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May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic

Posted by Brad 
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 10:14AM
After looking at all of these post Its looks like I MUST go to BUD HILL.
I've never been and wont be going this time bcause of school work and Finals. :-(
I've gotta do what I've gotta do. When Is the next event at BUD HILL, I hope to make it for that one.
Y'all have a good time and ACE one for JIM O.
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 10:22AM
We'd love to have ya--next known event is Bud Hill first weekend of november, '03.

Talk of a possible doubles tourney during the summer....but nothing final as of yet.

November is a great time of year for the camping and fun!! Griff
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 11:27AM
How do you get to Bud Hill? I'll be coming from the south on I-55.

[Sorry for the repeat post, but I wanted to get my question back on the most recent page, lest it be overlooked.]
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 12:13PM
Goby see if this helps.

This is from Jackson, MS

I-55 N toward GRENADA/MEMPHIS. 201.88 miles

Merge onto I-240 N. 5.37 miles

Merge onto I-40 E. 2.59 miles

Take the exit- exit number 2A- on the left toward US-51/MILLINGTON. 0.62 miles

Directions to the Meeman Shelby State Park

Take exit 2A to Millington on Hwy 51. Go 2.6 miles and turn left on Watkins. Go 2.8 miles and turn left on Robertson. Go 0.8 miles and turn right on Benjestown. Go 3.5 miles to the Park Entrance on your left. At the stop sign, go straight to the Disc Golf Course at the first drive on the left.

Directions to Bud Hill

From the intersection of Robertson and Benjestown turn left/south. Go 0.1 miles where Benjestown takes an abrupt right. Turn right on Benjestown for 3.4 miles. Look for the Bud Hill sign at a gravel road on the right. Proceed on the gravel road past the white house and barns, through the gate and on around to the club house parking area.

Basically you take the same directions for both courses until you get to the intersection of Robertson and Benjestown. Turn right on Benjestown to the Forest. Turn left on Benjestown to Bud Hill.
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 12:20PM
Take !-55 into Memphis, go toward I-240 North (following signs to downtown)...this may also coincide with the I-55 North to St. Louis exit (just don't go toward Nashville!! You will be merging to your LEFT to goto St. Louis and I240-N, the I240-N exit should be right there(just do NOT go toward Nashville)...

{I-240 is a huge loop around the city(so if ya go the wrong way EVENTUALLY you'll come around, but I would NOT suggest it)}

Get onto I-240 North to downtown you'll travel 12-16 miles passing many exits and you'll see downtown as you go around(buildings in distance on your left)'ll pass exits that go to Arkansas/little rock(pass all this and keep on truckin')....stay on I-240 until you see a Millington/Highway 51'll be the only exit in the LEFT lane....follow exit and get off on Highway 51-North to Millington....go to the right(there will be an Amoco/BP on your right as you come onto Hwy 51-N...

You will go through 4 lights(past Wendy's, Taco Bell McD's, etc...this is the closest fast food joints to the course), past a church and catholic school on right while going over several hills...(watch here on 51-N: favorite speed trap)...then you will see a light (Watkins Extended) take a left {(you should also be seeing signs telling you you're on the way to Shelby Forest too when you get to the Millington Hwy 51N exit)}...

down Watkins extended until you cross a lake/river bridge(about 2 miles down) will see a left lane entry right after that bridge...go left(entering the community of Northhaven)....about 1000 feet to a 4 way stop(you will see an Amoco/BP off a block to your right--last chance for beer)...take a LEFT at the four way stop(I do not know the names of these streets)...follow the road about 2.5-3 miles until it dead ends at another stop sign(can only go left or right)...GO LEFT and follow that road(should be BENJESTOWN ROAD)...until it dead ends....right before the dead end you can go right...then another 1500+ feet down that road and you will find the entrance to the Daniel's Property (Bud Hill) is on your right just over a little waterway bridge...YOU"RE HERE!! PARTEEE!!

Sorry I do not know all the street names, I saw your post and hoped someone with more knowledge would respond, however, it looks like I'm who ya get!! And if you feel like you're way's because you are. I've reviewed these so I think they'll get ya there... Griff

Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 12:21PM
Obviously Brad types quicker...his directions are basically the same except I'm taking you straight to Bud Hill...Griff
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 12:24PM
Thanks Brad and Griff. Shelby I found in the PDGA directory but Bud Hill wasn't listed. See you this weekend.
damon sullivan
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 04:30PM
can someone give me directions from the interstate to mem. shelby and from there to bud hill.
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 04:57PM

Did you see the above Directions? See if those help you out. Those are from the interstate.

Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
April 30, 2003 05:00PM
Also take a look at this website for the Shelby Course. This has some nice directions to the course.

What do the local news stations say about the weather?
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 01, 2003 06:20AM
Forgot to mention that I haven't even gotten to Memphis and I can already tell I'm going to be impressed by all the work these people have put into a "GRADE A" tournament!!

Don't miss this event!!

My weather shows chances of thunderstorms but don't they usually skip over Memphis? LOL
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 01, 2003 10:10AM
Can someone hurry that sun up and make it go around the earth a little faster? So Saturday gets here a little quicker?
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 01, 2003 10:33AM
I tried that, but Fair was pushin' it back down....he's feelin' a little extra pressure 'cause the winds of change are a blowin' and he knows the eyes of many a Pro will be watchin'!!

Good luck to all of us ADV.-maniacs--it'll be fun even if it may be one of the last tourneys we compete together as a group--and yeah that's good luck to you too, Print!! Griff
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 01, 2003 10:45AM
A special THANX to Jeff and Debbie Reynolds and the Central Arkansas Disc Golf Club for their sponsorship of the Memphis Bud Hill Dogwood Classic!!!

We appreciate all the support of our fellow guys and gals from Arkansas...."COME GET YA SOME!!!!"

It's gonna be a great weekend...don't miss it!!! Griff
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 01, 2003 10:47AM
LOL.. thanks. I suppose its a nasty habit to have my homepage set to this forum. If I cant play, I would just as soon read this stuff as the news. Good luck to you as well Griff. I am sure you will remove the consistancy monkey off your back this weekend.
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 01, 2003 04:31PM
I played Shelby Forest East yesterday and shot an Even Par Score. I play Advanced. That course looked GREAT!! Everyone that did work on it deserves a ton of credit! I look forward to playing the 9 Holes of Shelby Forest West and the 9 Temp Holes! The Temp Holes are LONG.

Also reports from Bud Hill today that it was looking great as well!

I want to thank all of the Memphis Disc Golf Club Members for joining the Club. The dues this year were raised to $20 in which you recieved a 2003 Bag Tag. The dues have gone a LONG way in improving the courses and we are defintely NOT finished. Current 2003 Members will be listed on the Memphis Disc Golf Website sometime next week. It's defintely not too late to join the Club!!

Oh..and for you last minute decision PRO's. We can now announce $725 in added Prize Money to the PRO Divisions!

WOW, no posts on Bud Hill since 4:31 p.m. Thursday??? How strange

I for one have been looking forward to this since my last trip to The Hill in November.

The Dogwood/Bud Hill Classic represents the final leg of a six week, five event tour that began March 29 here in Florence. It's also my fourth straight event to play in. (FYI, one of those weekends was spent at the Talladega Superspeedway.)

This should be one of the toughest events for all the Advanced Master players because there are at least FIVE recent tournament winners playing that I know of. There could be even more. Whoever comes out on top can truly feel good about their game.

Beth and I plan to register Saturday morning bright and early. RwC
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 02, 2003 11:58AM
I think everyone is out there playing, except of course the few of us that have work or rather chores to do. It is going to be a great weekend. I am sure we will get wet, but hey whats disc golf without rain. It has been too nice for too many weekends. See you all out there Saturday morning. Stephen/Steven James is riding with me, so look out all you memphis Ams.
We're in the same boat (or office) Print. I'm just finishing up a few stories for the weekend. I'm going to go home at lunch and get some more stuff ready to pack. Hopefully I can get off early, but we won't make it there in time to play. It's 31/2 hours from my driveway to the Forest. Gonna get up bright and early and hit those new holes at Shelby. Congrats on Wall Doxey and good luck this weekend. RwC
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 02, 2003 12:14PM

We will be heading the same path .... Where are y'all staying?
Addie, we're staying at my brother's house in Memphis tonight, then we'll be camping in the pop-up at Shelby Forest. Don't think we can get the trailer up the hill after all this rain. We'll be close to both courses that way. What time are y'all leaving H'ville.

BTW, any word on Redstone for the Blast? Make sure I'm on the list for this one. Thankfully I'll have a two week break between the Hill and the Blast. Unless I talk myself into going to Arkansas. RwC
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 02, 2003 01:24PM

I doubt that I will play in Huntsville...but I would be more than willing to not feel like playing too many long courses.....Bud Hill is going to be my longest one for this month....

Cannot wait to see you up in Memphis...Hopefully we will be seeing you up there...when are you leaving?

Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 03, 2003 05:41AM
RAIN, rain, rain go away and come back another day.
Its 5:41 and looks like rain for a couple of hours over memphis, buy cant miss this tourney, so on the road I go!
Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 03, 2003 05:28PM
Weather was absolutely perfect today. Perfect. 2nd hand info says that we have 171 entries. I haven't been playing the courses where the PRO's are playing but I do know that there are 39 Advanced Players. First day leader is -9. Courses are playing pretty tough. Amazing news is that Fair isnt leading. He is in 4th three shots back.

I believe Todd Alexander shot a -9 First round on Shelby East to lead the 1st round for PRO Men. Not sure what happend in the second round. Will update when I can.

Oh..a lot of women playing. Perhaps 8 PRO women. Will confirm later. Have met people from KY, Little Rock, Pensocola, Mobile etc. Those that aren't here have missed out! :(

Re: May 2003 Memphis Dogwood Classic
May 03, 2003 09:34PM
Yeah it is great for those that dont know. Matt Orum is one stroke back from Todd Alexander in second place in the open division after two rounds. That kid is smooth. It really was a good day... except of course for my second round;), but hey got one more to go tomorrow.
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