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Some Lighter Moments at Tish...

Posted by tdwriter 
Some Lighter Moments at Tish...
February 05, 2003 12:52PM
The news of the tragedy involving the space shuttle Columbia was certainly on everyone's mind during the Tishomingo Ice Bowl last Saturday, but there were some lighter moments that occurred over the weekend. Here are some of the ones I can actually recall
Bunkhouse Flatulence
Rick Roberston, my fellow Shoals Frisbee Club member and longtime golfer brought a new toy with him to Tishomingo. A remote controlled fart machine.
If you've never seen one (and I hadn't) it resembles a mini speaker like the ones you'd hook up to a walkman. There are no wires so you can conceal it if you wish. There is a small remote control that goes with it.
The idea, I suppose, is to conceal the unit and use the remote to set off, well, farts, and blame them on some unsuspecting person in the room.
All I can say is the darn thing was going off all day and night. It came complete with four distinctive sounds, all of which provided hours of laughs (yeah, right!) especially after Saturday night's feast of sausages, meat loaf burgers, veggies and grilled onions (Yum!)
Now for something less gross...
Another fellow SFC disc golfer, Larry "Charlie Brown" Lawson, had the pleasure of being tied (and I still have to verify this, but I couldn't resist posting it now) by a 10-year-old kid! That's right, the venerable C.B. was tied by the eventual winner of the Junior division, who's name I cannot recall. Both, I believe, shot a first round 62. I mean, this kid is young enough to be Charlie's grandchild! and yes, there was much ribbing Saturday night. Way to go C.B.
Now for another C.B. story...
Wrong Turn
As it's probably well known, certain Florence golfers never bring enough beverages with them on their trips. So Charlie Brown and yet another SFC golfer, Curtis Cox, took off on a run just before dark Saturday night on a little trip that should have taken about an hour.
About an hour later, we began wondering where they were. Later,we began to get concerned. Even later, worry began to set in.
Finally, someone outside said they saw Curtis' CRX coming through the park. Relief! So when they come in, we jump all over them like the parents of a teenager that's been out way after curfew.
They finally came clean and told us what happened.
Instead of turning left and heading toward Nashville on the Natchez Trace, these Brainiacs turn right... toward Tupelo.
Yup, Tupelo. They apparently didn't notice that the scenery was totally different than what they saw on the drive up.
When they got to Tupelo, it wasn't enough to stop at the first convenience store and pick up some cold drinks. No. They had to travel all over Tupelo to find Charlie's favorite.
They finally ended up at the local Wal-Mart Supercenter and after flirting with some young woman, they headed headed home.
My advice. Bring what you need and forget the side trips!
A visit from H.B.
Everyone who's played golf for a number of years was probably as surprised as I was to see noted disc golfer and TD, H.B. Clark, on the leaderboard Saturday. H.B. is one of the pioneers of disc golf in Bowling Green, Ky.
He was edged out for the "Road Warrior" award by Robert Crow, who drove up from, I believe, Biloxi, Ms., for the event. There was much discussion because H.B. took a side trip to Paducah, Ky., before driving to Tish. It was great to see both H.B. and Crow at the event.
Self-Destruct mode-ON!
I was also able to witness the self-destruction of the "Mississippi State Advanced Master Champions" Rick and C.B. during Sunday doubles. I hate to rag my buds, but they must have played two of the worst rounds of doubles I have ever seen in my life! All in fun guys!
That's about it. If I can embarass anyone else, I will. RwC
Now, Bring on the Results!!
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