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Capital City Open

Posted by will t 
Capital City Open
February 05, 2003 03:51PM
The first Baton Rouge Tournament is comming up soon.

March 1st Capital City Open
Highland Road Park
Sign up starts at 8:00am
Players meeting at 9:30am
First Round at 10:00am
Second Round one hour after the last card turned in

Plaques for top 3 in all divisions
All Jr and Nov get choice of 2 discs and a mini, or a small bag
$25 CE disc CTP on hole 11 for all divisions (both rds)

Entry Fees:
Open - $35 / Masters & Open Women - $30 / Adv. & Am Master - $25
Am & Am Women - $20 / Jr & Nov - $15

Orange Tees the first rd (except for Jr, Nov, and Am Women - Blue)
Red Tees second rd for Open, Mast, and Adv; all others orange

TD - Willy BTc / CTP sponsored by SSW / Bag Tags available
Re: Capital City Open
February 05, 2003 05:44PM
Red tees at Highland? Never seen such a thing. I think you meant Gold Tees, and that Am Masters would also play from the gold tees in the second round! =8) Pretty please? =8) <donning flame suit for protection from my fellow OMBs>
Re: Capital City Open
February 05, 2003 10:37PM
goby- he loves the red tees, his mind is probably still out there somewhere... teeing off on the lake hole or sidearming a 70 footer for a par from the bank.

i vote that the red tees be painted gold like highland.
Re: Capital City Open
February 05, 2003 10:45PM
we do have the white posts that are easy to see and red does suit the results of some rounds on that course, i just think it adds a little class to BR discgolf.

see ya
Re: Capital City Open
February 06, 2003 09:10AM
gold for pro tees sounds like a good idea.

i second mr wizards motion.
Re: Capital City Open
February 06, 2003 04:01PM
Views on a coupple of new twists?
1) The creek on hole 1 will be ob

2) Man made ob on hole 4, lake where mushy part is?

And Gold/long tees (we need a color scheme here that matches both courses)

Anf Goby, get other Am Masters to chime in and we'll do what they want.
I'm pretty easy as long as it doesn't cause any probs.


Willy BTc
Re: Capital City Open
February 06, 2003 09:41PM
i think will is talking about creating an out of bounds area on hole 4 at highland. there is a swampy puddle about half way to the pin on the right side of the fairway.

the creek on hole one might be even harder to pull off but i think the course has lost alot of trees this past year, so par needs to be defended.

im sure the ardvarks will love it. heehee!
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 07, 2003 09:31AM
well the ditch on hole 1 has been filled with water alot lately. If wet it should definitly be ob. Hole 4 might be a little harder to pull off.
Re: Capital City Open
February 07, 2003 09:58PM
Oh lord look out!

Willy BT has got a computer in his house, and I'm on line and looking for trouble!

Allright, still waiting for those Am Masters to chime in.

How long has the tree on hole 11 been gone? It freaked me out. We are loosing more trees at both parks and it sucks!

I'm in the process of getting the tournament info for BR to the park director of disc golf for BREC, and she will do a mailout for us, but our list is real old, and I'm going to try and open a new e-mail acct to get info for a new mailing list

if anyone is interested in getting on the list, I'll let you know how to get it to me.

I'm gonna try now to get a new SSW e-mail, I'll be back.
Re: Capital City Open
February 07, 2003 10:19PM
I'm back already, with a new E-mail adress

Send me your mailing adress and I'll put it on the SN mailing list and the BREC (BR) mailing list, to keep everyone just a little more up to date.

Oh yea, also expect more about the SNDG Chps coming soon.

Peace Willy BT
Re: Capital City Open
February 08, 2003 06:17PM
Hey Willy,

Here is my vote for "The longer the course the better".

Re: Capital City Open
February 11, 2003 01:00PM
The course won't be longer, just more trouble spots to make one throw a good clean shot with power and accuracy. (I don't think the yellows need to be any longer, do you?) The main reason we are talking about this is because we have lost a lot of trees at the park, and we feel it needs to be tweeked.

Will T
Re: Capital City Open
February 19, 2003 06:57AM
Will, if I'm interpreting David R. correctly, he's voting for yellow tees in the second round of the Cap City Open. He can correct me if I'm mistaken, but otherwise the votes are unanimous in this forum for yellows in the second round. =8)
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 19, 2003 09:51AM
I believe if players want to play the pro tees, they should move up. IMO
Re: Capital City Open
February 20, 2003 06:33AM
So when are you moving up to pro, Zinger? =8)
Re: Capital City Open
February 20, 2003 09:00AM
the zinger needs short game before he moves anywhere! that boy has the arm for longer tees.

we also call him the WHIPPER-SNAPPER!!!
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 20, 2003 10:37AM
As soon as I get more consistent. Especially with my putting. But I did set my personal best yesterday at Highland shooting a 6 under (this after watching Toad choking badley at shooting his PB). But the thing was I didn't really need to putt good since I was close enough on the holes I birdied. I did miss one though, and I would have loved to have taken a mulligen on my putt. But anyway, I was just saying that Am II doesn't play gold tees so I didn't think Am Masters should. That's all.
Re: Capital City Open
February 20, 2003 10:55AM
I agree with Goby and David .... Am Masters should shoot one round from the long tees ..... just my opinion because I won't be able to make the Cap City Open.
Re: Capital City Open
February 20, 2003 12:47PM
`you old men would die from all that walking, and your arms would fall off!~

Ya'll know me, if the majority of the Am Masters want gold, go for for it, unless there are time restraints or anything else that that would prevent this from happening.

Now in contrast to that, I am with the Zinger, that if they want to play the longer course, play Advanced. Some old men like to kick little boys butts.

Willy BT
Re: Capital City Open
February 21, 2003 06:41AM
I guess my point would be this:

If the yellow tees are going to be referred to as the "Pro Tees" then let only the pro divisions play them. Advanced division is an amateur division. (NOTE: I do not advocate this.) If, however, some ams are allowed to play the yellow tees, the decision as to which am divisions play the long tees becomes arbitrary.

Just because Am Masters are older and can't always hang with the younger arms doesn't mean that Am Masters (often called *Advanced* Masters, BTW) don't like to have variety during the course of a tournament (pun intended). I'd much prefer to play orange, followed by yellow because I get to try more types of shots in the tournament. I see no reason that the skills in my division shouldn't be challenged any more than the Advanced division.

On the other hand, the above argument could then be applied to the other Am divisions. The TD has to balance that against speed of play. I do think, however, that most Am Masters could play the longer tees without signifcantly adding much time to tournament play. In other words, I don't think the awards ceremony would have to wait until 9pm while waiting for the OMBs to roll in. =8)

At the least, I'd advocate an alternate set of mid-length (orange) tees at Highland that could be used in the second round for Ams (and Am Masters if my above arguments don't prove persuasive =8). I have already laid out ideas for "white tees" and would be happy to show them to Will and Toad for their (dis)approval.

Variety is a good thing, I think. This is just my opinion; I'll happily go with whatever tees are laid before me.

Zinger, congrats on your PB.
Re: Capital City Open
February 21, 2003 07:56AM
ADV Masters are older ADV Players.

ADV play pro tees & so should Adv Masters, imo.

all pro divisions should always play pro tees (at least one round)

just my opinion.
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 25, 2003 11:24PM
Goby wrote
Advanced Men - MA1 (=SNDG Advanced)
Intermediate - MA2 (= SNDG Am Men)
Novice Men - MA3

Adv Masters - MM1 (= SNDG Am Masters)
Am Masters - MM2

Advanced Women - FW1 (probably = SNDG Am Women?)
Am Women - FW2
Novice Women - FW3? (treat as MA3?)

Junior Divisions are supposed to have remained unchanged"

So what you are saying is that PDGA calls MM1 Advance Masters and in the SN it is call AM Masters. This is what you wrote in another thread.

Why are you and Vic comparing AM Masters to Adv and calling it Adv Masters? Sure Adv is an Am division, but ALMOST everyone playing Adv has played Am before and has shot from the same tees. Where as ALMOST all Am Masters start out at Am Masters before moving up to Pro Masters.

So why should Am Masters be able to play pro tees?
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 05:31AM
Yep, that's what I'm saying. PDGA Adv Masters = SN Am Masters. The path taken to by Masters players is irrelevant, as it is for Advanced players. Just because most Advanced players played Am first is also irrelevant. Advanced is still an amateur division. Why should they play from *Pro* tees? (Hint: Quit calling them pro tees. =8)

Look at it this way: The next jump for both Advanced and Am Masters is to the pro ranks. Advanced players playing from the long tees is preparing them for the jump to the Pro division. Am Masters playing from the long tees is also preparing them for the jump to Pro Masters, where they will play the long tees.

Again, I've seen no reason offered why Advanced Amateurs should be allowed to play the "pro" tees but Am Masters should not (especially if most Am Masters would like to play a round from the long tees, as has been expressed in this forum).
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 09:00AM
Zinger, one more point that was raised by a fellow OMB on the PDGA board:

Look at the entry fees paid by the Am Masters. They're the same as the Adv. division, not the Am division. Has been that way for every SN tournament that I can remember.

New personal slogan: Advanced Fees, Advanced Tees! =8)
oldguy that likes pro tees
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 09:21AM
how many events offer Am Master AND Adv Masters (one in s'port maybe?)





looks like we may luck out and the rain'll hold off till sunday? hope so...
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 10:52AM
Then why don't you hold a Masters tournament and you can make every hole 1000 feet. Then maybe you would be happy. Juniors is an Am division and they play the blue(short) tees. Just cause one is in an Am division doesn't mean they all have to play the same tees. ie: the juniors. You make an invalid point here.
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 11:30AM
But anyway, onto another topic;

I hope to you Mississippians at the Capital City Open this weeken in Baton Rouge! Should be a good turnout from the locals here, we just need to get some out-of-towners over here to send yall back home frowning :)

But seriously, come on out this weekend. Should be a fun one.
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 11:45AM
Zinger, I'm not unhappy, just making a plea to let us OMBs enjoy more variety in a tournament, as we were able to do at Mardi Gras Madness. Note that I'm not arguing for length for the sake of length. I'm arguing for orange and yellow tees to provide me with a variety of shot choices to test and challenge my DG skills.

I have already addressed the point about "lower" am divisions playing long tees. See upthread. The argument boils down to whether the SNDG Am Masters division is equal to the SNDG Am division, but with old farts, or an Advanced division, but still with old farts. I think you'd agree that I'm closer to Advanced players such as you and Mr Wizard in skills than I am to the vast majority of Am players. I believe this comparison applies to most of the OMBs that I know.

Anyway, TZ, I've had my say in this debate. We're to the point of rehashing now. I'll be at the tournaments with a smiling face, regardless of tee choices. But remember, Advanced Fees, Advanced Tees! =8) See you Saturday at Highland, if not sooner.
The Zinger
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 11:59AM
Yes i will agree that you are more toward the Adv than the Am Goby. You prob won't see me until Sat if I show up. Is Mrs Goby gonna be there? She might be able to get another title under her belt. :) Hope she knows she's gonna have to defend all these next year.
Re: Capital City Open
February 26, 2003 12:17PM
Mrs. Goby will indeed be playing this weekend and she's ready to meet all challengers. Defending in subsequent years remains to be seen. Working at sea most of the year means opportunities to play in tournaments are limited. Her opportunities for even casual play are far less than she'd like. Still, she'll defend if she's home.
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