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Memphis Bud Hill/Shelby Forest, May 4th and 5th 2002!!

Posted by Brad 

Warm up for the Southern National Championship PRO Tournament!

The first weekend in May is coming up again and that means it's time for the Memphis Tournament. We want to see EVERYONE there. AMs and PROs! Many Different Divisions!

That includes all of you Louisiana folks who are so active on these boards.

All of you Mississippi people who put on some of the best Tournaments that us Memphis folk support big time.

All of you Alabama people. Remember all the Memphis guys and gals in Florence?

I know I will be in the Little Rock Tournament coming up. How about you Razorbacks getting over to Memphis!

We want to see 150+ people at this Tournament.

Sign Up at Shelby Forest between 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on May 4th. Get there early as there are going to be a bunch of people.


Directions: I-240 north to Watkins Exit. Head North on Watkins until it dead ends. ( About 10 miles ) Turn Left. Keep straight until you come to a 4-way stop at Shelby Forest Grocery. Go Straight. Keep going straight for about 3 miles. When you see ball fields on the left....turn RIGHT into park. Course is about 1/4 mile down on the Left. All milages are estimates. :D

Look forward to some great fun and seeing some great people!

Do you have any information on hotels in that area? Also, are the Southern Nationals going to be on Labor Day weekend as usual? We're from Baton Rouge and have never been to your course before, what is it like, wooded/open, long course/short course or combo or all? Thank you in advance for any info you can provide. Is the tournament coming up in May a one or two day tourney?

Robin Adams

Sorry it took me so long to respond. Here is the info you were looking for. Shelby Forest course has an average distance of around 250 ft. ( Best Guess ) Its a fairly tight wooded course. Pretty defined Fairways. One hole over 400 ft. A couple close to 300. The rest in the 190 to 280 range. Fun course. Bud Hill is longer than Shelby Forest. It has some wooded and some wide open holes. I haven't played it nearly as much. Some water on this course as well. The Tournament IS a 2 day Tournament and I THINK it is 4 rounds. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday. I will learn more tomorrow. Memphis in May Music Fest is the same weekend as the tournament so I don't think there will be any place to stay in downtown Memphis. Next best place and closest and cheapest to stay would be Millington, TN. Here is a list of Hotels.

Millington Days Inn
7763 Hwy. 51
Millington, TN 38053
$62.10 a night

Best Western Millington
7726 Hwy. 51
Millington TN 38053
$59 a night

Admirality Suites Inn
8181 Hwy 51

Super 8 Motel
7925 Hwy 51

Magnolia Inn
8193 Hwy 51

Directions to Millington: Directions: I-240 north to Watkins Exit. Head North on Watkins. Turn RT on Hwy 51. Millington is 8 to 10 miles after that. Hotels are all on Hwy 51. Use the Directions in my first post to get to the course from Millington. Just take Hwy 51 back to Watkins and take a RT and follow the other Post to the courses. Anymore questions you can post here or contact me at Hope to see you there!

Thanks a bunch for the info. If we don't see you this weekend we'll see you for the Southern Nationals. Have a good week.

Hey Brad, I am assuming half of this tourney is at Shelby Forest, and the other half at Bud Hill- first two rounds (Saturday) at Shelby, rounds 3 & 4 (Sunday) at BH? Will round 4 be limited to pros only?

How do you get to Bud Hill from Shelby Forest? Am I correct in assuming that following the conclusion of play at Shelby Forest, a large group will head over to Bud Hill to camp on Sat. night?

Is there tent-camping available at Shelby Forest for Friday night?

Would appreciate any info you (or anyone who might respond to this post) have/has, and correction of any false assumptions of mine.

Also, if anyone has Danny & Barbara Daniels phone #, would you email it to me- I think I have lost it. Im sure I could clear all this up with a call to them.


Bryan Lieb

Take a look at this. I think this will help. Tent camping is available at Shelby Forest. Also, I believe you can go ahead and camp at Bud Hill. I cannot post directions to Bud Hill on this website because it is a Private Course. You can contact Danny who owns the course though and he can give you directions. All of that info is below. Pro's and Adavaned and all the Amutuers for that matter...I believe will play 4 rounds.

Meeman Shelby/Bud Hill

Right now it looks like that the Pro's will play Bud Hill two Rds on Saturday and Shelby Forest two Rd's on Sunday. The AMs will do just the opposite. In any case, EVERYONE is to be at the Players meeting at Shelby Forest at 9:30 a.m. May 4th

May 3rd--Friday after 3:00 pm at Bud Hill
May 4th--Saturday 8:00 am to 9:00 am at Shelby Forest

May 4th Players Meeting: 9:30 am at Shelby Forest. ALL PLAYERS
Tee Off 10:00 am
2nd Roud Tee Off-- 1 hour after Last Group Comes In

Sunday May 5th Tee Off at 9:00 am ( No Players Meeting )
2nd Round Tee Off-- 1 hour after Last Group Comes In

Lunch will be served at Bud Hill Sat. and Sunday

Amatuer--- $27
Advanced and Advanced Master--- $37
Masters and Grand Masters--- $42
Pro Women--- $42
Pro Open--- $52

For more information or directions, contact:
Jeff Kleminsky 876-5053 or 336-5019
Pay Hallmen 212-0165
Danny Daniels 358-0418 or 859-7876

If you need anything else let me know.
Brad ( )
More info at
Brad, thanks for the additional info. I can follow your directions up to a point. If you will look at the map at this link, I believe you will see where you describe N.Watkins dead-ending less than a mile east of "Locke".


Your directions state: "I-240 north to Watkins Exit. Head North on Watkins until it dead ends. ( About 10 miles ) Turn Left. Keep straight until you come to a 4-way stop at Shelby Forest Grocery. Go Straight. Keep going straight for about 3 miles. When you see ball fields on the left....turn RIGHT into park. Course is about 1/4 mile down on the Left."

Where is the "4-way stop at Shelby Grocery" you mention? Is that at Locke, or further down at Giles Town? Could you walk me through it based on the map I linked above? Need all the help I can get.


After Watkins dead ends, and you turn left, the 4-way stop (and Shelby Forest General Store) is at Locke--go straight. There may be some signs telling you to turn right at the store to get to the park--DON'T turn right at the store--keep straight.The rest of the directions are pretty solid. Turn right into the park when you see several ball fields; not the one pitiful field at Jeter School just past the store, about 3 miles farther west. The entrance to the park is directly across the street from the entrance to the ballfields. Unless you are going 75-80mph, you can't miss it. But if you are going that fast, you will crash long before you get to the park :)
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