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Different Levels of Tournaments

Posted by Brad 
Different Levels of Tournaments
January 20, 2003 01:30PM
It's January. The real disc golf season doesn't start until March or so.

If there is an idea of having different levels of in you get more points for certain Tournaments, why can't that be decided between now and March? I had heard somewhere that it was something being put off until next year. If this is true...why? I could understand if it was being put off until the Southern National Season ended, which I guess is Labor Day....but is that really the case?

If you wanted to get into great detail then perhaps wait a year but if you wanted to show more progress, then go ahead and pick some Tournaments this year and get more detailed next year.

Why not as a for each state involved in the Southern Nationals?


In each of the Tournaments chosen a person would get 2 to 3 points more than a normal Tournament.

On another note, I have always thought that a person who wins a Tournament should get extra points. Perhaps even carry this to 1st and 2nd. Perhaps give a winner of a Tournament points based on 1/5th of the entries. That way...the bigger the Tournament you win, the more points you get. For example, if you won a Tournament with 10 people in your Division you would get 2 extra points on what you earned in the first place. If you won a Tournament with 100 people in your Division you would get 20 extra points.


Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 20, 2003 06:59PM
the idea of an "SN A-Tier " ... where a competitor gets more points than normal is a good idea, imo.

one (or two) per state sounds good too...
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 20, 2003 08:02PM
I like the idea of more points (double maybe) for a two day tourament.

By the way Brad, ask the 75 players who came to Lafayette and the guys that played the SFC Ice Bowl when the REAL tournament season starts!

Time to come out of hibernation son...;-p
From the way it looks, the season never ended! I've never toured this much in the fall and "winter." I've hit Birmingham (PDGA) and Cossar in December, and Columbus, MS., in January. Not to mention our own Ice Bowl here in Florence last weekend.

The 32 players who showed up are REAL golfers who toughed out 21 holes in some really brutal cold. It was the coldest day so far this winter. We're talking 17 at tee time and a high of 34.

Much thanks to Griff from Memphis, Jeff and Judy Haydel from Columbus, Larry and Nancy Hobock from Walnut, Ms., Addie Isbell, Chad Smith, Steve Sloan, Ernie O'Toole, Tom Nieman from Huntsville, Brian Moon, Randy Fortenberry and Richard Brown from Birmingham, and Bill McCarty from Iuka, for attending. They could have stayed home and kept warm but they chose to show up and play golf. Thanks guys!

Also thanks to all the local guys, the ones who have been in this sport here for 20 plus years and all the young guys who've been tearing up the course like Chris Suggs, Drew Sockwell, Mike Nichols, etc. Thanks to the four women who played.

I suppose I'll go ahead and reserve the date for 2004. The format might be different. It might not be an Ice Bowl, but I'll have the date and we can work out the details later. RwC
David Robichaux
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 20, 2003 10:00PM
IMHO 2 day tournaments should be worth more points than 1 day tourneys if for the only reason is that they usually charge more for an entry fee. So you would have my vote if I had one for more points awarded for 2 day tourneys. Also the state championships could award bonus points too.
The Spring Fling-It in Florence usually has three rounds of 24 holes. It's our biggest golf tournament of the year. Since someone's soliciting comments, I think one event from Alabama would be slightly unfair since the only SNDG events are being held in the extreme northern and southern parts of the state. How about one in the north (ours) and one from the south.

It's appearing to me that we're becoming a southern nationals south and southern nationals north. It also appears that there are more tournaments in the Southern Mississippi and Louisiana areas than there are up north. Not that it really matters, but don't forget about is up this way.

Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 20, 2003 10:40PM
I hate cold weather!

Weenie! Griff came. Ask HIM how cold it was. Might be the coldest I've ever played in, at least in the morning. Never got but about 2-degrees above freezing. I hate the cold, too, but I've played four tournaments since Dec. 7. I'm hoping all this winter golf will pay off this spring and summer. RwC
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 21, 2003 09:45AM
Bah it wasn't all that cold. Wha'ts two rounds of golf in sub-freezing temps. I was still wearing shorts in Florence. Snow and ALL!

Tony Bass
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 21, 2003 10:01AM
I couldn't agree more with the points you made. I've felt that way for a long time now, but never thought I would see any changes made to the point structure. I always thought that first place should get a bonus point, or something other than just one point more than second. And it would be awesome if we started rating certain tournaments, like Halloween Howler, Ice Bowl, Bud Hill, A (like) tiers. And other tourneys like Laffayette's Spring Fling, & LA Open, B (like) tiers, and awarded double or triple points. Its something for "the powers that be" to think about.
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 21, 2003 10:39AM
questions, thoughts & ideas...

by allowing each state to host a "SN A TIER" (for lack of better description) would it evenly distribute the potential for all golfers in the SN region to have a fair chance at beaucoup points... ?

the idea of those large tourneys (that tony mentions) being worth "even more" points makes them... SN Super Tour events? :^)

it sounds like a good idea for the SN to grow in the direction of sanctioning "a tier" and "supertour" type events... (not saying they should be called that... just using pdga terms as an example)

what would be ideas for how events qualify for those SN sanctioning levels? attendance? tenure? guaranteed payout?

(?) points race wise... it seems the most fair to allow each state to have the opportunity to "host" all levels of sanctioning- A tiers, supertours & (even though the finals are not of points) the championships...

jimo started moving the championships around and look at what memphis did! wow.

SN is going to become really huge...

maybe the SN should charge PDGA members 5$ to play in SN events. :^p
(i'm kidding)
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 21, 2003 06:38PM
I think the idea different level tournaments has a lot of merit. Maybe each city should designate the level of their tournament and only be allowed to have one "A' and one "B" with the rest being "C". Using Memphis as an example, the May tournament would be an "A", November a "B" and any other tournament we might have would be a "C". For cities that have multiple tournaments, this would work well.

Another idea is to base the level on attendance. For example 75 and above would automatically be considered an "A", 50="B", the rest are "C".

As far as points go, each tier could be worth a certain amount of points per person you beat e.g. A=3pts, B=2pts, C=1pt. I know this is the way the PDGA used to do it, so that might be taboo. :)

Being that most places seem to have 2 good-sized tournaments/year, might it be possible that after a city has hosted an "A" and a "B" the SN might accept only $1/player for a "C" event. This might encourage more sanctioned tournaments that would normally not be included in the SN--for example Memphis almost always has a New Years day event. This could be a "C" tier and points could be awarded.

Regardless, this issue needs to be addressed. Personally, I am not likely to make many of the tournaments in Louisiana (and there are a ton). The way the system is set up now, someone from Louisiana has an opportunity to get a lot more points than I do. I know, I know, its not their fault they have a thriving golf community down there. They should be commended for that, and I should quit whining and get more tournaments together in Memphis. Granted, but the idea of different levels of tournaments may level (nice pun) the playing field a little. --David
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 21, 2003 08:00PM
I count a total of 40 tournaments listed on this Tournament web page. La.. 15; Ms. 14; Ala. 5; Fla. 3; Tn. 2; Ark. 1;. Plus 1 for Arkansas January Tournament. It looks like a lot of chances for La. golfers and Ms. golfers to earn points.
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 21, 2003 08:54PM

I was really referring to the 11 tournaments in Baton Rouge alone. MS may have about the same number of tournaments, but they are spread out over the entire state.

In reference to a comment earlier in the thread, yes, Brad is a weenie!

David and Mac, you must be mind readers. I was just looking at the 2003 points events and upcoming tournaments and came to the conclusion that the SNDG is "bottom heavy." And you're correct, David, I'll very likely not be in Louisiana this year, nor will I be further south than Columbus or Cossar, except (hopefully) to Hattiesburg for the championship.

Besides, there's plenty of opportunities for events up here and a person with a family can't golf every weekend. There are also PDGA events in Birmingham and Huntsville I'd like to try and attend.

I'm excited that disc golf is growing by leaps and bounds in Mississippi and Louisiana, but having an SNDG sanctioned event in your city every month is really an advantage most of us don't have. Here in Florence, we have one major tournament a year (March) or two if we have the Alabama State (May). It's likely going to be in Huntsville this year and NOT a SNDG event.

We have the W.C. Handy Memorial event (2002-33 players) which I will promote heavily this year in July-August. This year we had another SNDG Event, the 2003 Ice bowl which drew 32 players.

The tier thing might at least give some of us a chance to earn some additional points and it might help attract players to some of these events.

Just another opinion from the North. RwC
The Zinger
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 12:01AM
It's not that the SN is growing in Baton Rouge. We have added only 2 tournaments in the past 6-7 yrs(La Open and La Doubles). Last year they were Pdga sanctioned(the only 2 in BR). The rest of the tournaments have been going on for years and years. In fact Will T did a wonderful job and dropped the LA States from a Baton Rouge only tournament and made it a traveling tournament.

But to make it not sound like I'm against your point, Will T and I have dicussed a few times about dropping a few tournaments and making a few BIGGER. I do realize that we have alot of tournaments down here(southern LA), but to say that it is unfair for the points that we have so many is not right. I love the competition a tournament brings, but with my 8 month old son it is really hard to travel great distances to them. It is nice to be able to make a short drive to attend a tournament. Sure if points are the only reason to travel to a tournament is seems unfair, but aren't we in it for the competition?

If tournaments are to be dropped in Baton Rouge it is not going to be for making the points fairer, it will be to help make the remaining tournaments bigger and better. The turn-outs in Baton Rouge the last few years have been very weak. And in my opinion this is due to the # of tournaments. Out-of-towners have too many options of which tournaments to attend, thus diluting the attendence

And to make matters more interesting, Baton Rouge is looking to get another course within the next year. And possibly yet another course 15 minutes south of Baton Rouge. Will T is also in the process of talking to some state parks along I-12(from BR to Slidell).

So you see if all this works out, that will be 7 courses in south LA alone. So there are always going to be many tournaments in the South whether it is in LA, MS, or AL. But keep in mind we don't host tournaments for the points, we host them for the competition. And if you want more competition near you, host more tournament

now i got a cramp in my finger :)
i hope this don't make ur eyes hurt :]
Zing, we're getting maxed out up here as it is. There's been two a month since December and will be for a while. I have two children, but they could play with me if they choose. We run four events here already and that's enough for anyone. The neighboring courses have two or three as well. More tournaments, like you said, will eventually result in lower turnout. Golfers only have so much money and once summer comes, there will be boating on the Tennessee River once again! Glad to see y'all getting so many courses down there. Hope they get used. RwC
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 07:48AM
while it is true that BR has buttloads of events-- three one day tourneys at greenwood (combined) do not get the turn out of one 2day event at bud hill...
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 08:04AM
I would never complain about Southern Lousiana having too many Tournaments. I think it just shows they are very motivated down there. I agree with Zingers point in the fact that there are so many Tournaments down there, I would have no clue which to attend. I would want to attend the biggest one or two being from Memphis. I believe I asked that of the board a few months ago...which Lousiana Tournament was the big one? I do believe that your Tournaments are getting watered down because there are so many. You guys need to start your own point system and Tour! LOL If there were two or maybe three Southern Nationals and two or three PDGA's I would think that would be good but 11?

I don't agree with you Zinger on the Southern National points though. Memphis has a pretty darn good Club Membership. On any Sunday morning, you will find 20 to 30 people at Shelby Forest playing in our own Club Tourney. This happens every week. Say we changed this to a Southern National every other Sunday. Charge $20 a head. We could have 30 to 40 every two weeks and be earning a butt load of Southern National Points. :D It wouldn't be worth it to us though, because the feeling is, that the first weekend in May in Memphis at Bud Hill and Shelby Forest is special. People want to come to it because we only have two Tournaments a year. It makes them special.

In any case, please don't think I am complaining about Southern Louisiana. ANY Club that is involved as much as yours is a good thing. I just think that we need to find a way to make the Point System a little more fair. I wouldn't have a problem with all one day's being worth one point, two days worth two points and have Jimo pick some Majors.

One for each State. Perhaps...Alabama States, Arkansas States, Mississippi States, Florida States( hopefully in Pensacola), Lousiana States and the May Tournament at Bud Hill in Memphis that all counted 3 points.

Hell...then give 5 points to people who enter the Southern National PRO Tournament and Southern National AM Tournament.

What do people think about that?
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 08:06AM
The only thing I have to add is that Brad is the biggest weenie of them all. His ancestors are from Saudi Arabia where they have very thin skin. His dad, Akmaad, is much the same way with his thin skin and horrific BO! So, I guess this gives him some excuse, he just can't help it.
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 11:12AM
Brian can only post during the day because he doesn't have a job. He has gotten so old that he injured himself stepping into his truck. Get a real injury.

I hate cold. Call me what you want. I am inside practicing for the warm weather. :D

Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 11:28AM
Yeah, you're inside working on your "grip" I bet! Trying to get it down to as few "strokes" as possible. You are probably sitting there now with your "mini" in hand. Waiting for warm weather.....PLEASE!
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 11:37AM
You are different Jeff. You either have part seal blood or you have problem with crack.
The Zinger
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 04:17PM

all good points being brought may the last few posts!

Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 07:46PM
Bringing this back to a "G" rated forum, I like Brad's idea which was, and I quote (copy and paste actually):

"I wouldn't have a problem with all one day's being worth one point, two days worth two points and have Jimo pick some Majors.

One for each State. Perhaps...Alabama States, Arkansas States, Mississippi States, Florida States( hopefully in Pensacola), Lousiana States and the May Tournament at Bud Hill in Memphis that all counted 3 points.

Hell...then give 5 points to people who enter the Southern National PRO Tournament and Southern National AM Tournament."

I'll second the motion...
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 22, 2003 10:31PM
looks like next year we will be changing our point system around. keep the ideals coming. i think the 5 largest should be worth triple points , 2 day double and one day one. i always wanted 2 s.n. tournaments a weekend that would be 104 a year would that be great. remember there are a lot of tournaments all over the south , hey tn how about all those ms parks so close to you . mobile use to have alot of tournaments and we cut back and we have sliped a little in our growth. we will start running more and try to get a couple with some size to them. i want to host al doubles here soon.
sn is growing again thank all of you who have pitch in with the growth by playing in tournaments ,running tournaments , giving your ideals, most of all spreading your love of the game to others . now go ace one for me ,jim
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 23, 2003 08:48AM

When you say NEXT YEAR, I assume you mean the next Southern National Season, which would begin right after Labor Day 2003. Do I assuem correctly? This would be the sensible thing since there are plenty of Tournaments that are after Labor Day that count towards the 2004 Point System.

The season runs June 1st to May 31st, according to the "Standings" page on this site.
The Zinger
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 23, 2003 02:47PM
Goby is right. The SN season is from June 1st to May 31st. Any tournament after June 1st would go toward the 2003-4 points. So there's only 4 more months left in this year's points race.
Re: Different Levels of Tournaments
January 23, 2003 04:26PM
I have always thought the season starting and beginning in the middle of the year was just wierd...but thats me. :D

SO let me rephrase.....will the new point system start after May 31st, 2003 or will it start right in the middle of the season which apparently is January 1st 2004?

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