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2004 Bag Tags

Posted by Will T 
2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 10:40AM
First off I'd like to thank everyone that has gotten involved with the first attempt of doing a bag tag challenge for the SNDG series. I really feel that it has been very fun and it is really going to help the payouts at the 2003 SNDG championships.

Jim O and I have already getting started on the next years tag, (no knock on DW, for with out him stepping up and getting the tags, we probobly still wouldn't have them out.) and were considering instead of using "bag tags", we could have it done on Minis. They could have artwork/logos on them, and players would just swap minis. One point has been that people loose mini's easilly, but when one pays $15 for one they may keep up with it better.

Another idea was "bottle opener" tags. Someone I play with alot has a plastic bottle opener on a chain that has a flat plastic "tag" looking thing on the front that we could have #'s and a logo put on them.

Price shouldn't be that much for the minis, the bottle openers I don't know.

Any suggestions, comments , etc... are always welcome.

Willy BTc

PS- jury duty sucks!
Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 12:48PM
What?! Jury duty was a blast, especially if you're on a manslaughter case like I was. Plus, it got me out of work!

Back to the thread. It probably wouldn't cost too much to get custom minis printed, but to have each one stamped with a different number might. Bottle opener tags would be unique. RwC
Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 03:07PM
One fella with an engraver can number and put some type of symbol to show authenticity on each mini after production. The symbol would simply separate SNDG mini's as official(in case a like or similar stamp existed or was printed further for general distribution).

This route would also insure all mini's available to all players...regardless of location at the same time from one single source(at least for the first week or so of distribution). That way the "appearance of impropriety" is avoided.

After the initial distribution the remainder of tags should be distributed to TD's and other sources. This would further insure that all areas of the south have tags equally distributed in terms of #'s.

That fact alone would likely increase the total number sold, begin a tangible calenddar event all players could count on each year, and give an opportunity for an individual to scale interest, exposure, etc. in each area of the South...which, for all pertinent purposes, will raise our marketing of SNDG to higher level(providing data and proof of exposure to prospective marketing interests.) As always, just a thought. Griff
Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 03:30PM
We've actually been using minis up here in North MS for our own little small bag tag challenge and something that we came to was that having them haning on the outside of your bag is a big deal. A mini is something I'd want to slip away into a pocket. Having something that is small that can dangle on the outside of my bag is really good because then it is out there for anyone to see (generates discussion) and there is no good reason to put it away or hide it (ie: to keep a low number.)

The problem with minis is that we've all had to punch a hole in them in order to hang them on our bag. I personally like the current design of something smallish and lightweight yet fairly obvious.

Tony Bass
Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 04:12PM
I agree with Jeff. I think the mini's is a good idea, its just I myself would preffer something a little smaller dangling off the side of my bag. Plus the cost could get pretty high for individually numbered mini's! Just my thoughts.

Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 08:42PM
How about just a different color (red maybe) for the 2004 tags.

Some kind of a clip might be better than the little chain that's on them now; then maybe certain people might not LOSE THEM! ;-)
Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 18, 2003 09:42PM
Hey Joe, I'm not the only one that has lost his tag you know!

Different colors will be done, but we want a bigger (but not too big) tag that can have SNDG bag tag challenge on it as well as the #'s. I've seen some people with Am Worlds tags that are a good size, and Vic's Z-Boaz tag is pretty cool.

the mini's would be played with, therefore displayed when playing in a round. But as I said, just a suggestion. Keep em comming.

Re: 2004 Bag Tags
February 19, 2003 06:45AM
Wil, I'd prefer a hanging tag along the size of the ZBoaz/Am Worlds tags. I use the metal mini that I won at the LA Open and would be very unlikely to use a different mini. If you go the mini route, however, the PDGA gives minis that are individually stamped, so they may be able to give you some insight into this process.
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