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Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!

Posted by DG Guy 
Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 27, 2003 09:38PM
Tishomingo State Park and Chickasaw Disc Golf will be hosting the 2003 edition of the Ice Bowl this weekend, February 1st.

Registration from 3:00 til 5:00 on Friday and Saturday from 7:30 to 9:30.

Players meeting at 9:30, Tee time to follow . . .

The park will be cooking those great hamburgers & hotdogs again on Saturday.

Bunks available in the "new" group huts. .ONLY $7.00 per person per night.

Doubles on Sunday ( Pro & Amateur )


Accepting cash donations for the Tishomingo chapter of the Red Cross

Plaques for all divisions!

Road Warrior Plaque for the person who travels the farthest to compete!

Hope to see you all there. . .

DG Guy. . .
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 28, 2003 09:53AM
I'm in! Griff...I believe Memphis and Spring Creek DGC should be well represented. Griff
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 28, 2003 07:16PM
An update on the food for Saturday only. No burgers and dogs, homemade vegetable soup will be served in the group camp kitchen on a donation basis by the Tishomingo State Park staff. These people take great care of us so please remember and thank them. No food prepared for doubles on Sunday, as of right now.
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 28, 2003 10:10PM
I am hoping there is somewhere nearby to get food, then, since I am carnivorous.
By the way, every disc golfer from Biloxi, MS, will be there. Which is to

Food is never a problem . . . someone will be cooking, or there are several places to eat, one just right outside the park.

Email me with your name and Division and I will have a card made out for you!


Hey Crow, I'll bring my Grill to Go if ya wanna cook something. RwC
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 29, 2003 10:16PM
Thanks, tdwriter, but I think I will just hit the local burger joint. I rarely eat red meat, but something about being on the road just fires up the grease-lover in me.
Bill, you can put me down as Crow or Robert Crow, as boring as that is. It never fails to get listed that way, no what I tell the TD my name is. I will be playing in the Advanced Division, unless I make the smart move and step down to Beer Cart Driver.
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 12:29AM
i think i will go to jackson, it sounds like more fun
Care to tell us why, "a" ? RwC
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 08:22AM
Where can I find the specifics on this tournament:
- Divisions
- Entry Fees
- Number of rounds
- Number of days (is this a one or two day event)

If this information has been published I can't find it.

Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 08:57AM
Obviously "a" has never played Lefleur's back nine.
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 09:51AM
I'll agree with Crow. If you have played both courses you would know that Tishomingo is a GREAT place to play.

Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 11:01AM
Crow...this is Griff...lookin' forward to makin' your acquaintance.

Rock on Adv. players...sounds like our field is gettin' bigger every tourney!!

Divisions - Open, Masters, Grand Master, Open Women, Amateur Women, Amateur Men, Advanced, Advanced Master, Novice & Juniors. At least there are plaques for all of these divisions.

Entry Fees - This is a Charity Event, all players $15.00

Number of rounds - 2 20 hole rounds on Saturday for the Ice Bowl, Pick your partner doubles on Sunday, Pro and Am fields

Number of days (is this a one or two day event)

If this information has been published I can't find it.

Send an email to and I will add you to the mailing list to recieve tournaments that I am informed about.


Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 04:37PM
you are correct, the back does suck. the jacksonians are working hard to improve before the tournament. i believe they are adding five holes around the lake (pro and am) tees. they have also cleaned it up a lot. it is starting to look like blue angle, not quite as nice. the more fun comment was an attempt to bring more players. sorry if i hurt your feelings.
Hey Bill or Mac, how do you intend to do the AM doubles. Is it every man for himself, as on big group of pick your partner doubles, or will it be broken into divisions such as advanced teams, am teams, advanced master teams.

The weather looks so good, I might have to stay this time. Just gotta find me a partner. RwC
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 30, 2003 09:07PM
Looking forward to it Griff. Looks like I will be on the road all day tomorrow. If my sister-in-law hadn't had a baby, I probably wouldn't be coming. But if you guys weren't having this tournament, I DEFINITELY would not be spending nine hours in a car with my mother-in-law just to see some baby!
Oh and "a", you didn't hurt nobody's feelings, we just thought you were nuts, that's all :p
Not to dis Jackson, but I hope there is a good turnout. Bill and Mac run good events and the Tish course is sweet. There's always a good Memphis and Florence turnout. I just hope all these Mississippi golfers show up as well! I'm probably gonna need a doubles partner for Sunday. RwC
We believe there is a cluster of golfers in the Wall Doxey, Lowndes, Tupelo & Tishomingo area still close to the Memphis crew and Little Rock as well. In between there and Jackson, the golfers seem pretty sparse, notwithstanding some great courses and/or players at Cossar and Holmes. It is 4 hours from Jackson to Tish, the farthest point in the above cluster. On the other hand Jackson is 2 ½ hours or less from Baton Rouge, Hattiesburg, Vicksburg & Monroe and you pretty much have to go through Jackson to get to Tish from there. Add an hour or less for the coast, New Orleans, Lafayette and Shreveport and those players would still be passing through Jackson to get to Tish. As Crow said, he wouldn't be playing Tish if he didn't have another reason to go that far north. We only hope to draw the players who would probably find Tish too far anyway. Sure Tish is worth the drive from Jackson, but there is no real conflict here. Very few of us Jackson golfers are typically willing to travel that far. Tish is a great course and I haven't even seen it since changes were made. I hope to soon and certainly hope you guys have a great turnout.
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
January 31, 2003 04:56AM
Kevin, keep up the hard work. I see no conflict with these two tournaments on the same week end. They will only help to make SN stronger and continue its rapid growth. I also think by having two on the same week end in the Mississippi State Park system is a strong selling point to add more courses to more parks in the future. Hope ya'll have as much fun in Jackson as we will in Tishomingo. Go Judges!
I hope I didn't insinuate anything in my post. Jackson and Tish are apparently far enough apart and draw from different pools of golfers to create a conflict. The way Kevin explained it made it a whole lot clearer.

So far this season the furthest I've driven was 4 hours to Cossar Park and 31/2 hours to Columbus and both were well worth it. The rest of the events on my schedule are a lot closer, except for Memphis and possibly Birmingham.

I'd love to make a road trip to Jackson one day as well and am planning on coming to Hattiesburg in August for the AM Championships.

Good luck with the event, Kevin. I'll be checking the results Sunday night!

Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
February 03, 2003 12:16PM
Had a fun time at the Ice Bowl this past weekend. Cool Plaques. I am sorry that I didn't get one! :)

Look forward to seeing the complete results.

Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
February 03, 2003 11:21PM
Ditto on the fun time--we had a much better time than those saps in Jackson I bet. Posted results are the coolest! You can tell the Jackson people didn't have fun, 'cause the results were posted like the same day as the tournament. Our guys are still recovering, which is why the results are not immediately available. But I have a feeling that when total conscienceness is achieved, we will clearly see my 6th place finish...
Since they haven't been posted, I'll go ahead and report my First Place finish in Advanced Master (after losing by a stroke in October). Dan Mikul was second and Steve Sloan third. Ten players in all and a nice chunk of points. Cool plaque, too. RwC
Re: Tishomingo Ice Bowl this weekend!
February 05, 2003 12:10PM
Bill or Mac,

Any idea when the complete Tishomingo Ice Bowl results will be posted? Just wondering. I have cooled off my complaints at TD's after helping do it myself at the Nov. Memphis Tournament. hah!

I also have tried to E-mail Bill but his E-mail is not working.

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