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How I Would Change the PDGA

Posted by shive 
How I Would Change the PDGA
June 08, 2013 06:50AM
I am beginning my campaign for reelection to the PDGA Board of Directors. I serve at the pleasure of the membership, and I want to present a very clear and detailed statement so members can easily judge whether they would like to vote for me or not. I also want to reach out to people who are not PDGA members.

I want to change the PDGA. I believe that the little people in our organization have been left far behind. I am talking about people who pay too much and about people who serve without meaningful compensation. This includes about 90% of our membership, 97% of our Tournament Directors and all of our State Coordinators.

We (the PDGA) have become like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks enormous amounts of money (over half a million dollars in tournament fees in 2013) from local clubs and communities, and puts more than $300,000 into a few PDGA-owned events that are attended by about 10% of the membership. Thus the balance between top-down and bottom-up is all out of whack.

The next post in this thread presents a list of items that I hope someday to help implement. This would at least in part correct the imbalances noted above, and also addresses some peripheral issues. I will entertain questions and comments about any of these.

Do not respond here. I have posted this information on several discussion Boards, but will post answers only on one, Disc Golf Course Review. Look for the thread 'How I Would Change the PDGA' at the following address []
Platform Items
June 08, 2013 06:59AM
How I Would Change the PDGA

1) The PDGA would provide meaningful benefits for tournament directors, and for state coordinators.
2) A substantial portion (at least 50%) of the income (sanctioning fees, player fees and nonmember fees) from PDGA events would be left with the local communities and clubs.
3) There would be an Amateur Tour (a tour for Amateurs, not one in which Amateurs are manipulated to provide galleries and financial support for Open Pros).
4) There would be a Tour for older Pros.
5) The PDGA would make a serious effort to provide good value for recreational players.
6) Members would be told which delinquent TDs are still being allowed to run events (ie, have not been suspended for nonpayment of fees).
7) There would be POY awards for all Pro divisions, and for major Amateur divisions.
8) There would be a mission effort (call it 'Marco Polo 2') to the PDGA third world, our A, B, and C-Tier events.
9) International competition would include a 'Culture Clash' component.
10) We would give away any grass-roots program that has as much potential to generate new members as the new League program.
11) No more 'Vanity TV', paid for by the entire membership. The rights to broadcast PDGA events would not be considered worthless. Independent producers would be encouraged.
12) Board members and officers would not be permitted to hide potential conflicts of interest from the members. Board members with conflict of interest issues would not be allowed to lobby the Board on their own behalf. And Board members whose terms expire would have to run for reelection, even if they had been appointed (especially if they had been appointed).
13) Tournament directors would no longer be required to pay exorbitant amounts of added cash to Pros in low-registration tournaments.
14) Hotel group commissions would revert to the PDGA members who stayed in the hotels, and not be pocketed by the PDGA.
15) Changing the Bylaws to allow appointed Board members was a bad idea, and should be undone.

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A new organization
June 08, 2013 03:36PM
Here's a post that might be interesting to Southern National people. It's a response I made on my discgolfcoursereview thread.

to JTacoma03:

Trying to stay positive, and looking for possible areas of overlap in our positions, I'll suggest this. If 'the PDGA needs to focus on the 'P' in its name and run a fantastic professional tour', as you maintain, then we need another organization for most of the rest of us. Does that work for you?

If it does, then who might it be? Would we have to start a new one from scratch, or could we maybe get somebody like Southern Nationals to expand and offer a nationally attractive package to our 'little people'?
Anonymous User
Re: How I Would Change the PDGA
June 08, 2013 07:30PM
I guess that's theoretically possible.

Re: How I Would Change the PDGA
June 10, 2013 06:23AM
Possibly your best post ever Bluff
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