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An 18 hole course is coming soon to Iberia Parish and you are invited to help test drive it!

Posted by jacques 
Disc Golf in Acadiana is like a little fat kid, it just keeps growing!

Lafayette is getting some new neighbors - this time to the south - as an 18 hole course is soon to be installed in Weeks Park just outside of New Iberia.

The Disc Golf community has Chris Esponge to thank for the new playground. Although Chris hasn't been playing long, he is 100% hooked and thanks to some connections within the Iberia Parish Parks & Recreation, he spearheaded the effort to make this happen. Take a minute to introduce yourself and tell Chris thanks if you see him.

What I think is a really good first draft layout has been flagged and measured (thanks for your help and insight Mike) and we have the go ahead to play a round or two on some temp baskets to test drive the course.

When: Sunday, June 8th starting at around 10:00 AM.

Where: Weeks Park in Lydia, LA. Coming from Lafayette, take the Darnall Rd. exit from Highway 90 and turn right. Travel approximately one mile down Darnall Road and turn right onto Smith Rd which is the street that runs along the side of Dago's Exxon. Travel down Smith Rd approximately 1/4 mile until it dead ends. The entrance road to the park is just to the right of this intersection and the entire park itself is clearly visible in front of you. Travel down the entrance road and park in the lot across from the big pavillion. Hole 1's tee and hole 18's basket are adjacent to the parking lot.

What: We have been able to put together 18 courses with only local temp baskets and the call for those has already been made. Feel free to bring a temp basket with you as well.

Why: Come have fun and get to see the course at Weeks Park. I really like the look and feel of it even though I only threw a few discs while doing walk throughs. We need players to play the course to identify problems and make subtle refinements before the permanent baskets get installed which will happen very soon after this little event. I don't think it is a stretch to say that it will be open for business by the end of June.

Chris sent me measured distances of each hole as they are currently laid out. I will post a map and distances tonight when I get home.
Got a chance to review the course with Jacques and I think he did a magnificent job on the design. The course has a fair amount of OB that will challenge players to be accurate to score well. The park is clean and the grass is well-kept, and while not densely wooded, there's enough trees to provide shade and interesting obstacles. I look forward to the first tournament out there, and maybe I'll be able to get back for this test run on the 8th. If I go I'll see if NO Team wants to ride along.
Chris sent me hole distances and I added them to a course map.

Here it is, Weeks Park 1st draft...

There isn't any permanent water, elevation or dense woods to work with so Weeks Park will challenge you with what it does have, distance, out-of-bounds, strategic obstacles and the wind.

Distance - Total length is 6,158 ft and average hole length is 342 ft. 10 x (200-300ft), 2 x (300-400ft), 4 x (400-500ft), 1 x (500-600ft) & 1 x (600-700ft). You won't throw your arm out of socket but you won't get bored either.

Out-of-bounds - There is plenty of OB but it is fair and not overbearing. Good shots will be rewarded and bad shots will penalized with safe options to avoid going out in most cases. Hole 7 is an example of trying to use OB to maximum effect while still leaving players the less risky option to play around.

Obstacles - Many relatively immature trees dot the landscape, enough to provide adequate shade and restrict flight paths. Hole 5 is an example of this and from the ground, it is the best looking hole on the course in my opinion from an aesthetic point of view.

Wind - The park is only about 5 miles from the Gulf and the wind blows constantly out of the South during the spring and summer and constantly out of the North during the fall and winter. Southerly winds would be from left to right the way this drawing is oriented and Northerly would be right to left. I think that is going to be really cool on a hole like #12 for example. A 600+ foot hole into a dead headwind half the year and a tailwind the other half.

Favorite hole - It is a tie.

Without having played multiple rounds on the course, I am going to say that hole #1 is a really good pure Disc Golf hole. It is hard to tell from satellite view but the basket is really on a peninsula surrounded by two deep, steep ditches and the look from the box is really cool.

Hole #6 on the other hand is a bit of a puzzle. The basket is located adjacent to a spot where the walking track converges on itself in an hourglass looking intersection. The safe drive is to go long but then you are putting back at the basket with narrowing OB behind it. The riskier drive is to aim short but enough trees exist there to make a dicey upshot at a small target necessary to card a three if you get knocked down early.

Help spread the word about the little get together next Sunday, June 8th and come play the course. Feedback from players will help make the small refinements that separates an average course from a good one!
Poo-yie! Another toy I can play with! BOOM!
That's what I'm screamin baw!
Had 27 players show up and play doubles this morning and try out the course. Feedback was generally positive so Chris will soon turn it over to the Parks Dept. for installation and it should be playable shortly.

I think we are living in a remarkable time as far as Disc Golf is concerned. Courses and tournaments are popping up all over the place and the Acadiana region is proud to have 18 more holes to enjoy.
When are we going to get some par markings? I made up my own but I'm not sure if they are accurate.
Re: An 18 hole course is coming soon to Iberia Parish and you are invited to help test drive it!
July 03, 2014 08:21PM
Just from looking at the map I would guess that holes 3 and 12 are par 4's and everything else is par 3's.

Casey Cox
"If you aint first, you're last." -- Ricky Bobby's daddy

2007-2008 SN Amateur Player of the Year
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@skoolmorm - I cannot say for certain, but I think Chris has gotten Tyson Richard (Flight Club Tyson) to do the graphic design for tee signs. Tyson did the ones at Pa Davis and they are very professional looking, organized and accurate and I'm sure these will be too. One the artwork is composed, any sign shop can crank them out in pretty short order. I am also assuming that Chris has an agreement with Iberia Parish to pay for getting the signs made and installed.

Reading this thread, I realized that I never came back and posted anything about it but the permanent baskets are installed and the course is 100% playable. Signs are currently just wooden stakes with numbers on them but the course is navigable. Tee signs and a course map are forthcoming along with some other amenities like a bridge or two across the coulee and some additional plants and/or structures to separate a few spots on the course a little more.

We played our Sunday round out there this past weekend and 54 was the best score. The wind was relentless - Pot-of-Gold @ Lafreniere relentless - and I don't know if anybody managed to stay in bounds on all 18.

I had a conversation with Shane Seal in Pensacola a few weekends ago and it came up that for the fishermen in the SN, one could make a weekend trip to play a few rounds in Lydia and then head about twenty minutes down the road to Cypremort Point which is the gateway to fishing the Gulf in Acadiana. You can surf fish at the State Park or launch your boat at the point. The park has cabins - details here - and New Iberia is close enough if you prefer a hotel room.

Here is a very basic map.

Thank you for your reply. I guessed pretty good at the pars. I look forward to the signs and other amenities. I was out there on Sunday. We joined the play after everyone has started. We weren't there knowing you guys were playing. It was me and my partner. Just two gals throwing our disc. Love it love it love it.
i finally got the chance to play this course yesterday and i really liked it. it is a very technical with all of the obs and the wind. i ended up shooting a 50 which i felt pretty good about considering that i bogeyed the first 3 holes and missed my birdie on hole 4. it was a little hard to figure out some of the holes but im glad i remembered the map jacques posted on here it really helped us out. i got to talk to a local driving around he saw us playing so he pulled over to talk to us he said he had played a couple of times in Lafayette but he didn't like all of the spiders lol but he was very interested in trying out this course!!
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