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Lefty Disc Golfers

Posted by Lefty 
Lefty Disc Golfers
January 22, 2003 10:17PM
Any other lefties out there?
I am a novice and still trying to find my game.
Any suggestions for discs that work well for lefties that prefer to fingerpop would be much appreciated.
I have had good success with the Bomb for long distance, the Roc for mid range and the Ching for putting. I am sure that there are better discs out there for my game though...
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 23, 2003 01:11PM
Hey what's up lefty. My name is Will Timmons, and like you I am wrong handed. Where are you from? How novice are you? Have you had any tournament experiance? Welcome to the the wonderful world of disc golf!!

The only advice I can really give you is to keep trying different discs, but if you fingerpop alot, do the discs go more left or right? Usually an Eagle or Tee-bird are good for those, (I throw lefty backhand, and righty forehand, so I have to learn how to turn discs over. Jim O's son Matthew knows everything about every disc, so if he ever gets on line he might beable to help you more than I. (even though he is a @#$%& righty)

Welcome to the sport and if I can help you any more, let me know.

Will T
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 23, 2003 01:48PM
Hey Lefty I am a lefty also. I am, at the moment, a COMPLETELY side arm thrower. People call what I do a finger pop, but that is actually in accurate for me because of how I grip the disc.

Just to let you know what it is I throw (which might or might not work for you,) I really like 175g KC Banshees, and as heavy as I can get them Rams, KC Eagles, and KC Firebirds.

I have a problem in that most discs I throw go right (it is called an anhyzer throw,) therefore I have sought out some of the most overstable discs available, which are the discs I have listed.

Like Will said though you need to figure out what a given discs does in your hands. For the style of throw you use any discussion on how a disc fades and which way it goes will be the same if the person you are talking to throws right-handed back-hand which is by far the most prevelant type of player. In other words my friend Kary throws RHBH and if he throws a discs that starts to flyer right for him and then fades to the left, the discs will basically work the same for me if I give it the same amount of power he does.

One thing to note though is that throwing fore-hand seems to put an amazing amount of "pop" or torque on the disc so while Kary can throw a Stingray and is happy with the results if I throw one it is usually buried in the ground it dives so hard.

If you are ever in the North Mississippi area send me an email and I'll take you to my home course and play a round.

Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 23, 2003 04:23PM
Ok, one word of advice:

DO NOT TAKE THROWING ADVICE FROM JEFF! We don't call him "bionic arm" for nothing. He has a teflon-coated titianum shoulder which allows him to hurl a disc 400+' sidearm. Do not try to emulate his throwing style as your arm will fly right out the socket. I know, I've seen it before. No one can do it but him.

Just get out in a field with all your discs and borrrow some too. Throw, throw, throw. Learn the discs and what they do for you. Lefty, righty, Innova, Discraft, it doesn't matter. I like to play a round with just a couple of discs, like a putter and a roc. You will definately learn a disc that way.

More importantly, have fun!

Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 23, 2003 05:35PM
Spoken like a true professional....@#$%& those medical breakthroughs!!
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 23, 2003 08:05PM
Yes, Jeff's rotator cuff was engineered in a galaxy 47.5 light years away by a race of extra terrestrial beings in the quarzon nebula. It is made of an element not yet known to mankind. One day while throwing discs in the cow pasture, he was abducted. The aliens implanted the cuff in his shoulder through a high tech rectal intrusion process that we cannot quite understand. He was out for a little while, but when he awoke, he had a sore ass, and could throw a ram farther than anyone else of this world. I know, I know, It sounds far fetched, but if you play a round with him in sub freezing weather and he is wearing shorts and throwing 420 feet with his messed up pinch grip, you will believe this strange story. Also, another strange side effect of his abduction is that if jeff passes gas anywhere near a television set, the picture gets fuzzy and the sound distorts. Coincidence....I think not!
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 23, 2003 08:18PM
And the Emmy for weirdest discussion forum goes to...


From an old fart who finger pops a good 200 feet, where can I get one of those bionic arms. I'd like to "pass on the gas" and the sore ass though!
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 24, 2003 07:55AM
heh heh that was pretty funny Fair. Any thoughts on becoming a guest Columnist at Memphisdiscgolf? ;)

Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 24, 2003 09:35AM
Sure Brad, maybe we can discuss the details over buffalo wings and beer while we watch the superbowl Sunday. I must warn you however, that I am a pretty expensive freelance B.S. writer. The B.S. most certainly does not stand for Bachelor of Science either. Trailor Trash Monthly usually pays me a case of Old Milwawkee's Best Light and a package of funyons for each of my Columns on cow tipping.
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 24, 2003 06:00PM
Don't forget the Corky's and beer Fair. said Beer. I mean don't forget about the chips and dip and beer. Wait...did I say beer....?
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 27, 2003 12:13PM
As wife of said titanium shoulder clad freak I too can neither confirm nor deny anything that has been said on this page. The government won't allow it.
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 27, 2003 10:47PM
Smart girl!
Great win Judy! Keep kickin that A$$!
Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
January 31, 2003 05:42PM
Fair, danm funny prose.

Re: Lefty Disc Golfers
February 01, 2003 05:02PM
I seem to remember a guy who threw those Rams 425 or so back in the late 90's. In fact he won the WACO charity open with only one bogey over four rounds thanks to his amazing sidearm.

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