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5th Annual Tishomingo Spring Tourney March 8th & 9th

Posted by DG Guy 
5th Annual Tishomingo Spring Tourney

That time of year again fellow Disc Golfers, there has already been an unprecedented interest in our 5th Annual event. We have almost half the maximum of 100 positions spoken for, and with no other events within several hundred miles. . . it looks to be a sellout this year.

Don’t wait until the last minute. . you may be left out. All of the cabins are rented, but we still have some space left in the bunkhouses, and there is AWAYS plenty of room to camp.

The park will be preparing lunch on Saturday, and Sunday. They will be serving Hamburgers and Hotdogs, with chips and drinks and all the trimmings, so plan some other items for your evening meals! They will also have those great sausage biscuits for us on Saturday and Sunday morning too, and take it from me. . the food is good, and there is plenty of it.

For those of you who have attended past events, you know how good Bill Brekeen and his very able staff take care of us. It’s like we are REAL PEOPLE!!! And we DO appreciate them very much.

There will be two 20 hole rounds on Saturday for everyone, Novices & Juniors play 2 rounds on Saturday only. There will be one round on Sunday for Amateurs and up, with a final 6 for the top four OPEN players.

Be sure to contact us if you are planning to be there, and do it soon!

Make your checks payable to Chickasaw Disc Golf and send them to 161 County Road 226, Iuka, MS 38852.

Plaques for ALL divisions, and do not forget our Disc Golf Road Warrior Plaque, awarded to the person who travels the farthest to participate in our event.

We are all looking forward to seeing all of our Disc Golf friends again, and hope to make a bunch of new one too. And we are going to have some FUN!

If you would like a flyer emailed to you, send a mail to:, I will put you on the list for all future mailings, or just post your email to this thread and I will process it. For those of you already on the list, you should receive the flyer in a few days.

Open - $45.00
Pro Women, Masters & Grand Masters - $40.00
Advanced & Advanced Masters - $35.00
Amateurs - $30.00
Junior & Novice - $15.00 (2 – 20 hole rounds Saturday only)

DG Guy
Bill, make sure to put me on the list. You know I'll be there. Sign me up for advanced master. Hopefully, winning the Ice Bowl won't prevent me from continuing to play in that division since it's the only win I have there in numerous tries. Please hold me a spot in a bunk house as well. Not sure if we're gonna camp, but I don't wanna be driving home. Looking forward to it. RwC
Bill, put me down for a spot in the tish tourny. I am really looking forward to playing there again. It will be really hard to beat the weather at mobile last weekend 74 degrees and sunny. Maybe it wont rain .......
Bill this is Fair, Save me a spot in the good old Advanced Am division. See you there. Those new 03 ce rocs sure are sweet huh!

So you have thrown with those new roc's? How are they, pretty overstable or what? Also where dis you get them? Thanks

2003 ce rocs! i want one about those beast innova discs? i find them to go ridiculously far!..i parked one on #2 in the short at shelby forest on a skip.about10 feet to the left a foot in front of the tree line directly behind the target...sweet!
I got two yesterday, ( max weights one red and one blue one) and I am ordering about four more today. . .need one of each stamp & the daughter wants one too, there are four different stamps:

"Big Bird" - Primary stamp
"Graffiti" - Only 250 stamped
"One Division. One Champion." - Only 250 stamped
"ZoneDriven" - Only 100 stamped

They are sweet too. . .plus, you get a "Freeride the USDGC" entry coupon with each to win one of two slots for the USDGC at Winthorp. Winners will be announced July 4th. ( Must be current PDGA member to play in teh USDGC )

Since I am not a current PDGA Member, the entries I have received will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the 5th Annual Tishomingo Spring Tourney. .. come and get 'em

Russ, & Fair, got you both set up for the 5th Annual @ Tish.

Fair, are you camping, staying in the bunkhouse. . . let me know. . .Russ, got a bunk reserved for you. . .see you both there. . .

DG Guy
Bill, if its warm I will camp. If its not, I will just drive home at night since I only live 45 miles or so down trace.

For everyone who wants to shell out 25 bones plus shipping for one of the new very sweet ce rocs, here is the info.

You can order them online directly from

or the easy way is to call the innova rep Neal Lanier at 800-476-3968

that way you can request the weight and color you want.
I'm in, I'm in....maybe not 100%, but wouldn't miss it for the world. Besides I've gotta kiss that Pine that kept me from goin' over the edge. I'll be bunkin' in da house as well...Adv div. to attempt to kick Fair et. al.'s butts. Griff

P.S. Hook me up with one of those new Rocs....where do I send my $$?
Can't leave too many advantages for Fair and Kenny!!
Griff, how are you healing up? Hopefully you'll be back to your old self by the 8th. Look on my last post up, and you'll see the ordering info.
Fair , Kenny and I are planning a trip to Doxey Sunday. Your presence there would be delightful. We will probely get there around ten or so. I guess Bill is going to put you and Russ in the tourny and leave me out. I guess you have to have a new c.e. rock to play.
You can count me in. It will be my first tournament at Tish, but I am hoping to make it a memorable one. I am in Tupelo too, so I will be driving back and forth. I will be playing Ams. I am getting my game back slowly but surely. See you guys there.
He wouldn't leave you out, Zack. You're a regular at Tish! RwC
add me to the list please....Griff
What's up Zack. I probably can't come Sunday, because we have guests coming to stay with us this weekend. I might could play a round or two in Tupelo, but I won't be able to get away for the entire day.

Dude, I thought we were headed out to River Road this Sunday! Whats' up? You changing plans on us?

I dont care where we play but someone please let me know. 662-620-1012 or 662-231-4493. I have been out of the link so long, dont know how to get in touch with anyone anymore.
I hope everyone noticed our change in format for this year. Instead of the usual 4 rounds for most divisions we decided to have a final 6 on Sunday to showcase the top Open players. Most divisions will probably get more than one chance to play the long tees and everybody will(hopefully) play hole #7 in the long position, it is just to easy in the short. Bill and I will keep updates posted and we finalize the plans. Oh yeah, Griff, remember that the road in the park is real curvy and the park staff might charge you a small fee if you knock anymore bark off the pine trees with your car. mac
Can you feel the love?!?! Griff
For anyone interested a group is trying to get together and head out to Rosedale Sunday for some fun DG. Join us if you like, I think we are shooting to get there for 10am.

I just called the River Road park in Rosedale to see about the condition of the course. I was told that it is wet but it is playable. So at least it's not underwater. Anybody that can make it, come on!

Looking forward to playing next weekend! Sounds like alot of people are going to show up for this one. Tish tournaments are always great fun!
So where is everyone playing Sunday. Please come up with a conclusive plan. Wall Doxey or River Road.
They went to River Road last weekend. Tomorrow (March 2) we're headed to Doxey. See you there. We're all going to meet around 10
Thank you CC,
I reckon I'm a week behind on my boys.
Bill you can count the Haydel's in. We will be there and ready to take some more plastic home.

I hope you are planning on having some extra plastic around with the higher entry fees. I imagine 1st place Am is gonna get a hefty payout and it's gonna be tough for whoever wins it to take that in $8 DX plastic.

Jeff Haydel (with 1 L)
Actually, our $8 DX plastic is only $7. . . we have never seen the sense in charging that extra buck just because its a tournament. In fact the stuff you usually pay $14 for we have priced at $12! We got in one big box today, and two more on the way.

The USDGC ROC we will be giving away is a Blue Big Bird 175 Gram. . it's sweet!

Got your spot reserved. . say Hi to Judy for me. . bet she is looking to repeat . . . shes doin good!

See you both this weekend!

DG Guy
The Hobock's will be there!
I sent an email earlier this week from work, but there's been server problems and I couldn't be sure it got to ya.
See ya Saturday, we can't wait!!

PS please remember to bring Larro's Tennessee Coat with ya.

I think we will have excellent weather and lots of fuuuuunnnnnnn.
Re: 5th Annual Tishomingo Spring Tourney March 8th & 9th
March 05, 2003 09:32PM

I emailed you earlier, but thought I'd post here also. Kenny Collums (Advance) will be there this weekend.

Looks like we're gonna have nice weather.


Got it hangin in the van. . . so I won't forget it! Got you both confirmed!


Got Kenny on teh list & confirmed!

Jeff & Judy,

Knew you were in. .. got you confirmed!

This confirmed list is growing every day. . .

Our local sponsors have been slow to respond, might have something to do with the fact that neither Robert nor myself have been able to get out and beat the bushes like we have in the past, but they are adding up fast!

We can now guarantee 100% PLUS payout to ALL divisions in cash and prizes!

EVERYONE who competes will get a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut in Iuka, and ALL those who cash (Pro & Am) will receive either a dinner for 4, or dinner for 2 at Pizza Hut!

Subway is also donating some meal deals.

And don't forget someone will be the proud owner of a brand new USDGC "Candy" ROC, they are sweet. . . no doubt!

We have entries driving 3 1/2 hours plus, so there looks to be stiff competition for our Disc GOlf Road Warrior Plaque.

Don't wait until the last minute. . .it's filling up FAST! If you plan to attend, send me your Name & Division so we can get you on the list before it is too late. Also, there are ONLY 46 bunks to be had. . first-come, first-served, so I need to know if you need one.

Mail to: or, or reply to this post in the forum.

Looks like we will not see any fairways under water like we have see in years past, good forecast, temps in the 60's GREAT disc golf weather, and Tishomingo is a Great course. . .

Hope to see you all there. . .

DG Guy
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