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Runnig a weekly toss

Posted by drivinatwork 
Runnig a weekly toss
May 08, 2013 11:54AM
With the new course here in Meridian, we want to start doing some weekly minis. Being as how I've never played in one and sure haven't run one, was wondering if I could get some advice on how they work. Is it basically like a tournament, with assigned tees and shotgun starts? How does pay out work are they all "winner take all"? Should we use handicaps being there is not a lot of experienced players?

Would also like to know how the pay out works in the ones that use can goods as the entry fee, I like this idea and think it would help not only our food bank but also in promoting disc golf in our area since it is new to most around here.

Thanks for the help.

Jason O
Re: Runnig a weekly toss
May 08, 2013 12:15PM
We use a $7 entry fee, A and B pools, $5 to the payout, $1 for the ace pot, $1 towards club/course maintenance. If nobody hits an ace, we have a throw off. Never thought about the canned goods...interesting option. Maybe give out discs for prizes?
Re: Runnig a weekly toss
May 08, 2013 01:57PM
At the school, we charge a $5 entry fee with $1 from each player going towards the fundraising efforts (ours goes to paying students' entry fees into tournaments). We offer an optional $1 ace pot that rolls over from week to week if nobody hits it. We average about 25 players a week, so in a month of not being hit, it becomes a $100 ace.

We have a wide range of players that play our course, so we run our toss in a random doubles format. Teams are randomly paired via a deck of cards (red ace with red ace, black ace with black ace, starts on hole 1, etc.). I've seen others just "flip" heads or tails for teams. Others have all players pitch in 1 disc while someone randomly draws 2 discs at a time, creating a team. The random doubles makes it more fair for everyone, in my opinion. Most players are more apt to play if they have the opportunity to get paired with a player that will "pick up the slack."

As far as payout is concerned, I always give the last place cash their money back. I try to increase payout for higher spots by that same increment. For example: 30 players = 15 teams, $120 to payout, $10 to 4th, $20 to 3rd, $30 to 2nd, $60 to 1st. I always try to make 1st place double or close to double the amount to 2nd place. It makes 1st place seem more "worth it."

This is just the way that I do it. I've been running the toss at Baker for about 3 years now, and it seems to run smoothly.

Justin Tolbert
BHS Disc Golf []
Mobile, Alabama
Re: Runnig a weekly toss
May 12, 2013 11:19AM
Here at the Fairways of Fairhope I have been running the Sunday Random Doubles for a while. We Blind draw matching beer bottlecaps to pick teams allowing Pro players to pick first and redraw for no pro pairings. The back of the caps are printed with hole locations for a shotgun start. And yes you have to drink allot of Quality Craft Beer to make this work
Six Dollars to play, one dollar going to the Club Fund, Five to payout. Payout is divided 50% to the First place team 30% for second 10% for a random picked hole CTP Prize. And the last 10% to The ACE Pot that is capped at $100 allowing multiple weekly winners so if one is hit this week we have a $100 Ace pot prize next weekend.
By the way we start at Noon every Sunday Come and join us...
Re: Runnig a weekly toss
May 14, 2013 02:05PM
Thanks for the info you three, I like those ideas but don't know what we will do. I hoped I would get more responses than 3, I guess a topic with no drama = no posts. Maybe I should have titled it "What's the best way to run a weekly mini?" that way it could have started a few arguments and really got the thread going.

Jason O
Re: Runnig a weekly toss
May 15, 2013 09:38AM
Jason, with a new course in a new area, y'all can expect there to be some expenses in the near future, especially when the momentum gets going and you decide to start hosting tournaments.

In Lafayette, Sunday doubles is our thing.

Blind draw of your partner from a deck of cards matching suit & color (ace of spades & ace of clubs are a team, ace of hearts/diamonds, etc...).

$7 entry, $5 to payout, $1 to a rolling ace pot & $1 to the club for the expenses that I mentioned earlier.

Payout is based on a table that was drawn up a long time ago, paying the top third (approximately). It has a column for the number of teams, the number of places paid and the amount paid to each place. It is is multiples of $5 so we don't have to fool around with making change if mostly $20 bills show up that morning.

The ace pot rolls over until someone hits it and can get up over $100 pretty quick.

When an odd number of players show up, a joker is added to the deck and the person that draws it is the odd man. They have the option of paying an additional $5 and getting two throws from each lie or not paying extra and getting only one additional "second chance" shot per hole.

Senior citizens, ladies, juniors & new players receive a two stroke handicap. New players are those brand new to the sport, not experienced players new to the area.
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