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Division Requirements.

Posted by Dan39465 
Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 06:10AM
I know the requirements for the advance masters division require you to be 40 in the calendar year the tournament starts. The SN rule is word for word from the PDGA handbook. Isn't the reason for this rule is to allow a player to play in the age restricted division the entire year s/he becomes eligible? The SN's June-May season conflicts with this rule. A person born after June 1st can compete during the entire season s/he turns 40, yet someone born Jan-May has to wait until the season is more than half over. I would like to move up but since I was born on January 7th I have to wait until the 2014 calendar year. Someone born 8 days before me can already be earning points in the Advanced Masters division.

Dan Koehler
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 07:18AM
Then stay in division you currently play until the season ends

Terry Zeringue
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 10:33AM
I'm tired of donating to a bunch of baggers.

If I move up to Advanced, would any points I earn between now and January be added to what I gain after going to Advanced Masters in January?

Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 12:51PM
I think it was meant to read "season" ... if you're going to turn 40 that season you can play in advanced masters. I just made that transition last season but my birth month was July so it wasn't as big a deal for me. PM Eric Day and some of the other board members as I'm sure that would be something easily fixable in the SN rules since I'm sure (almost sure anyway) that was their intent.

Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 03:17PM
Dan's original assessment is correct. "at least 40 years of age in the calendar year the tournament begins" is unambiguous in that regard as far as I know. It does not achieve the goal of allowing everyone of the protected age to play the entire SN season in the age protected division. The choice was either that, players with different eligibility in the PDGA than in the SN or change the SN season to the calendar year. The choice was made and as far as I know it is exactly what the BOD wanted. I chose the words of this rule to be what the BOD wanted even though I do not agree with the rule. However the reason I disagree with the rule is not because of the reason Dan stated (season conflicts). I think you should have to be 40 when you sign up, without regard to season, calendar or the PDGA. Fortunately for everyone's sake, I was not voting on what the rule should be, just selecting unambiguous language for the rule the BOD wanted.
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 04:22PM
It is calender year, I also don't agree with it. A couple years ago the rule was brought up and it was decided to leave the rule the same as the PDGA.
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 05:05PM
I really wanted to start playing in a lot of tournaments. Was looking forward to going to West Monroe for my first 2 day tournament. Also looking forward to playing in the NOLA doubles. Guess I'll pass.
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 05:58PM
You play Intermediate right now, correct? You want to play Advanced Masters because of the bagging in Intermediate?

If I'm correct in the above statements, boy do you have a rude awakening coming.

And, SN points mean squat. Top 3 or 5 get a disc at the end of the season. That's it.

I'm still confused though. You want to play disc golf tournaments. Then play until January 1 as an Intermediate or Advanced, then play Masters FOR THE NEXT TEN FRIGGIN YEARS. What's the issue here?
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 06:11PM
I think what Willie was saying: "there is baggers in almost every division!"
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 06:53PM
Thanks for the constructive criticism.
Re: Division Requirements.
July 09, 2013 10:15PM
Thanks for clearing that up Eric and Crew... It makes sense that the PDGA uses "calendar year" since their series runs Jan to Dec. For whatever reason SN goes May to June so it would make sense if the age restrictions did the same. That's just one voice though.
Re: Division Requirements.
July 10, 2013 02:53AM
The main reason I'm looking forward to moving up is to compete against a few friends who have already moved up.

Discjazz, I see your point. Make the min age a flat 40. Then my whole discussion becomes moot.

See ya out on the course.

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