on 3/19 of my proposed Forum posting on the event for his review and comment so I have written confirmation that both courses will be available.

I would like to hear from someone with first hand knowledge, i.e. that they have been to Wall Doxey and put their eyeballs on the Turkey Hollow course, before I will believe that any baskets have been removed.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 10:56AM
The baskets have not been removed but tombigbee is interested in a 3rd course. If TDGA lays out the course, then yes Turley Hollow will be gone. This is info coming from TDGA and tombigbee state park. Wall doxey has offered them 27 baskets if they want to get them.
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 11:18AM
I can certainly understand why Jeff Davis gets so put out with disc golfers. No one ever gives him the benifit of the doubt he is immediately badmouthed based on rumors.

I am moving forward with the Rumble in the Jungle planning with two courses. I have over a grand pledged in sponsorship money and have not even contacted anyone yet.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 11:20AM
Tombigbee and TDGA are in the process right now of developing a 3rd course. My understanding is that the baskets are indeed coming from Wall Doxey. The third course has to be completely laid out and ready for baskets before the State will allow them to be pulled and sent to Tombigbee. Right now the plans are to have this course completed by early winter of this year. If there is a possibility of these baskets not coming we (TDGA) would like to know before we put in countless man hours developing the course not to have baskets.
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 12:29PM
I apologize for my wording and that I indicated that the course was already gone. I simply meant that based on the info I had received it was a foregone conclusion that the course was closing and the 27 baskets being moved to Tupelo. As far as bashing Jeff I think it would be in his best interest to come forth and be forthright and open in what his intent is, either Tupelo is being played or Jeff is playing everyone else. I am man enough to admit if I'm wrong, is anyone else?
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 02:32PM

You have hit the nail on the head with "...before the State will allow them to be pulled..." Do I think the possibility has been discussed? Yes, I do. Do I think it is a foregone conclusion? No, I don't.

The State of Mississippi is under financial pressure like everyone else with the state of the economy and casino gaming revenues being down. I don't think anything is off the table when it comes to saving money and the Division of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks is no exception. Many people have said how much they like the courses at Wall Doxey so I challenge them to do something positive about it. Get behind me in September, talk it up and come to the tournament. If we had 150 participants that would add around a grand to the park's bottom line in tournament fees, entry fees, cabin, campsite and bunkhouse rentals. The park managers have been mandated to document how much, if anything, disc golf adds to their revenue and a $1,000+ bump in income would be noticed in Jackson.

With the help of the disc golf community I'll raise enough sponsorship money to make it worth your while and pledge to run a first class event. The Rumble in the Jungle might well be the tipping point that determines the fate of the Wall Doxey courses. Lets pull together and make sure it tips in the right direction.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 04:02PM
Gary, I agree we as golfers should try to make this years tourney a record shattering event. Not only that but show up and be the kind of guests that will impress our host park, avoid any drama, and show how much the course means to us and in turn show the state how much golfers can benefit the Park system. As far as rumors, yes until the course is actually gone it is just a rumor, but a rumor that has at least some truth behind it. Too many people with ties to both parks have the same story. Tupelo is in the process of planning a new course and for the life of me I do not know why they would go to that kind of trouble if there was not some shred of truth. I have no doubt you have been informed what you have relayed, and until things changes you have every right to give Jeff the benefit of the doubt. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and take a wait and see attitude.
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 04:16PM
You have to think to though. They probably will make almost the same amount of money off 1 disc golf as they have been with 2. Most of wall doxey's attendance could be held on 1 course. If they want it gone, its gone.
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 05:44PM
The state will do what they want to do from closing the park to taking out a course and anything in between. They closed the swimming / paddle boat venue because rising insurance costs exceeded the revenue. You can't hold a large disc golf tournament with only one course. It is up to the disc golf community to make the state not want to close a course. The best way to do that is to fill up the park with disc golfers in September and demonstrate that having two courses is a valuable income producing asset.

It boils down to this: money talks and everything else takes a hike.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 06:16PM
Re: Turkey Hollow @ Wall Doxey State Park
March 26, 2013 08:22PM
I personally think they should leave turkey right where its at..I enjoy playing both courses.
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