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2014 Am Worlds

Posted by Roodie251x 
2014 Am Worlds
February 26, 2014 10:42PM
Is there anyone planning or thinking about making the trip to Minnesota this summer for the 2014 Am Worlds? I know it's like 5 months away and it's a PDGA event and this is SN, but I figured it would be okay to ask on here. I would like to go and if I do I would be looking for any others who would want to tag along and split costs.
Re: 2014 Am Worlds
March 25, 2014 09:52PM
I may be interested my number is 251-459-4379 txt or call ke
Aaron Sims #18053
Re: 2014 Am Worlds
March 26, 2014 05:22AM
Are Am Worlds an SN event? Nope. Why is this thread not in the non-SN event forum then? Oh, I see, because the SN BoD will never enforce their own rules fairly or equitably.
Re: 2014 Am Worlds
March 26, 2014 05:30AM
Policy information. All Non SN sanction events, these event include but are not limited to Ace Races, paid Clinics, single round events, regular events that choose not to sanction, DD 2 disc challenge, and Vibram Birdie Bash. These events need to be posted in the "Non-SN Events" section of the forum.
Re: 2014 Am Worlds
March 26, 2014 02:06PM
Isn't he just asking if anyone is going, rather than advertising a thread for the event? Correct me if I'm wrong
Re: 2014 Am Worlds
March 26, 2014 03:28PM
You would be wrong. Read the policy information again. The policy information doesn't say anything about whether the poster is advertising or commenting.

Of course, since the thread was not actually started by me, it's okay. That's how the rule is enforced and the reason it was written, so that the bitter haters on the BoD would have an excuse to toss the Pot of Gold's thread in the dungeon...but that actually worked to our favor. We had the best PoG ever this year after dropping the SN sanctioning. No problems at all...which I think was due to having players that knew and respected the rules. Here at SN land, it's rare to see even rudimentary knowledge of the rules, and rarer still to see the rules enforced equitably. When the BoD has no respect for the rules and fair play, it's little wonder why the players might not respect the rules either. So I actually need to thank the SN BoD for running away the SN diehards who apparently were keeping our PoG from achieving complete perfection.

It's not to late to turn this sinking SN ship around and start acting professionally though, which is why I pointed out the BoD's lack of standards on the forum again.
Re: 2014 Am Worlds
March 26, 2014 06:30PM
I heard you could get updates on the Am Worlds here on Facebook: Am Worlds 2014
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