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SN Event Stats

Posted by #89 
SN Event Stats
February 03, 2003 04:22PM
these are just thoughs.... and info about the SN

In the latest issue of DGWN:

TOP 50 "Richest" Events
#17. SN Championships - Memphis $11,566, 122 Pros
(122 pros = #21 on attendance list)

PDGA Tour Field Leaders
Largest Masters Division
#3 SN Chmps - Memphis - 39 Masters competitors

Largest GMaster Division
#1 SN Chmps - Memphis - 14 GMasters competitors

serious old fart factor. :^p

The SN series is showing up regularly on the annual statistical "big dog tournament" lists...

Now that the SN bag tag thing is taking off-- what else might be done to help vault the SN PRO FINALS even further upwards on those "big event" list of statistics??

guesstimations only (nothing official, just for the sake of discussion...)
these #'s are only for some frame of reference...

50 SN events per year X 50 competitors X 2$ SN Sanctioning fee = $5000

Bag Tag Revenue 150 tags X 15 = 2250 (? % goes to Hattiesburg)

1250 BR
1000 Hburg

(i have no idea how they will divide this and these #'s are only a guess)

so anyway, a rough guesstimation for the BR SN PRO FINALS might be?

6500$ added to the SN Pro Championships

lowball guess of entry fees ( 2003 )
144 players X 65$ = 9360

9360 + 6500 = 15860

(again... i am guessing... these #'s may be completely inaccurate... that 144 players would have an entry fee of 65$.... these #'s are BY NO MEANS OFFICIAL.... i figured memphis had 122... i am just trying to figure what it will take (beyond bagtags) to raise the total purse to an all time record for the 2003 SN Finals...

have the bag tags done that?

the next step in the sponsorship quest ?
hole sponsors... a buncha $25 ones like toad does... that are added to overall event budget...

this could really push the SN FINALS over the top.

a big fish.

how does one land a large sponsor for a sports tournament!!

it would be nice to somehow convince Innova or Discraft to be the title sponsor... WITH PAYOUT AND ATTENDANCE STATS LIKE THE SN HAS!!!

last year when Memphis hosted the SN Pro Finals the stats where...
Pro Purse 11,566. $
122 Competitors
(excellent job memphis...)

guesstimation tally:

in 2003 the SN PRO finals total may reach $15,000 with an attendance of 144 competitors ?

Re: SN Event Stats
February 03, 2003 10:00PM
i think 15,000 should be about right , thanks to the bag tag being a big hit. if br comes up with some sponsors they will be up there in the prize money next year. i hope everyone can see the growth we have made and it will continue if all the cities stick together . the south should have one of the larger events in disc golf. we are very proud of how far we have come due to a lot of hard work. baton rouge has been a big part of it, i hope everyone will pitch in to help them .
thanks to john for taking over the points and now we must get our schedule down. we need each city to try to keep there event a year ahead of time. we will be looking for someone to be in charge of that. so let me know if you think you can handle it.
Re: SN Event Stats
February 04, 2003 05:03AM

So, for the flyer I'm creating for Willybtc... is it okay to use?

"Estimated Total Purse = 15,000$"


Also, if you and Will can announce the entry fees for the SN PRO FINALS I'll add those to the flyer as well...


Is it okay to add an Innova logo to the flyer? Considering how much Harold Duvall and Innova East does for the SN... I figured it would be a nice gesture?

Any other logos?
(so far, I have added these logos to the flyer)


& an aardvark, a fish... and a toad.

any others?

To assist Will in attemtping to get the largest turnout ever for a SN Finals... very nice publicity flyers / posters seem like a good start :)

It seems like a good idea to promote the heck outta the fact that the SNDGC Pro Finals is THE last usdgc qualifier of the year... (i'll add a "blurb" on the flyer that promotes that)

Also2, The SN FINALS events need their own specific web page, imho...

I'll build flash web pages (or whatever) for BR & Hburg... if you folks would like...
Re: SN Event Stats
February 04, 2003 04:11PM
For those who have not seen Vic's work, the man has got some skills !!! Thank you again for the help Vic, and I've just ordered me a computer and will have it by next week so I'll be able to talk on this thing even more!! I'll be abusing you by the time this thing rolls around, so lets make it kick ass!!

Will T
Tony Bass
Re: SN Event Stats
February 04, 2003 04:45PM
This forum brought a good point to my attention. I have always wondered where the $2 that comes out of every entrance fee for the Southern Nationals goes? Does it go towards the finals? If not then where??? Someone please respond!
Re: SN Event Stats
February 04, 2003 05:45PM

I have asked the same question in the past. The answer I got was that the $2 goes to both the amateur and pro Southern Nationals Championship tournaments. As far as what percentage goes to which tournament etc, I have no idea.

Re: SN Event Stats
February 04, 2003 06:08PM
by the way, if you hattiesburg folks need help with a flyer / poster i will create one for that event as well...

help me to find out

entry fees

cabin rental costs

bunkhouse rental costs

event info, like tee times, etc...

if you (tony) can help me gather that kind of info-- i will create a nice flyer for the Hburg event!!

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