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Windy Hills Open

Posted by Shane Seal 
thanks crow, how nice of you. thats really a good way to show your generassity!

good one huh?

i guess i can spread my cheeks and flop some plastic out of my.... how about i bring some discs.

i won some pro line discs at mardi madness that will make great CTP's. they will be up for grabs in amatetuer pools and below.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 04, 2003 08:14PM
Thanks for the offer. All donations are more than welcome. Looking forward to seeing you and the gang here on the 29th.

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 04, 2003 09:10PM
Shane doesn't call me Evil Mental Image Man for nothing.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 07, 2003 10:05PM
Hey Shane this is Rick just wanted to get info.Like the price a tee time. p.s.If you and jonas are playing anytime before the touey call me plz. (601)-266-2805
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 07, 2003 11:28PM
Hey Rick, click here -

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 08, 2003 10:08PM

We play just about everyday in the afternoon. As for information about the tournament, like crow said just drop by the website. Go ahead and join if you would like to talk some smack and get the emails sent to all current members.

just wanted to give kudos to Jonas and Shane for all the hard work they put in on the course. you guys ROCK!

that course is the baddest, meanest, grip and rip course in the south, whew!

i cant say much about the am tees, i only got to play the long, but there is much to say about elavation on that beast of a course.

wildcat is definately on my top five list. a must play.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 09, 2003 05:59PM
Erin, I knew you were cool. And the flock grows daily! Spread the word, my brothers and sisters! Windy Hills is but three weeks away!
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 09, 2003 10:21PM
We are up to 6 CTP's for sure and hopefully will reach ten by the end of the week. These include money, disc, lunch, etc. The course is beginning to see some heavy traffic. Due to this and the large amount of rain that we have been having, we will rope off the tee boxes the week immediately before the tourney. Of course everyone can still drive from the side or back from the tees. We just want to give them a rest in case of torrential downpours the days leading up to the tourney. They drain extremely well, in fact I have played in light rain for the last few days in tennis shoes with no problem. I can promise they are nothing like Madness tees.

The Zinger
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 09, 2003 10:33PM
For those who haven't played here yet, GO PLAY!! The course is very, very nicely laid out. This is no easy birdie course. You actually have to have a good shot to birdie a hole out here. The Pro tees are really L....O.....N....G!!
With two nice OB ponds. Not big ponds, but two ponds that EASILY come in play on three holes. Very good mixture of Left turns, Right turns, and Straight shots.

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 10, 2003 09:28AM
I'm glad you guys like the course. I had a blast Saturday. Too bad we didn't have the weather we had yesterday. It was beautiful! Terry, I didn't play pro 17 yesterday, so I'm sure that is where I'll find your disc. I'll send it your way ASAP.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 10, 2003 07:05PM
Jonas found your disc on hole 17 today. Ask Steve to stop by and get it on his way to BR.
The Zinger
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 10, 2003 07:47PM
Sweet, thanks Jonas.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 10, 2003 08:14PM
we might have muddy tees, but will you have a band jamming while you throw? :)
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 10, 2003 08:15PM
Well, if my boy's think it kicks ass, then I'll love it. Shane, let me know if you need anything at all, I'm here to help.

By the way, I think roping off the Tee boxes the week before the round is Brilliant! way to use your head!

Be seeing ya'll soon,
Wiily BT
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 10, 2003 09:03PM
Mike, no, and thank God for that.
sorry crow but that music playing was the only thing enjoyable about my last round at MGM, lol!
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 12, 2003 03:51PM
Grounds crew got carried away with the bushhog today, so the gap for hole 16 just got considerably larger.

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 13, 2003 10:19AM
Really, How big is the hole now?
Maybe now I can get thru. :-)
They didn't , by chance, go and cut a wider fairway on 6 or 7 or 8 did they?
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 13, 2003 10:28AM
Sorry Steve, they sure didn't. You need to get up here and play whenever you get a chance. Pro 9 is playable and is a MoFo! :-)
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 17, 2003 09:24PM
Can someone please post some hotel information for us? Thanks


Re: Windy Hills Open
March 17, 2003 09:54PM
There are no hotels in Poplarville. There are several places to stay about 20 miles south of there in Picayune, and quite a few more about 35 miles north in Hattiesburg, where you can stay and play the ever-popular Paul B. Johnson State Park. The lack of hotels is one of the reasons we didn't try for a two-day tournament.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 17, 2003 10:30PM
There are some hotels just north of poplarville at Hillsdale I believe. They are about 5 miles north of Poplarville and about 15 minutes from the course. I will get on that tomorrow.

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 09:07AM
Georgetown Inn, Hillsdale Mississippi

Single Occupancy
37.95 - 50.29

Double Occupancy
42.80 - 55.65

Kids under 12 stay free. I don't know anything about this hotel except it is around 15 minutes out or so. I will post some hotels from Picayune and Hattiesburg as soon as I can find them.

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 09:07AM
Forgot the phone number for Hillsdale :(
(601) 796-3423
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 09:39AM
Thanks for the information Shane.

How far is Wiggins from the park? I know it is across on hwy 49 and I think it has a Best Western.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 10:09AM
Hey Shane, is it too late to make sure that some of the candy plastic you ordered will come in "Terror Alert Orange." I hope we don't go code red, I might not get to come.
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 10:13AM
From the JUDGEs web site:

After a full, and I mean FULL day of golf at Wildcat Trace DGC; I must say that it is the cleanest, most diverse course I have played in the Southern Nationals area. We had 6 players (from most divisions) playing and the scores scream 'very close to world-class par'.

With every shot you can imagine staring you down, it will bring out the best in any golfer. Division does not matter with 3 tees per hole, water, trees, open shots, RHBH, LHBN... Oh yea... bring your 'flick' as it's needed _many_ times throughout the rolling hills, scenic stretches and keenly placed baskets usually snug in a protective tree brigade.

Make no mistake - This is a Players' course.
-Waiting for the 29th.

P.S. - the first pond shot has claimed my yellow CE Eagle should someone find it while wading through the muck.

Robert Cassell
SNBT - #notworthmentioning ;)
Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 10:45AM
Wiggins would be 30 to 40 minutes out. Travel to poplarville would be along hwy 26 which is not the fastest of roads to travel on. I am working on Picayune and Hattiesburg as we speak. Hope to post tonite.

Re: Windy Hills Open
March 18, 2003 11:49AM
New Course map added to site.
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